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Things We Should Know More About Can Dogs Eat Caramel?     

January 3, 2021
dogs and caramel

Opening my freezer craving for something sweet my eyes go directly to the vanilla ice cream container. I prepare myself a scoop and decide that the vanilla ice cream alone isn’t enough. I open the refrigerator and stargaze at the caramel and instantly grab it. I start to pour the caramel on my ice cream in the corner of my eye I spot my dog, Sparky, who’s been watching my every move since I’ve opened the fridge. I can never resist his cute begging eyes. I put some caramel on my finger and start to bring it to my dog’s eyes. But then I pause asking myself a question.

Can dogs eat caramel?

Simply, I should have been thinking about this question from the beginning before I even decided to let him see the caramel. Certainly, it has to be a silly question even to think, but is it? Quickly walking toward the sink thinking, “That was a close one.” Worried that I almost killed my dog with a simple treat I picked up my phone and started researching.

In the research that I found, caramel should not be given to dogs. Caramel has loads of sugar in it which can cause problems such as obesity, dental issues, and diabetes. Excessive amounts of sugar for dogs could also make your dog sick by causing nausea or diarrhea.

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Caramel can be used in many different foods like candy, toppings, and even used as a dip. As much as we love to snack on such a delicious treat and share that treat with our beloved dog. There are no benefits for our dog to consume such treats. It’s better to stay away from such sugary foods for dogs.

can dogs eat caramel

Caramel is not a toxic food so if your dog does get sneaky and eats a dice of caramel you should be fine but your dog’s stomach might not agree to the treat later. I decided that the little dab of caramel that was on my finger would have done nothing to Sparky because it was so small. A little taste never killed anybody! But if the portion was bigger than my finger, sometimes the consequences are more severe. Also if a habit starts with giving your dog a high sugar treat. It could lead to more health issues. Giving your dog large doses of sugar could have long-term effects as well.

Overall, the dog can eat caramel, but it’s better to avoid giving your dog such treats. There are plenty of other and healthier options that your dog can have that make them just as happy.

Dangerous Food To Not Give Your Dog.

While we’re talking about sweets, let me give you some examples of what not to give to your dog. Another popular treat is chocolate, beloved by most people. What harm could chocolate do? It is one of the most dangerous foods to dogs. It has the high percentage of sugar and has ingredients in it that could endanger your pet. Alcohol and Caffeine should also but abstained from your pet would cause complications in the nervous system and bloodstream. Avocados are also a huge N.O! Even I was surprised on this one but avocados can cause heart failure and can lead to heart disease or a heart attack. So don’t give that yummy avocado toast to your dog!

You should always do your research before giving your dog anything but dog proof food. Or if you’re that uncertain just be safe and use the dog treats instead. It’s always better to do research first than risk the health of your furry friend. That’s what I learned before giving Sparky that lick of caramel.

Some (Almost) Better Alternatives.

Even though you can’t give loads of sugary foods to your number one pooch, there are other options. Make sure that you’re always keeping an eye on your dog because just like us they have allergies and food insolences just like us. Keep note of their behavior after giving them a new snack.

Nuts for your crazy nut, cashews, peanuts without the shell or peanut butter, are great for your pup, with healthy fats in both supplying your dog with energy. Fruits such as melons, apples, bananas, and berries are wonderful for your dog full of antioxidants keeping your best friend healthy inside and out.  Cooked meats like chicken, pork, and turkey are great as well. Carrots, green beans, and potatoes are delicious vegetables that you could give your dog for a meal.

Make sure when letting your dog try new foods that you give it in small portions and wait and see the reaction before deciding on giving it to them more. If you see that your dog is experiencing nausea or vomiting make sure you call your vet right away.

In the end, we all want what’s best for our dog, especially, if that means spoiling them with treats. So if you happen to be pouring that caramel on your ice cream like me a little lick won’t do any harm.