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5 New Year’s Resolutions You and Your Dog Should Have

February 21, 2021

The New Year is here! It’s an exciting time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions, and whether you just got a new dog or have had your faithful companion for many years, including them in your resolutions is beneficial for both!

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Probably the most common New Year’s resolution to have is exercising! However, your dog does need exercise to live a healthy life, and if you are not giving them plenty of exercise you might find yourself with an overly energetic dog that seems problematic. Giving them the proper amount of exercise is vital and will improve both of your lives! Not only will your dog be more calm within the house, but you will both lead healthier lifestyles!

You can exercise with your dog in several ways, but the appropriate method depends on your dog’s breed. Smaller dogs tend to be okay with short or long walks. Medium sized dogs tend to like long walks or running more. And large dogs usually prefer long walks. Of course, this does not mean it applies to every breed that is small, medium or large, but doing a little more research on your breed will definitely pay off!

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Making more friends

While you’re exercising, it is ideal to also be socializing! This means that your short or long walks can be to and from a dog park, the perfect place for both of you to make more friends. It is important for dogs to socialize, or they might become anxious around other people and animals and sometimes even aggressive.

In a dog park your dog can play around with other dogs while you start a conversation with their owners. Becoming a regular at a dog park will mean a part in your day when you can happily chat with people who have things in common with you while your dog runs around with the other dogs. Happiness all around!

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Eating right

This is another common New Year’s resolution, however, it is very different from dieting. Limiting your dog’s food is not ideal, making sure they’re eating what’s best for their body is! Many dogs have food allergies, or the food simply does not seem to be the ideal one for them. Many veterinarians recommend grain free food for dogs, but it all depends on your dog’s specifications.

Visiting your veterinarian to establish the appropriate food for your dog is the best approach to continue on the healthier lifestyle that will make both you and your dog extremely happy! Remember, however, to not change your dog’s food suddenly, but little by little, always with the help of your veterinarian.

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Playtime is an important part of the day for your dog, whether you spend it at the dog park playing frisbee or in your backyard throwing a ball. Playtime teaches your dog the right ways to behave, as well as keeping them healthy. However it not only exercises them, but it helps relieve stress for the owner! If you don’t have an established playtime, this is the perfect year to start.

If you are going to the dog park and making friends, you can even set play dates with the owners of other dogs your dog gets along with. This is an opportunity to teach your dog what kind of behavior is appropriate with others as well. Teaching them not to be too rough and obey commands even in the middle of play will help avoid aggressive behavior and make the experience fun for everyone!

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Going on Adventures!

Many dog breeds are built for hiking, running, etc. Going on adventures with your dog will give them a life well lived. Whether you take them to the beach, hiking on the mountains, or simply to a new dog park, new experiences are something that will make your dog happy, especially because they are sharing these experiences with you!

This also includes trying out new things, such as “Doga”, which is yoga with your dog, or entering competitions with your dog, etc. They also classify as new experiences, and can include several physical and mental health benefits to give you and your pet a long and well lived life.

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These New Year’s resolutions will not only help you and your pet live a healthier lifestyle, but a happier one! If you decide to follow them for the rest of the year, you might find yourself living a much better life when the next year comes around.