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Why is My Dog Peeing in the House?

January 1, 2021
Why is My Dog Peeing in the House?

We can forgive a young puppy for urinating at home. It can’t keep everything in for a long time. So you can either get the pup outside every hour or so or accept the situation. Try teaching the dog to go to the toilet in one place. Here we will look at why is your dog peeing in the house.

Also, it is quite a normal situation in case your dog is old. It is sad to watch your pet aging, and you have to show it that it’s still loved.

Use special diapers and cover the dog’s bed with absorbent pads. In this case, you can’t do much but support the old animal.

But when a grown-up pet suddenly begins peeing all over your house, it should alarm you because such behavior doesn’t happen for no reason.

Dog peeing in the house-Reasons for Urinating at Home

The first thing you need to know is that you should never punish your dog if it started urinating at home. Here is why.

Your pet is sick

The most frequent reason for the dog peeing in the house is urinary tract infections like cystitis. Also, this trouble can happen due to more serious illnesses such as crystals in the urine, and bladder stones.

In the worst-case scenario, urinating is caused by structural abnormalities or even tumors.

So your first reaction to the dog suddenly peeing at home should be to take it to the vet. The doctor will run the tests and see if a disease causes urination. If the examination didn’t show any issues, there are other reasons why your pet began peeing in the house.

Inconsistent schedule of walks

Dogs love and need consistency. Make sure the time gap between walks is no longer than 12 hours. The animal can’t hold everything in for so long. Therefore, take the dog out even for five minutes for the pet to go to the toilet.

You can’t blame your dog for urinating at home if you don’t walk it for a long time.

Behavioral issues

A pup can begin peeing in the house if something stressful happens. For example, a new baby was born, or some family member passed away.

When dogs feel insecure at home, they try to show others that they still belong here. And in this case, peeing takes a form of marking behavior. The animal hopes that its smell will signal you that it still is a member of your family.

If it’s your case, try to comfort your dog and take more frequent walks. Additionally, you can use some mild soothing meds for animals. It can be a calming collar infused with essential oils or plant-based drops.

Another reason can be anxiety caused by some triggers outside or within your household. Then you will have to determine the trigger and eliminate it.

Monitor the behavior of your pet and see if something upsets or stresses it out. You can add soothing meds in this case as well.

Also, peeing can be caused by hormones. It happens to males more often than females. However, both sexes have chances to exhibit such behavior.

In this case, you should think about neutering your pet. And try to prevent further urinating at home by rewarding your dog for peeing outside and taking more frequent walks.

Bottom Line

No matter what the reason for urinating is, make sure you wipe the spots and eliminate the smell using special cleaners. You can protect your furniture by purchasing a waterproof dog bed or waterproof dog blanket.

If your dog feels the scent of its urine at home, it will think that it’s appropriate to continue urinating here.