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What you Should Know About Dog Care in 2020?

January 14, 2021
What you Should Know About Dog Care in 2020?

Dog adoption is a serious and responsible step that must start far before your new pet is in your house. A puppy needs a personal space for games, as well as a place where it can eat and rest. Also, you need to take care of its safety: all the wires, furniture, and corners will interest the puppy. Find all the dog care in 2020 here.

Having prepared the apartment for the pet adoption, the future owner should plan the main thing, namely dog care routine. The basis of the training process is feeding, walking, veterinary control, and hygiene. Also, training, as we are responsible for those, we have tamed.

Dogs, being unusually strong and durable in natural conditions, are very vulnerable and defenseless in the human world. Therefore, the care of your loyal friendlies is entirely on your shoulders.

We all want your life with a pet to be pleasant and comfortable for both of you. Therefore, you need to provide regular care for your pet.

Dog care in 2020-Dog Training

If you want your dog to be smart, obedient, well-mannered, and with joy, you can not achieve it without training. A dog that is trained and obeys command does not pull on a leash, sits down, walks, and brings an aport item is a real pride for its owner.

But such results are possible to achieve only through long, hard, and scheduled training. The sooner you start training the puppy, the higher the results you will achieve. Training the dog by yourself without the help of a specialist is possible.

Especially, if the owner teaches the dog commands exactly as the necessary principles. You, as a training owner, will need more diligence and patience. These important qualities, along with the correct execution of each command is important. Thus, it will allow you to train your dog yourself as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Set yourself to work hard, otherwise, it will be a waste of your time and you won’t achieve anything. You need to schedule all the training activities and try your best not to skip them. Additionally, training your dog must manifest in your daily interactions with your pet. It includes the way you feed, washes, groom, and play with it.

Dog care in 2020-Dog Feeding

The diet of your dog or dog food depends on a huge number of factors. For instance, the state of the animal’s health, body weight, breed, energy value of products, and even your pet’s sex.

There can be completely different physiological conditions, starting from growth and pregnancy. Then ending with just a sedentary lifestyle (which happens much more often than the active one). However, there are still general principles of feeding your friend.

So, for a puppy under the age of six months (the period of active growth for all small and most large dog breeds), the amount of food should be about 7% of body weight. Also, for pets over six months of age, the amount of food should decrease to 3.5% by weight.

The total amount of food received is the total daily, and it should be given 2-3 times a day. So, for a pet weighing 30 kg and older than 6 months, the volume of the daily diet is 3.5% of 30 kg. It turns out 1 kg of food per day.

Food products

In turn, this dose must consist of half meat or offal (about 500 g), and half of the dairy products (about 500 g). Apart from that, each pet should consume products of vegetarian origin, which digest slowly, make the main component of the diet, and are essential for the formation of good intestinal microflora.

Vegetarian products should be given in finely ground or grated form and only raw (cabbage, salad, carrots, apples, etc.). Do not give your dog bananas, potatoes, and other starchy or sweet vegetables and fruits.

The main mistake in feeding dogs is overfeeding them, while underfeeding is much less common. In this regard, the owners should understand that overfeeding is harmful to the health of the dog. Moreover, it will only reduce the quality of the dog’s life and the effectiveness of training.

So the owner should calculate the amount of food based on the bodyweight of their pet or the vet recommendations. To control how much your dog eats, you can get one of the indoor and outdoor dog feeders, and your pet will get the same amount every day.

However, you need to make a deal with the rest of the family. So that you do not overfeed it together.

Dog care in 2020-Dog Exercise

Doing physical activities with your dog will ensure it grows and develops its health. Likewise, it improves appetite, and, most importantly, becomes a strong defender if your dog breed is large.

Also, an exhausted dog will be much calmer and more obedient at the end of the day. This is because excessive energy will go away naturally.

It is impossible to walk the dog within the yard; it is also not enough for it if you walk it on a leash. Therefore, you should learn to control the pet in any situation and on any terrain.

Regular walking with your Dog

It’s already good that the dog runs around you when you walk. Walking a dog always on a leash is not healthy enough. Thus, you should learn to control it without a leash.

