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Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt?

February 12, 2021
Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt?

Watching a dog eating some dirt is not an uncommon thing. Therefore, do not get upset or worried about such behavior. Sometimes dogs like to fool around and play with mud.

In such cases, you should know that they want it, and there is no problem. However, sometimes, this may also mean that there is some health issue.

Pet owners should be aware that there are several reasons why your pet likes clumps of dirt or potting soil so much. Namely, there are four primary reasons for such behavior, and these are as follows:

  • Exploration as a moving force
  • The dog is in a search for the nutrients
  • Your pet has an underlying health condition
  • It might have some behavioral issues

Why does my dog eat dirt-Exploration as a moving force

Starting from a very young age, your dog enters the exploration stage. The four-legged friends remind the kids when they want to discover the world to the fullest. And as any baby, a dog puts into his mouth merely on everything that happens on his way.

Besides, dogs are so into chewing stuff. Don’t be too surprised when your pet starts chewing your shoes or even dirt. This stage will pass with time.

Why does my dog eat dirt-The dog is in a search for the nutrients?

Every dog needs six necessary nutrients for good health. There must be a balance of these elements, especially of the essential ones – phosphorus and calcium. The minerals are in charge of strong bones and healthy teeth.

They also facilitate enzymatic reactions and the transmission of nerve impulses.  Try to feed your dog with a dog feeder and right natural dog food, but before better to ask the VET.

Dogs should get all the life-important minerals from their food. Nonetheless, it always happens so that your pet does not get the needed amount of nutrients due to low-quality food.

As a result, your four-legged friend desperately starts to search for calcium or phosphorus to maintain mineral balance. As mud contains several minerals, it is natural that your dog tries hard to find these in it.

Why does my dog eat dirt-Your pet has an underlying health condition?

One of the reasons why your dog is so obsessed with dirt is an underlying health condition. To find out whether it is so, you should visit a vet as soon as possible.

Some of the common reasons concerned with health conditions include indigestion and inflammatory bowel disease. Some dogs who suffer from indigestion, use soil or dirt as a natural reliever. The idea may sound strange. 

However, mud often has some clay in it which can reduce discomfort. If you notice that your pet eats dirt frequently lately, pay attention to the time when he does it. If a dog is seeking some dirt or soil after some chow (in one-two hours) it is a clear sign of indigestion.

Often, it is an inflammatory bowel disease that is an underlying reason for eating soil among dogs. Such medical problems like gastric irritation cause bowel bleeding. As a result, your pet starts eating dirt in a search for iron. Such behavior is a natural response to blood loss anemia. 

Why does my dog eat dirt-It might have some behavioral issues?

So, you went to a doctor, and now you know that your pet is healthy. But your pet continues eating soil and dirt, and you cannot understand what is going on. Well, sometimes, there is a simple explanation – dogs will be dogs.

All dogs are born to be active and spend lots of time outdoors. If you do not promote your four-legged friend with proper physical activity and mental stimulation, there might be problems.

Namely, you will witness strange or even destructive behaviors from the side of your pet. Such actions would include eating dirt or chewing anything within sight.

In any case, the only right decision when seeing that your dog eats dirt – to visit a vet.