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What Everyone Ought to Know About Can Dog Eat Potatoes

February 1, 2021
can dogs eat potato skins

Are you seriously thinking about serving your canine friend some potatoes? Are you still thinking should you go ahead with the idea or not? Surprise! Yes, you can feed them potatoes but in moderation.


You may be coming across this as much against the popular belief that says to keep them away from tubers from the night shade family. Of course, you can feed them a little of these only if they are ripe.


This implies there are certain rules that you need to follow when it comes to feeding potatoes to your dog. Let us find out more about can dog eat potatoes?.

What kind of potatoes?


Just remember to serve them matured potatoes that can be baked or boiled. This is because unripened potatoes contain solanine which is very poisonous and can damage their nervous system, slow down their heart rate or blur their vision.




Although potatoes are a great source of iron but feeding them sensibly can be a treat.


What kind of potatoes to avoid?


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This is a tricky question as you may find it annoying but yes, there certain types of potatoes that are best to be kept at bay.


Moreover, your dog will not need bells and whistles to eat potatoes as they are easily edible food items. Nonetheless, avoiding these few variations can be considered to be wise for any dog owner:


Fried potatoes like French fries
• Potato skins
• Potato with flavored toppings
• Potato chips
• Elude raw potatoes if you don’t to want to play around with their digestion
• It is best to evade sweet potatoes too
• Say no to potato pies
• Do not feed them anything with preservatives and GMO


can dog eat potatoes

How to feed potatoes to dogs?


Simply by boiling or baking without salt and then letting it cool for some time. This means do not add anything to this food and serve it to them at room temperature.






Cut and peel them properly taking out the green portions as they also contain solanine. It is recommended that you feed them their share of non-vegetarian food as their body it needs more.


This is because maintaining a nourishing diet that contains ample amount of meat can boost their immune system, healthy coat, strengthen their teeth and bones.


Such is their make, and they need it but yes, giving them vegetarian food like a potato can be given consideration as long as it is not regular.


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If truth be told, we all want to pamper our pets, and that is fine. However, we need to know what to feed them and how to feed them; like we found an answer to can dog eat potatoes in this case.






This is a crucial part for pet owners that not all kinds of food should be served to them. In other words, it is good to think of them as a family, but it is highly advisable that you should not forget about the actual family they belong to!


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