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How to Deal With the Loss of a Dog – Must Read

January 4, 2021

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”

― Stanley Coren

You finally get the pup that you have been always wanting. You accepted the puppy not just as a pet but a part of your family. In fact, you have become best friend. The friendship has earned a lot of memories, good and few times annoying ones. The relationship with your dog has turned into a special one, where not a day that the dog can make you smile. You literally and figuratively had grown together. Both shared happy moments of chasing sticks, rolling on dry leaves, shopping for dog stuffs, cheering up other people, taught special tricks, and more! But one day, you realize dogs cannot live forever. It is painful to think about the good times and feels like an agony to think that you cannot make any more memories with your beloved and special family member.

losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend

Every dog owner can relate with this devastating event – losing a dog. How to deal and move on with the loss of a dog? Sadly, you cannot really forget about your special bond with your pet. But we will teach you how to lessen the pain and try to move on without your dog.

We listed Eleven (11) easy and realistic tips on how to deal and recover from the loss of our beloved dogs.

#1 You have to let yourself cry and grieve

It is important you let it all out. Crying will help you ease and release the pain. It is normal every time you see a picture or your dog’s favourite toy, you will suddenly into crying spells. It is normal. Never think about as a weird reaction. You are not depressed, you are sad.

#2 You have to find someone to talk about your loss.

You have to get used to the feeling of talking about your dog. At first it is a painful activity to talk about your dog. Every memory brings sadness even though you speak about your happy memories together. Do that often, until you will realize, it does not hurt anymore

chat with friends
Sharing your emotions with your close friends. Image source: Pixabay

#3 Create a token or any tangible remembrance of your dog

It is always helpful for moving on to remember the memory of our dog after its death.  The most common is putting up its statue, or framing a photo of you and your dog. So every time you see it, you feel at ease and happy.

#4 Listen to others who has also loss their dogs

Well, more often than not, listening to the stories of people who have common adoration with dogs as you are also help you lessen the sadness.

#5 Try to be busy

Learn new musical instrument. Learn how to play guitar. You can also re arrange your furniture and bed inside your room. Do things that can somehow take your mind off the loss of your dog. This is effective because it makes you busy and will also buy you some time to forget few minutes of sadness.

#6 Do something good in your dog’s memory

Doing something for other animals, especially other canine companions, can bring comfort to you. Extending the love to other animals can give you a feeling of satisfaction, overpowering feeling of losing something. You can volunteer to the nearest animal shelter near you, or you may organize fund raising event for other animals that needs help.

#7 “Acceptance”s is the key to overcome the guilt feeling

It is common for dog owners to always blame themselves with the fate of their pets. It is important that you have to identify the things you did in order for your dog to live longer. But let us be honest, everything has its ends. Think of it, that your dog’s agony has ended, and it is now in a happy place. Always think that it is not your fault. One way or the other, your beloved dog will have the same fate as other dogs. Everyone dies, that is it.

#8 Organize a “good bye ceremony”

Organizing a farewell ceremony for your dog can help a lot. The ceremony of actually letting go and burying your dog can close the empty void feeling between physically saying your last good bye with your dog.

#9 Do not be on a hurry to move on

Dog owners must always remember not to hurry things up. It is okay to be sad. It is important that you have to address the feeling of void after your dog died. Sometimes, it takes weeks or a month, until you feel lesser pain every day. It is difficult to grieve, but grieve. Do not hurry up in moving on. The more you think about of moving on, the more it hurts. Let time heals the pain.

#10 Befriend other dogs

If you have friends or family members who have pets, you can also open your hearts to their pets. Befriend their pets and be nice to them. This will bring a euphoric feeling as you pet another’s dog.

#11 Adopt a new pet

It is not often advised and wise to do so, but this one helps. You can open your heart to a new pet. It may be another dog, cat, or a bunny. This does not mean that you are replacing your beloved pet, but it can give you another responsibility and refocus you.

But make sure you are ready. Probably, it takes few months or years before you may be ready to welcome a new family member!


Coping to best friend dog’s death takes a lot of time. Everyone has its own pace in moving on. As long as you are still able to do the activities you need to do in your daily life to survive, you are fine! No need to feel bizarre because you are crying just because of a dog. Remember, it is not just a dog, it is your best friend and family member.