Loving dogs is one thing, but watching a dog based movie is a whole new level, plus the Lasse Hallstrom 2017 comedy-drama/adventure film was the movie to watch, irrespective of which pet you prefer. The film which was centered in the 50’s to 60’s, all the way to 2000’s was based on the life and times of a feral puppy who just wanted to experience life but ended up in the dog pound. The film takes a good turn when he is reincarnated and later adopted by a young lad called Ethan.

After his purpose with Ethan is complete, he reincarnates again and all through the film.  The movie is filled with so many dog breeds. From golden retrievers to German shepherds, but let’s start from the very beginning. 

The beginning

Well, the movie begins with the birth of a mongrel puppy who after being captured, reincarnated into a golden retriever. So we can say that a golden retriever is the first breed witnessed in the film. This golden retriever sticks with Ethan through the good times and bad, helping him wherever he can. Years pass and the retriever dies, but is reincarnated into a German shepherd. So this is the second dog breed that’s used. The German shepherd is raised as a police dog who now takes seeking and finding as his new life’s purpose, but this ends after he’s shot by a kidnapper.

 After this, you can expect another reincarnation and this one was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi whose new purpose is making his owner happy. Years passed and he did just that while falling for a Landseer dog. So a Landseer breed is also found in this movie. After living one of his best lives with this owner, he thanks her and is later reincarnated as a St. Bernard-Australian Shepherd mix. This was dated in the 2000’s. After he is rejected by his new owner’s husband, he makes his way back and reunites with his first owner, Ethan. Ethan was in his 50’s but unmarried, so his new purpose was uniting Ethan with a widow and they soon get married.

 Those were all the breeds featured in this film, however, you can expect so much more in the sequel coming out this May. Its name is ‘A dog’s way home’. As dog lovers it’s refreshing to think that each dog has a purpose, and once that is complete with you, they can move on to a greater calling. Just like these dogs, we all have a unique purpose and although reincarnation hasn’t been proven, you can admit that there is a higher purpose for all of us. Watch your love for dogs be manifested through this film, it’s really an endearing piece.

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