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How To Pick the Dog for You

February 7, 2021

Dogs are the most lovable companions for men, they are adorable and fun to have. If you have decided it’s about time you own a dog, it is most likely you want to search for the dog that fits your lifestyle most. We will be viewing what it is you have to have in mind when looking for the puppy or adult dog you will give a new home to!


The first thing to keep in mind when looking for a dog is whether you want a puppy, an adult dog or a senior dog. Any age you choose will need attention, care and love and remember all dogs are a responsibility!

Golden Retriever, senior dog.


Puppies tend to be more energetic and are not trained. They need the most attention and patience due to their need to be taught where to pee or what they can or cannot eat, etc. This makes puppies a bit of a handful, but this also means they have the most energy to play and learn new things. Keep in mind that as a puppy you will not know what they will grow to look like, but don’t worry, the cuteness remains!


Adult dogs tend to already be trained, but there is a possibility that you will have to train them or teach them some new things. This age tends to be more calm but still have plenty of energy to be playful. They require attention as well and patience, although less than a puppy. This, however, does not mean they can be left alone at home for long periods of time, this depends on the breed you are considering. Since adult dogs were already raised, you have to pay more attention to their body language to learn what they need.



Senior dogs are the most calm age of dogs. They are the most likely to already be trained, although some may have some health issues that they cannot control. They require a lot of patience and don’t have much energy left. This age tends to require a lot of attention even if they do not have any health issues, since they might develop some at old age.


The second most important thing to keep in mind is your living space. This will determine whether you should get a small dog, a big dog or a medium sized dog. All dogs need basic training, regardless of their size.

Small dogs may be more stubborn as they may have “big dog” mentalities. They adapt better to living in small houses or apartments, since they do not need as much space. However, they tend to be more sensitive to temperature changes and are a lot more delicate to handle.


Bigger dogs require more space to walk around, especially those who have big tails to accompany them, otherwise they might damage their tails and knock things down all over the house. They tend to be tougher, which is especially handy if you have children in your home.


All dogs need basic maintenance, such as regular bathing, grooming, etc. But depending on their breeds, dogs may have more specific needs. Breeds with longer ears are more prone to having ear infections or harming their ears by stepping on them and need constant cleaning of the ears. Some breeds have long hair coats that may require constant grooming and trimming. Other breeds have small snouts that may lead to a lot of drooling, owners tend to carry around a piece of cloth or towel to clean the drool.

Boston Terrier adult dog, highly energetic.


All dogs need a certain amount of exercise as their daily routine, some however, may need more than just a walk per day to keep them healthy and calm. The energy level depends highly, but not completely, on the breed you pick. Some breeds can be very energetic, while others may lean more towards the lazy side. If your dog seems to be having obedience issues (chewing up all your household items, digging in the backyard, etc), try adding more exercise to their routines.


Small adult dog, mix unknown.
Small adult dog, mix unknown.

Breed or Mix

Last but not least, choosing whether you want a purebred or a mix! You may be more inclined to choose a purebred rather than a mix given that there is likely to be more information available for you to research and it is more certain how your puppy may look when they grow up. Some mixes can be common enough for there to be as much info as a purebred, but others may be more uncommon and you might not know how they will look when they become adults. In some cases you might not even be sure what dogs make the mix. This makes it difficult to predict what health issues your dog may have, but it will not make them any less loving.


Whichever dog you choose to be your companion, remember, they are known as a man’s best friend for a reason! All dogs will give you love and affection no matter what, so be sure to return the favor for their short lives.