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6 Ways to Dog-Proof Your Apartment

January 4, 2021

Knowing how to dog-proof your apartment will go a long way in creating a home that you can both be happy in. If you are unsure as to where to start why not check out our list of helpful tips for keeping a dog-friendly apartment.

Living in an apartment with a dog can be challenging at times. Not only do you have to be on your best behavior, but you also need to make sure that the apartment is a safe place to live for your furry friend.

That leads us to the questions of what are the best ways to dog-proof your apartment, while still making it livable for you? If you have ever seen a home that has been baby-proofed then you’ll know what you can expect, latches on cabinets, garbage bins, toilet seats, and the like, but for some detailed tips, let’s take a look at them all one by one.

Give Your Dog Her Own Spot

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You know that feeling, having a place that is your own and that no one else can touch; like your desk, your bedside table, a corner of the couch. Your dog deserves the same, especially because in all likelihood there will be lots of spots you are telling her she can’t go.

This spot may depend on the size of your dog, and the size of your apartment. You may simply lay a nice cushion down or feel the need to have a crate that you can close up at certain times of the day. Some dogs need crate training, so if you set it up in a spot that is close to where you usually hang out, both of you will be happy.

Put Valuable Objects Away

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This one falls on the side of either having a rambunctious dog or if you want to specifically puppy-proof your apartment. Valuables, such as vases, expensive shoes, rugs, and more can all become knocked over, chewed on, or soiled, thus destroying your favorite things.

Do yourself a favor and put that favorite vase that Aunt Mildred gave you out of reach, your $500 pair of shoes in a closet, and that new shag rug you bought rolled up and away until she is properly toilet trained. Once your dog has shown you she can be trusted, you can begin to bring some things back, like the carpet, but keep the vase and shoes safely out of reach.

Cover the Floor

Now that I’ve told you to put the rug away until she is properly toilet trained, you should also consider covering the floor with something that you won’t care if it gets destroyed. Some use newspaper, others plastic wrap; just keep your floor looking nice, so that you can get your deposit back when it comes time to move.


Sometimes, there are just some rooms that are off limits to pets. Maybe it’s the dining room, maybe it’s your baby’s room, whatever the reason, gates can be a big help in pet-proofing your apartment. If you have a baby, a baby gate will work perfectly well.

There are also retractable gates, they can retract to become a smaller size, and even some that will retract into the wall. Of course, that last one may not be possible if you are a renter in an apartment unless you get permission from your landlord first.


Latches are a great way to create a pet-friendly apartment because they are so versatile and there are a variety from which to choose. They can go on garbage lids, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, toilet lids, you name it. They will help to keep your place clean and keep your four-legged friend out of trouble and even away from dangerous items, like cleaning supplies.

Dangling Wires

Nowadays, you can get a wireless mouse, keyboard, phone, which are great if you have a dog who loves to chew on cords. There are those cables, however, that must exist and unfortunately at a spot on the floor that your dog can access.

Try buying covers for your wires or cut out a couple of holes in a box and feed them through the box to the outlet. Less exposed wire means less chance of your dog chewing on it. The same can be said about dangling drawstrings from pants and other clothing, keep them out of reach from your dog.

Dog-proofing your apartment is easier than it seems. Once you have followed the above six ways to help create a pet-friendly apartment, you and your pup will be good to go. And always be sure to take care of her when you are away; leave lots of chew toys around to help alleviate boredom, separation anxiety, and keep her from getting into things which she shouldn’t.