During the walk, work out the command- “come!”. Sometimes calling the dog and giving a treat when it does.

Dog care in 2020-Dog Games

All dogs love games, and if your pet seems indifferent to them, you need to teach it. Play with a  tug, such as a puller. It is an affordable physical exercise device that will help to throw off a little fat and the owner himself.

Dogs Fetch

Throwing a stick to the dog, you minimize your stress. As it brings you a newly thrown stick beaming with cheerfulness.

Just walking and throwing a stick from time to time can be a great way to exhaust a dog and help it release the energy it collected at home.

It is unlikely that your dog will miss the opportunity to frolic.

Dog Jogging

If you like jogging, your dog will readily keep company with the active owner.

Any breed can run, at least a little bit. Besides, it is healthy leisure for both of you.

Dog Cycling

It is very useful to drive a dog on a bicycle, but not quickly and not too long.

It is enough to do no more than 3-4 kilometers in the first place, gradually bringing the distance to 7-8 kilometers.

For distances, it is better not to chase, and if you plan to have a long ride, your dog must first be prepared and allowed to relax making stops.

Any owner can tame their animal and teach them to train, even if its weight is half that of the dog. The main thing is consistency.

Dog care in 2020-Grooming

Domestic dog grooming includes hair, skin, claws, ears, eyes, and teeth care. The dog coat consists of three layers, and its density depends on the breed. Due to the breed, it may vary in density, length, and structure.

The grooming routine consists of brushing, washing, and cutting the dog’s hair. Brushing prevents the formation of tangles and removes dead hairs. Besides, when brushing, you massage the skin of the pet, thereby improving its blood circulation.

With regular brushing, you take care not only about the health of the dog but also about the cleanliness of your home. There will be much less wool on the floor and furniture. The frequency of brushing depends on the type of coat your pet has.

Dogs with long hair and developed undercoat must be brushed daily. Puppies are recommended to be brushed regularly so that they are used to this procedure. When brushing, try not to hurt the animal and use special tools: combs, scrapers, brushes, mittens, brushes, chippers, and curlers.

Cleaning your dog

On average, dogs are washed 1-2 times a year or as they become dirty, and the frequency of washing is allowed up to once in 1-3 months. Contest animals are washed more often. Dogs suffering from some skin diseases should be washed once a week.

Hygienic grooming of dogs is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the coat and to improve thermoregulation during the summer. Hygienic cutting is recommended as the animal’s hair is contaminated with various chemicals (paints, kerosene, tar, etc.).

A standard haircut is carried out according to the requirements of the breed. It could be:

  • edging: shaping the cut (in Spitz);
  • trimming: plucking of wool (in hard-coated dog breeds);
  • clipping: various haircuts to zero millimeters;
  • blending – creating smooth transitions between the length of the coat (for Yorkshire terriers and Cocker spaniels).

Clipping is carried out as the claws grow, once in 1-3 months. In animals that actively walk outside on a hard surface, the claw plates can wear themselves off naturally. With improper regrowth, the claw can grow into surrounding tissues, break off, causing concern to the dog. For clipping, use specialized equipment that does not break the claw plate.

Dog care in 2020-Dog spot

The dog must have its own specially designated place in the apartment or a house. But it’s not necessary to force the dog to be there all the time. A place for a dog is necessary so that you can always send a dog there on command. If its presence in another place is undesirable, for example, if you have guests with a child who is afraid of dogs.

A personal spot is also essential for the dog itself. It should know that it has its corner, where it can relax and feel safe. Therefore, immediately warn all your household members, and especially children, that the dog, if it is placed on its rug or sunbed, should not be touched.

Also, you can not punish the dog in its spot. Whether you need just a rug for a small pet or one of the kennels for large dogs, you need to provide it for your friend for rest and comfort.

First, choose a place so that you don’t have to change it later. So it will be easier for you to train your dog to go to its spot on command. Therefore, immediately determine where the puppy will live, given the size of an adult dog.

The location should be spacious enough. Ideally, it must be a separate large outdoor dog house, but if you live in an apartment, you may be interested in a dog crates review to find the best for your pet.


