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Dog Lovers Can Share A Pint With Their Pooch

January 14, 2021
Dog Lovers Can Share A Pint With Their Pooch

This Christmas, Thanks To Bottom Sniffer Beer

Step aside Pawsecco, because it looks like your competitor, Bottom Sniffer, has taken the lead for the most popular Christmas gift in the canine category. If you’re still hunting for the perfect gift that will make your furry companion’s eyes light up like the giant Christmas tree in your living room, here’s your chance to find out if your pup’s a true beer connoisseur.

When it comes to holiday presents, you have to admit that this is pretty original compared to the usual dog-themed stocking overflowing with assorted bones. But, will Fido give it two paws up? Only a taste-test, and about $45 USD on Amazon for a 4-pack, will say. According to the manufacturing company’s all-dog, multi-breed, test-tasting panel, “9 out of 10 dogs lapped up the samples.”

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Be forewarned that the ingredient list on the back of the bottle may cause you to cringe. The brew, sold by St Ives firm Woof & Brew, is comprised of water, nettle, flax, dandelion, chicken flavoring, seaweed, and barley malt, and is a non-alcoholic concoction made from non-fermented beer wort.

Bottoms up! Who’s enjoying the glorious sunshine today? We’ve got new doggy beer coming very soon (alcohol-free of course!) so help us celebrate by giving us your best pet puns in the comments below. We’ll start… this little guy is out on the leash! #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #petsofig #bottomsnifferbeer

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Humans may want to pick up their own beer if they’re thinking of hanging out with their pet, especially since the company suggests that you shouldn’t sneak a sip. Whereas Pawsecco is expressly designed to be served over your pooch’s kibble, you can serve Bottom Sniffer as a drink or pour it over food. Even though this unique beverage has no alcohol content whatsoever, the Bottom Sniffer website still recommends that dogs shouldn’t drive. Well, that’s good to know!

Touted as being the ‘ultimate doggie refreshment,’ this dog beer is also full of holistic goodness. Apparently, it all comes down to the dandelion, burdock, and other various hard-to-pronounce herbs in the brew that help keep a pup in tip-top shape. When you put it that way, it sure makes a regular beer look like absolute poison.

Will this doggie beer be the latest Christmas craze? As pet parents, we can all agree that we’ll do just about anything to get our pooches to grin. And, hey, if we can give Churro the Chihuahua some “real ‘tail swagger,'” as the label on the bottle insists, maybe that’s what will make this Christmas all that more meaningful and memorable for our sidekicks.