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January 24, 2021

With the evolution of technology and the increasing demand for dogs, it’s only natural that technology has got a hand in the creation and supply of certain dog breeds, hybrids too. Even with this innovative solution, there are still a number of purebred dog breeds whose existence wasn’t initiated by mankind and this piece is about them. These breeds are natural and of the purest form. Their existence is void of any form of doping or genetic inclusion. Here they are:

Natural dog breeds

They are so many dog breeds that were not created by man. These are those breeds that existed long before us. Those which we had no hand in their breeding or gestation. We’re only going to mention a few. Here they are:

  1. Akita
  2. American Bulldog
  3. Bassett Hound
  4. Beagle
  5. Chihuahua
  6. Collie
  7. Doberman
  8. Dachshund
  9. English Springer Spaniel
  10. Entlebucher Mountain dog
  11. German Shepherd
  12. Golden Retriever

There are still so many breeds on this list, however we’re going to highlight certain qualities of these dog breeds that make them as unique as they are

They are hypoallergenic

This character may not necessarily be true across the board, but a lot of dog breeds that aren’t man made have hypoallergenic tendencies. They are not affected by simple allergens that cause ailments and hence have really strong immunity. Also, their fur isn’t an allergen as well. An example of a breed with this quality is the Poodle.

They are loyal

For these dogs, loyalty is something that cannot be taught. They are loyal by default and consider their owners as member of their families or packs. These dog breeds are somewhat devoted to their owners and their sole existence is for this purpose. An example of dog breeds that fit into this portfolio is the Akita, Golden Retriever and German shepherd.

 They are unique


As much as genetically imprinted dog breeds are dissimilar and different, these natural dog breeds are very unique. Each breed has something different. This could be in appearance, tolerance level, personality or physical prowess. These dog breeds are also sensitive to their owners. They understand that in the hierarchy, their owners come before them and they are okay with it. An example of such dog breed is the Dalmatian

Dog breeds that aren’t human engineered still possess their signature looks, traits and abilities. With this little expose about them we hope you come to terms with their nature and advantages over the mixed breeds. However, it is important to note that all dogs are beautiful and can be trained to do anything. Their breed matters, but the training bestowed on them matters more.