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Why is My Dog Always Hungry?

February 24, 2021
Why is My Dog Always Hungry?

Are you an owner of a constantly hungry dog? Well, we’re happy to tell you that you’re not alone. Plenty of humans struggle with their pets that are asking for food pretty much after the meal.

It especially becomes an issue when the dog begins begging for food in front of others. Then you look like an irresponsible owner who doesn’t feed a poor animal. So what to do with it?

Reasons Why the Dog is Always Hungry

To understand how to solve the problem, you have to realize the reason behind it. Precisely: why your dog is begging for food. Then, you can come to the solution that will help you fix the problem.

It’s acting

Let’s admit this – dogs know how to get what they want. They will look at us with big sad eyes, hold ears back to look more like a puppy, and whine.

They also know they need to continue doing that until they reach the desired result. Therefore, most dogs can beg for ages until they get some food or tasty treats. They often know who can surrender and feed them.

The solution is simple. Ignore this behavior and ask everyone in the house, and guests ignore the dog, too. Eventually, it will figure out that begging doesn’t give it the desired results.

You have a hunting breed

Hunting dogs are pretty much bred to be hungry because they have to be eager to sniff out prey and chase it. Among such breeds are Labradors, Beagles, and Cocker spaniels.

They will always be hungry, and you have to accept it. The only thing you can do is teach the dog not to pick up from the ground. Also, you can try ignoring begging for food.

Your dog is bored

Look at us, humans. We will snack if we’re bored. Animals are not too different from us when it comes to boredom. They will want to chew on something, or the begging itself will be at least some kind of entertainment.

Make sure your dog gets enough physical activity. Also, try teaching it commands and tricks – intellectual activity requires a lot of energy. And get your pet something it can chew on like an antler.

The KONG toy stuffed with frozen peanut butter or meat will be helpful, too. Other toys that can be stuffed with treats will work as well. Generally, give your dog opportunities to stay entertained.

Your dog is used to eating

Usually, such pups are quite overweight. If it’s the case with your pet, control its meal size, and stay healthy when it begs for food. Over time your dog will adjust to a new feeding schedule and portions, and its appetite will decrease.

You took your dog from the street or shelter

Commonly, ex-stray or shelter dogs are always hungry. They’re used to the lack of food, and they will beg for something even if they’re full. Such pups will also try to hide food somewhere in case the hunger comes.

In this case, you should be patient – it is not much you can do to stop this behavior.

Health issues

Many diseases can cause increased appetite. For example, diabetes, Cushing’s decease, hyperthyroidism. Also, worms can sometimes be the reason why your pet became a bottomless container for food.

If you notice some other symptoms besides constant begging for treats, go to the vet. Maybe your dog is sick.