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How To Write An Effective Pet Resume If You Are Renting

February 18, 2021

More and more landlords are asking for a pet resume nowadays. While this may sound ridiculous when you first hear of it, after a while, benefits of this approach become clear. A pet resume can help you introduce your pet in its best light, presenting all of its features and virtues as you see them while lowering your landlord’s concern over damage or noise.

If you are not sure how to write one, here is a short guide:

Let your pet’s personality shine

This is the most important element of a pet resume. Its entire design should be all about showing off your pet’s playful personality. From the photo to the description, it needs to show how harmless and wonderful your little friend is.

Choose a design wisely, including some lively colors to help you stand out, choose a readable yet interesting font and format your resume so it’s easy to skim through. Some landlords will still absolutely hate the idea of having a pet on their property but some will soften up once they see your pet.

Pet resume example

Add basic info

Of course, you should never forget this. Descriptions of your pet’s behaviour is important but the owner will likely care about the basic info the most. “This area should display a name, breed, size – height and weight – age, gender and so on. You can basically add anything here that you consider basic but try not to reveal too much so that you can add more info on each part in the remainder of the resume”, – explains Jennifer Prentiss, a Business writer at Oxessays and Eliteassignmenthelp.

Include a photo or a video

Every pet owner probably has about a billion pictures and videos of their pet. This can come in handy when creating a pet resume. People often won’t react to the basic info of your pet but they will when they see a picture of your pet – and they’ll probably fall in love with it.

Choose the image wisely – find the one where they look happy but not over-excited, where their personality shines. You can even add a few photos or make a collage of your pet in different situations. For instance, one where he is peaceful at home, one where he is kind with children or strangers, one where he is outside or playing and so on.

If you are sending the resume electronically, you can even include a video of your pet. This is a great opportunity to let your future landlord meet and fall in love with your pet. Just make sure that the video displays all of its best qualities.

Write a reader-friendly resume

Not everyone is born a writer. It’s a skill to master. Words you use, sentence structure and your tone of voice have a lot of impact on whether a landlord accepts your application or not. If you write with proper wording and style, as a writer would write a fiction story, you could be able to take the landlord into your world and make him understand why your pet means so much to you.

Format, on the other hand, leads to readability and visual appeal. Structure your resume so it has a lot of bullet points, short paragraph and plenty of white space – this will create a good flow and won’t bore your landlord.

Grammar and spelling mistakes are another thing to keep in mind. For instance, a misspelled word could cause a lot of confusion and bad grammar says a lot more about you than it does of your pet.

If you are not confident enough to handle these elements on your own, get some help from the following tools:

  • StateofWriting – When writing your pet resume, it might be a good idea to have some tips handy. You’ll find them on these sites.
  • Essay Roo – Proofreading is important but most people hate to do it. If you are looking for a reliable tool for editing and proofreading
  • Title Generator  – Headlines may not seem like something important when writing a pet resume but they are. Use a headline generator like this one.

Include neuter status

Neuter status is one of the most important things to landlords because it can affect your pet’s behavior and odour. Add some information on this and if you haven’t neutered your pet yet but you don’t plan on breeding it, make it a part of your plans before moving.

Include training information

Another very important detail of your pet resume is their training. Landlords will have a much easier time accepting you and your pet if it’s properly trained. Potty training is an imperative in this case and you should put an emphasis on that.


Some landlords still prefer getting to know your pet the old fashioned way – by meeting it in person. But some would rather know more about it before they get to know them. In this case, it’s important to be honest about your pet – sooner or later the truth will come out and you will have to take the consequences. Follow these tips to write a great and honest pet resume.