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Warm Your Heart With These 5 Amazing Dogs That Prove Canines Are Indeed “Man’s Best Friend”

January 1, 2021
Warm Your Heart With These 5 Amazing Dogs That Prove Canines Are Indeed "Man's Best Friend"

Are dogs merely furry entertainment or are they, as the saying goes, “man’s best friend?” If you’re a diehard fan of canine companions, you’ve undoubtedly heard countless stories of pooches that would jump through hoops for their humans. So, in an effort to find more tear-jerking stories to warm our wintery nights, we’ve rounded up these five tales of canine friendship and loyalty. Capable of melting even the frostiest of hearts, check out these dogs that demonstrate their undying love for their human friends.

1. Hawkeye The Dog Mourns at Casket of Navy SEAL

Image courtesy of Lisa Pembleton/Facebook.

In August of 2011, millions of Americans were affected by the photo of a grieving labrador retriever, Hawkeye, as he stood by the casket of his owner, Navy SEAL, Jon Tumilson. Before the service began, and in front of over a thousand fellow mourners, Hawkeye, Tumilson’s faithful companion, walked up to his fallen Master’s casket and laid down, showing his loyalty to the very end, quietly refusing to leave.

2. Argentinian Dog, Capitán, Stays by His Master’s Grave For Six Years


Canine companions and their owners have an extraordinary bond. In this story, it’s a bond that goes beyond the grave and displays true dedication. Upon his death, Miguel Guzmán’s dog, Capitán, disappeared for several days. Eventually, he was found at Guzmán’s grave, sitting vigil next to his Master’s eternal resting place. For six years, Capitán trekked to the grave site, visiting every day, without exception, and according to cemetery workers, always arriving at precisely 6 p.m.

3. Adopted Dog, Duke, Saves Infant Child

Image courtesy of

One night, Duke woke up his adoptive owners with persistent barking, in an effort to get their attention. Hazel, the couple’s nine-week-old infant that was sleeping in the nursery, had stopped breathing. Needless to say, the couple would have never noticed their daughter was in distress without Duke’s lifesaving intervention.

4. US Marine Surprises His Beagle Dog, Buddy

Image courtesy of YouTube.

Here’s a video of a dog, Buddy, reuniting with his owner, a US Marine, after returning home from a long deployment. If you tear-up at the sight of excited, heart-warming fluffiness, then whip out the box of tissues, ‘cuz you’re in for quite the sob-fest.

5. Lost Dog, RaeLee, Saves a Life

Image courtesy of Tampa Bay Times.

One morning, Stacey Savige knocked on her neighbor Yolanda Sevogia’s door, asking if she could dogsit a lost pup that she had found. Yolanda agreed and decided to help out further by placing an ad on Craigslist and printing out LOST DOG flyers to distribute around the neighborhood. In the meantime, Yolanda’s two sons, 10-year-old Azariah and 21-year-old Christian, who had several health problems, were warned not to fall in love would the dog, as it was a temporary situation.

Several days later, Yolanda arrived home to find the dog, nicknamed RaeLee, barking madly, attempting to get her attention. Christian was in the middle of a violent seizure and had RaeLee not drawn Yolanda’s attention to the matter, then according to his neurologist, he would have choked on his own blood and died.

After this incident, they decided to keep RaeLee, since no one had claimed the dog. But, the next morning, the owner called. In a fit of tears, Yolanda told the owner how RaeLee had saved her son’s life. Upon arrival, the owner chose to let RaeLee (originally named Odie) stay with Yolanda, deciding that perhaps the dog was meant to find her and help her family.