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Why Does My Dog Lick my Feet?

January 21, 2021
Why Does My Dog Lick my Feet?

Dogs love licking their owners’ feet, and that is the fact. For some people, this may seem quite odd, as their feet smell not good after taking off their shoes.

Some may like the tickling feeling they get, even though they continue to consider such behavior a little strange.

However, when you find out some of the reasons why your dog licks your feet, you will better understand your canine.

Reasons for  Licking Your Feet

First of all, why feet? For you, your feet are sweaty and sometimes stinky. But your dog perceives them as a biological material that belongs to its owner.

Besides, the salty taste of sweat is something that your pet likes a lot. Pay attention if licking is just a gesture or an obsessive habit.

In the case of the second variant, there may be a behavioral issue. Such a situation requires a visit to a vet as soon as possible.

Here are some common reasons why a dog likes licking your feet:

To show its submissiveness

A dog starts licking its owner’s feet to show one’s feelings. First of all, to demonstrate its submissiveness. However, it is not the behavior of a weak animal.

Licking your feet, a dog indicates its place in a family and acceptance of its domesticity.

Searching for attention

When a dog starts to lick your feet at once, it may also mean that it is trying to get your attention.

In such cases, licking is only one of the methods. Thus, your canine will tap you with its nose, stare at you, keep getting in the way.

If you miss all the signs of love your four-legged friend is showing to you, it will try harder and lick your legs.

Licking as a way to collect information

A dog is likely to lick off your feet when it wants to gather some information. The nose and mouth of your canine are full of powerful scent receptor cells.

Due to this fact, it can process different details with the help of receptors. In human sweat, there is enough information about a person.

For that reason, licking your feet, a dog collects any information contained in your body secrets.

Some food?

No matter how strange it sounds, however, food may also be a reason for licking your feet. Sometimes human feet may have a little food on them.

Dogs are curious; they can be misled by even a slight smell of food on your feet. Besides, do not forget that your sweat is also not disgusting for them; they do like its salty taste.

Licking to release stress

Interestingly enough, dogs may use licking to reduce stress. When your dog undergoes some stressful situation or emotional pressure, it can start to lick itself compulsively.

Some dogs may also lick themselves and not only your feet. For them, it is a way to soothe themselves. In such cases, licking one’s feet is equal to meditation practices in the human world.


Sometimes the core reason for feet licking is boredom. Thus, try to find some dog toys like Knot Rope Dog Toy.

Dogs like fooling around and spend their time actively. Therefore, if there is nothing else to do and your canine is bored, it may start licking your feet.

Besides, tickling makes you laugh while your dog becomes excited about such a reaction of an owner.


If licking your feet is an occasional behavior of your pet, it can even be entertaining. Yet, if a dog has an obsessive behavior, it is a sign for you that it is time to visit a vet.

Whatever the reason behind the dog’s licking, the owners should never punish their canine for this. First of all, perhaps, an animal requires some examination.

Secondly, if it bothers you too much, you can always train your dog to alter its behavior using some techniques.

Remember that, in most cases, licking the owner’s feet is a way to say “I love you” for your pet.