However, there are definite no’s for a dog’s spot. Your dog’s spot should never be in a draft or under the A/C. The dog will avoid it, and if you manage to insist on your own, you run the risk of having problems with your pet’s health.

No need to place the dog spot near the batteries. The room temperature is already too high for most dog breeds, and it does not need extra heat.

The dog will be more likely to go to the spot where it has the opportunity to see everything around it. For this reason, you should not equip the dog around the corners of furniture and in similar places, devoid of vision. Usually, the dog lives inside apartments/houses.

You can cover your bed or sofa with a special dog blanket to make sure that you’ll not find dog wool on your bed.

Dog care in 2020-Legal documents

Even if your dog is not for contests, you should register your dog.

Proper documentation will allow you to transport your dog, keep up with its health record, or leave it if you need to go anywhere without it.

At the same time, many countries imply complicated procedures of dog transportation, like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, the United States, Czech Republic, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Veterinary passport

It is an international veterinary document that identifies the animal and its owner.

Based on this document, the owner, if necessary, can obtain certificates for taking the dog abroad, take part in exhibitions, and validate the safety of his dog for such a terrible disease like rabies.

It keeps the record of all vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments that your dog takes, which makes it easier for the veterinarian to diagnose in case your pet is sick.

So, a veterinary passport is the main document for any dog, regardless of its origin, age, and owner, but it has nothing to do with the pedigree.


Chipping helps solve many dog ​​identification problems.

It is the procedure of implantation of a small, grain-sized capsule made of bio-glass under the dog’s skin with detailed information about the dog.

It takes a minute to complete. Chipping has not yet completely replaced branding. Often, breeders take both procedures for their dog’s identification.


Also known as the puppy card. It is a document about the dog’s belonging to a particular breed that is issued to a puppy right when it is born.

The metric has the following details the breed, brand number, nickname, date of birth, sex, parents’ nicknames, the surname of the breeder, and the puppy’s owner.


A pedigree is a document about the origin of the dog, which the owner receives in exchange for a metric at the place of residence or from the breeder.

The pedigree contains the same data as the metric, plus the barcode of the chip if the puppy is already chipped. Likewise the record of exhibitions and titles of the dog’s ancestors.

Dog care in 2020-Gadgets and toys

Toys are an enjoyable and integral part of a dog’s full life. They serve as a link between the dog and the owner during joint games and training and help the dog to become more clever or joyful.

Toys help the dog get rid of loneliness and boredom while the owner is at work. Toys satisfy dogs’ natural desire to chew something without ruining your apartment while you are away.

Some toys, such as frisbee plates, balls, and pullers, are beloved by many dogs, allow you to give your pet a good physical load. They are great for active dog breeds. There are different toys in the market today, from simple ropes to high-tech leaders. These are some of the best interactive dog toys humankind has invented.

Some Principles

However, the core principle for equipping your dog’s toy collection is its functionality for physical activity and interaction with the owner. Rope toys allow you to develop a good grip on the dog. They are great for service dogs like the German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

However, you need to remember that the dog should use them after changing their teeth. Otherwise, it will spoil its grip. Many dogs, especially hairless or shorthair decorative dogs, love soft toys, which they often use as a heating pad in the cold season.

They drag them along, sleep with them in an embrace, and the presence of such a toy calms them, especially during a move or a forced change of owner. However, it should be remembered that the main requirement for soft toys is their strength.

Today, you can even check out the capacities of the best dog cameras 2020 technology offers. Especially, if you need to interact with your pet from a long distance. Nonetheless, the principal functions of the toys must be providing physical activities (such as Frisby) and satisfying the natural needs of the dog (such as chewing toys).

Regardless of the price of the toy, your friend will have a lot of fun with it.

Dog care in 2020-Small pests

Fleas grow resistant to different drugs every year. They develop immunity and multiply even if you use various medications to treat your dog. Fleas can live in the hair of an animal for a whole year but become especially active in the spring. Pets become uneasy amid constant itching.

There are times when ticks, as well as animal fleas, become carriers or sources of various infectious diseases. However, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies are even more dangerous. Ticks are multi-pointed insects that instantly bite into the skin of an animal.

