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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday?

February 13, 2021
How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday?

Dog owners know what a puppy’s zoomie is. Sometimes young pups begin jumping and running around like crazy without any goal in mind, just for the sake of running and jumping. And then they suddenly fall asleep whenever and in whatever position sleep caught them. Find out exercise a dog need everyday.

That’s how young dogs try to get rid of that excess energy that sits in them as a ticking bomb. Older pets don’t do that. Instead, they exhibit other signs of the lack of exercise. They become less obedient, more anxious, alerted, and in general difficult to deal with.

Also, they gain weight over time and develop issues related to joints and muscles. Therefore, it is crucial to get your pup active.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need Daily?

It depends on the breed you have. Some dogs are more active, and some are closer to couch potatoes. However, you should consider that certain breeds like Labradors, for example, can get used to the low-energy regime and become a lazy mess.

They’re very eager to fit their owners’ lives. That’s why you can see overweight Goldens and Labradors so often.

Exercise a dog need everyday-Working breeds

You should remember that initially, most breeds weren’t made for living in homes and going for a walk twice a day. They were made to work hard daily.

All the German Shepherds, Border collies, Labradors and Goldens, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Huskies, and many other breeds we love are meant to work every day.

If you don’t provide them with enough exercise, they won’t be able to listen to you or to behave appropriately in general. Some working breeds like border collies work for 12 hours per day in their natural environment. They herd kettle, running, and constantly evaluating the situation.

And if all such dog has two walks on the leash during the day, it will go insane. Many collies develop obsessive behaviors that lead to severe traumas and other issues. Therefore, you should learn the background of the breed you have and understand what it was created for.

Usually, working breeds require from 60 to 120 minutes of exercise.

Brachycephalic and small breeds

Brachycephalic dogs can’t handle a lot of physical activity. However, you can replace it with mental activity and learn tricks with your pup. It’s even more exhausting than physical exercises.

Dogs like pugs, French, and English bulldogs will be good with 20-30 minutes of activity per day. Smaller breeds needless activity simply because they’re small. Usually, most of them will be satisfied with 30-60 minutes of daily walks.

Giant breeds

While it might feel counter-intuitive, but giant dogs like Newfoundlands or Great Danes don’t need that much exercise. They will be glad to have 30-45 minutes of physical activity per day. This is the reason to find a large dog kennel where your dog can run for fun.

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

Yes, there is. If your dog is moving slower than usual, has excessive thirst, panting, is disoriented and unfocused, it is likely too exhausted. So if your pup refuses to perform tricks or be active, leave it alone and decrease the amount of exercise in the future.

Does only physical activity count?

Overly active dogs are hard to wear out. And most owners don’t have those two hours every day to keep their pets moving. The good news is that you can easily replace one hour of physical activity with approximately 30 minutes of mental engagement.

Teach your pup tricks or obedience, and you will see how quickly it gets tired. Of course, you can’t replace all the physical exercises with training like that.