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Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive?

January 16, 2021
aggressive dog

There are many factors that can contribute to your dog becoming aggressive.  It could be the nature of the dog breed, the dog’s upbringing, changes to their environment, and it could mean the dog is being abused.  Dogs are also very sensitive to people’s demeanor and their aggression could be a warning for you that something is not right about the person.  The aggression could also be a result of an illness such as, brain tumor, thyroid disease, or rabies.  If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive, when they are normally passive, seek medical attention at your nearest veterinary clinic.

Dog Breeds That Can be Aggressive

German Shepherd – A natural protector.  This dog requires a regimen of exercise and ample amount of time for play.  They will become a great family dog, if they are provided training and socialization skills as a puppy.

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Siberian Husky – This breed is very intelligent, but very difficult to train.  They require obedience training, but they are so smart, they may have the tendency to tell the difference between home and school.  They can act perfectly trained at school, but when you get them home, they will act like they have had no training at all.  They are known for escaping yards, even when they are fenced in.

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American Pit Bull Terrier – A very loyal breed, and will protect their owners to their own death.  Since there has been so many people who have raised these dogs to be fighter dogs, they have been given a bad reputation.  This dog must be given a lot of attention.

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Rottweiler – Protective of their families and will attack in their defense.  This dog breed requires constant training and must be provided a job to do.  Their demeanor is always in protect mode and will show aggression when necessary.

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Chihuahua – This dog breed is not suitable in families that have children younger than the age of eight.  They become devoted to one person and will not take well to strangers.  This breed requires constant human and animal interaction to remain calm in various situations.

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Dachshund – Similarly to the Chihuahua, this breed will create a special bond with one particular person, and will become snappy if someone or something tries to divert their owner’s attention from them.  This dog will chase small animals, as that is their instinct.

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Doberman Pinscher – these dogs were trained as guard dogs, and because of their heritage, they have been labelled as aggressive.  This breed does require various games and interactions to prevent boredom from setting in.  The dog will need someone who has leader of the pack personality traits and requires challenges to be met.

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Chow Chow – very territorial and protective of their home when a stranger comes around.  Will not respond to being hit, and no dog should ever be subjected to physical abuse.  Must be given firm, consistent commands while training.

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Jack Russell Terrier – Fearless, endless energy, and loves to hunt.  Requires a great deal of attention and exercise.  Great escape artist and the instinct to hunt will always require the dog to be bound by a leash outdoors.

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Dalmatian – Highly active and intelligent.  Will not forget mistreatment.  Not suitable for children younger than six.  Have a tendency to be born deaf and possess a unique urinary system which requires frequent urination.

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Do you see the common theme in scenarios above?  Any dog given the proper amount of attention, training, and exercise will be content and remain docile.  The power of any of these dogs should never be under estimated.  Any dog will be loyal to their owner, if treated well, and will only show aggression in their defense.  Never add a dog to your family unless you have the time necessary to devote to that dog.  No dog wants to be left alone for long periods of time and remain idle.