In total, there are about twenty-five species of ticks in nature which can be picked up in various areas of the world and the USA in particular. Apart from biting, insects often bring animal serious problems.

For example, mosquitoes are dangerous, as they spread a rare type of parasites that penetrate the bloodstream with a bite and enter the body, affecting the internal organs, parasitizing in them.

Along with flies, gadflies are dangerous, as they infect pet larvae with their painful bite. Most often, insects try to attack the most exposed parts of the surface – the nose, eye levels, open ears, where there is very little hair. Your pet will react painfully to parasite bites.

Dog care in 2020-Medication

In addition to the fact that the animal needs to be vaccinated annually and undergo a comprehensive examination before the veterinarian, it must be taken quarterly for routine exams. The veterinarian will significantly reduce the risk of diseases of the teeth, coat, and internal organs of your pet.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to such a common problem as vitamin deficiency. Not all owners think about it and how to saturate the diet of our pets. However, it is the competence of the veterinarian, who can tell whether your animal’s diet is sufficient.

Considering the dog’s physical activity, habits, lifestyle, and breed, the doctor can choose the most appropriate dietary supplements to make your pet feel healthy. Therefore, you need to show your dog to a veterinarian at least once every three months, even if there are no alarms.

Dog care in 2020-Dangerous people

Although most of the people are friendly to animals, even if they do not have a pet of their own, some individuals can harm your dog. You have probably heard about the crimes committed by the so-called dog hunters, people who exterminate animals on the streets with weapons or poisonous substances.

Often,  animals are left to die in terrible torment because of such people. Each dog lover is terribly afraid that something like this can happen to their pet. For your pet not to become a victim of such villains, first of all, you need to prevent poisoning.

Almost any dog ​​will eat the bait, so you need to take measures to prevent this:

  1. Do not let dogs go to places where there are signs prohibiting walking, as well as to playgrounds, the territory of kindergartens, and schools. Dog hunters often poison animals precisely in areas where paddock is not permitted by law. If you are in the habit of letting your dog frolics freely, consider choosing a unique technology among the best dog GPS trackers. If you have one, you can prevent your dog from entering the danger zone.
  2. Put a muzzle on your dog. It is a simple way to prevent your dog from eating anything of unknown origin that may or may not contain toxic substances.
  3. Always inspect the site before the pet walks there. If you see any suspicious products, it is better not to walk the dog in such areas. Even a bit of toxic fumes is enough to harm a dog seriously. If you suspect there are signs of dog hunters activity, call the police.
  4. Watch the behavior of your pet. Tracking every step of the dog is impossible, but try to be as careful as possible to prevent poisoning. Watch if the dog eats right on the street and whether it digs snow or soil with its nose.

Dog care in 2020-Spaying

Spaying is a procedure of sterilization of a female dog. It allows your pet to live a more comfortable life in the face of the inability to satisfy natural sexual instincts.

Early spaying (before the first or second estrus) significantly reduces the risk of breast tumors. Large dogs with early spaying are more likely to avoid side effects such as incontinence.

The decision of whether to spay your dog is up to you. This procedure is highly desirable for outbred animals, as well as for purebred dog categories, as it helps to control the increase in the number of stray animals.

So if you do not plan on breeding your dog, you may consider this option. However, it is best to make up your mind as early as possible for your dog to go through the whole process and healing easier.

NB: keep it clean

Cleaning after the dog while walking is one of the imperative conditions for owning a pet. In the USA and Europe, excrement left in public places is heavily fined. So dog owners in parks are often equipped with disposable bags and special ballot boxes for that.

It is especially relevant for people in large cities. These are people who walk their pets in squares near their houses and cannot always get to special dog sites where municipal janitors work. Dog excrement needs to be utilized not only for aesthetic reasons.

Animal excretions contain a large number of pathogenic microflora: parasites, helminths, and other dangerous elements. It may put children who are less likely than adults to look under their feet, as well as older people who may not notice a surprise in their path at risk.

Traces of excrement brought into the house can cause many diseases for the whole family. Collecting the excrement remains entirely on the conscience of the owner of the dog, and people need to respect each other.