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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

January 16, 2021
How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Washing of dogs makes them clean, attractive and free from a lot of pests. Every dog owner wants a cleaner dog that how often should you wash your dog? This actually depends on how often you would love to see your dog washed to keep them tidy and prevent any form of unpleasant body odor.


Some dogs don’t take their baths so often, yet they don’t produce offensive body odor. Some other dogs produce body odor quite faster and as such, they need washing often. Whenever you want to bathe your dog, you must remember that not all dogs like to be washed all the time. They should therefore be washed only when it is necessary to do so.


How Often Should You Wash Your Dog Then?






The big question that needs to be answered still remains, how often should you wash your dog? The general rule that needs to be followed is to bathe your dog only once a month, using human baby shampoo or dog shampoo. But if you must wash your dog more than once a month, this should be done with a moisturizing or soap-free shampoo to prevent the dog from developing a dry skin. As a general rule of thumb, it is good not to wash your dog more than once a week, unless it is prescribed by your veterinary doctor.


How to Make Your Dog Enjoy Being Washed



How often should you wash your dog

Dogs generally don’t love being washed; they don’t mind being dirty and stinky sometimes. For you to make your dog enjoy being washed, therefore, you must try and make a little change to how things are done traditionally. So these few tips could help make washing enjoyable to your dog:


Get them used to the bathing tub: You can make them hop into their bathing tub even if it is not time to wash them. Play with them and offer them toys or treats while there.


Introduce warm water: After getting them used to the washing tub, you gradually introduce warm water to them.


Reward them: If the dog behaves well during bath, try and offer a treat, toy or other incentives to show that the positive behavior is rewarding.


Make them used to wash: Make the dog come to you in the tub and even give them a treat for coming until they can do so on their own without offering any reward.






Start early: if you start washing your dog while it is young, it will quickly get used to washing by the time it gets older.


Use the right shampoo: Any shampoo that brings comfort will make your dog enjoy being washed. But the reverse is the case for shampoos that cause itching or dryness.


Dogs don’t love being washed too often. You must know when it is necessary to wash your dog and do it in such a way as to make them love it. As a special rule, dogs should not be washed more than once a week.



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