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How To Know If My Pet Feels Pain For Some Reason?

January 3, 2021
dog feels pain

For a long time now, a lot of people, even vets argue whether animals are as sensitive to the pain as humans. Almost half of the vets assure that dogs, for example, don’t feel the pain as much as humans do and that is the reason that they are calm in case of being hurt. The truth is simple – they do feel pain, but they keep it in secret.

Canines have an interesting instinct to hide the pain they feel caused by any infirmity or injuries. It’s obvious that the hurt animal is more vulnerable to attack, and this is the reason canines act like they are fine – this is a survival act. Animals are breathing organisms and just humans they do feel pain. Can you not feel that your arm was broken? Neither can dogs. Can you not feel that your ear is infected? The same happens with dog ear infections. They feel everything. Acting as they are fine when something’s wrong – this is what makes people think dogs don’t feel pain.

No matter how brave our pets are, we need to be super attentive and find out if something’s wrong with them. Here is a list of signs that your pet feels pain for some reason.  

1. Disorders with the mobility


Limping and stiffness surely are obvious signs of pain. These are usually caused because of sore paws, different injuries and sometimes even arthritis. Is your pet unusually slow while getting up or while climbing the stairs? These are some obvious signs your pet is facing some health disorders and feels pain.

2. Sleeping, eating and drinking disorders

Sleeping a lot can also be a sign that your pet feels pain. Pets that feel pain usually sleep more to heal it, but sometimes the reason can be very dangerous and sleeping may not be a solution.

Except for inactivity, appetite loss and less water drinking can be yet another sign. Well, appetite loss is always bad and in case you notice this sign, call your vet and ask for an advice.

In case you feel your pet is having difficulty with only eating dried food, then that’s definitely a dental pain.

3. My pet is more vocal than usual

Your pet suddenly became more vocal than usual? Do they growl, lep excessively, growl, snail or howl? We’re letting you know that these are the signs that your pet is feeling pain. Some pets are really loud, but in case you notice some dramatic changes like the ones we mentioned, that’s a sign.

4. Extreme grooming

When a pet is hurt, especially dogs and cats, due to their instinct they try to lick and take care of their wound by cleaning it. Generally, licking is natural, but if you feel like that became a constant activity, it means that they are trying to soothe themselves. If you cannot spot any wounds or obvious, know that it can be a sign that your pet is feeling an internal pain.

5. Vibrating and shaking

Pets don’t only shake or tremble just because they are old or they feel cold. Not at all. Sometimes it can be because of the pain they feel for some reason. This can be a sign/symptom of a serious disease like kidney disease, poisoning or pancreatitis.

6. Heavy breathing or unusual panting

Panting and heavy breathing is normal, but only after a certain activity. In case your pet breaths alerted or pants heavily without doing any special activity, that’s something to worry about.

On the other hand, if your pet’s breathing is more shallow than usual, it means that breathing is painful to them. Visit the vet.

7. My pet is aggressive or not social

If you notice behavioral changes, if your dog became antisocial and avoids any contact with people, hides or keeps very quiet then something is definitely wrong.

There may be other behavioral changes as well, but in case they are noticeable and unusual, you need to worry and try to find out the problem.

8. Signs of nervous excitement.

Restlessness and the state of anxiety are signs of pain in pets. If your pet is facing difficulties in feeling comfortable, there’s something wrong. Every dramatic behavioral change in each pet is a sign that something is wrong.

9. Posture and body disorders

Do your pet’s pace, paws, and legs swell? That is most probably because of infection. Inflammation or even cancer.

Have you ever seen your pet in the “prayer” posture? If yes, then it’s dangerous. Whenever pets feel abnormal pain, most of them put their bottom in the air and front legs on the ground allowing the painful area stretch.

Ways of getting rid of your pet’s pain are different. There are different medications to get rid of the pain relief but never try any of them without discussing it with your vet. It’s not about getting rid of the pain at that moment, it’s about finding out the problem and making sure to cure them. The problem can be so serious your pet might need a surgery so visit an experienced vet would the best solution.

Yes your pet might not eat as they were used to before, yes he may show some signs of aggression, yes he will cry out, growl, be sensitive or be quiet, less active or unsocial. This is not good but this is how it should be. What do you do when you feel pain?