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The Surprising Facts About Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

January 16, 2021
The Surprising Facts About Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Can dogs eat blueberries – It is a human habit to toss their favorite food towards their pets. Whether this is a good habit or a bad one, is not the question here. The fact which screams for attention is whether the treats that people lovingly toss at their dogs are appropriate for the pets. Through different research, it has been seen that most of the human foods are not good for dogs since the digestive systems are different.

It has taken many types of research and study to find out that blueberry is not harmful to the dogs.However, there is one condition of feeding the dog blueberry. You need to restrict the quantity. Blueberries can be good for dog’s health as these are low in fat. One cup blueberry contains up to 80 calories.This contains no fat at all.

Blueberries can become great treats for your beloved dog, because, they possess high vitamin C. They are also loaded with dietary fibers. Therefore, dogs can have blueberries. However, it is not wise to allow overeating as dogs are not made to eat fruits as the main source of diet.

So, here the question might arise about the quantity. How many blueberries can a dog eat? What is the right quantity? It is proven the fact that berries can only be given as occasional treats to dogs. These cannot be fed regularly. Ten blueberries might be good for a dog’s health. However, you need to remember that a small sized dog might not react well to so many blueberries. Therefore, depending on the size of the dog, the quantity might differ.

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Dog owners are not encouraged to feed their dog’s too many pieces of blueberry. Your dog might suffer from some health problems if it is fed too many blueberries. Gastric problem and diarrhea are the problems which might occur due to blueberry over eating.

Reasons Why Blueberries are Added to Dog Foods

benefits of raspberries

Blueberries are added to dog foods for the following reasons:

They are low in fat.

They have very high vitamin C content.

Their fiber content is high.

Some studies carried out recently have proved that dogs do respond positively to foods that contain blueberries. In one of the studies, some dogs were given blueberries while exercising as a food supplement.

The results of the studies showed that these dogs developed antioxidants that are higher than others that are not fed with blueberries. This result is important as cases of cancer and heart disease in dogs can be fought with this increased antioxidant level. The answer to the question, can dogs have blueberries? Is yes! Dogs can have blueberries, but with moderation.

What Amount of Blueberries Should be Given to Dogs?

This question is very important as the research showed that blueberries are good for dogs when they are given in moderation. Then it is important to know what is moderate or not.

It should be noted that berries should not be seen as a daily supplement for dogs. Rather, it should be given occasionally. The factor to be taken into consideration when determining the quantity is the weight of the pet. Therefore, ten blueberries are good for dogs except if the dog is exceptionally small in which case the quantity should be reduced.

Side Effects of Excess Blueberries for Dogs

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If a dog is fed with too many blueberries, it may result in the following diseases:

  • Gastric upset.
  • Diarrhea


Even if you want to give them in the right amount, there are some warnings:

  • Dogs that have cases of digestive problems should not be given blueberries without consultation with your veterinarian. This also applies to dogs with a history of stomach problems.
  • If you are not sure of a number of blueberries that is normal for your pet, please seek the opinion of your veterinarian before making any decision.
  • The best berries for dogs are berries that are raw and have been washed. It is not advisable to give them frozen blueberries.
  • Blueberries that are used as a supplement in human foods, such as pancakes and muffins, should not be given to dogs because of the high level of sugar that these contain.
  • They should not be fed old berries or berries that are moldy. The guiding principle here is that whatever berry that you cannot eat don’t give your dogs. This will keep them hale and healthy for as long as possible.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries and Strawberries

can my dog have cantaloupe

Strawberries are everyone’s favorite fruits. It is normal to want to share this treat with your dog too. Why deprive your best friend of the sweetness of the warm weather? If you are concerned about the strawberry’s food quality, you will be happy to know that strawberries can be fed to dogs. These are sweet and tasty which dogs love to have. You can feed your pet this sweet treat without having to worry about exposing them to a health hazard. Strawberry can improve your dog’s health. Strawberry when served fresh can improve a dog’s immune system. Also, they can help the dogs in aging properly. However, you need to remember that treating your dog canned strawberry might not be a good idea. Also, you should not feed them strawberry syrup. These are not good for the dogs.

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So, how do you serve the strawberry to your dog? It is important that you focus on keeping your dog safe. For this, you need to cut the fruit into small pieces. This will prevent the chance of getting choked over the fruit. For the small dogs, it is better to mash up the fruit for better digestion.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries and Cherries

Cherries are great treats which human beings love to have. But, here the question is can dogs eat blueberries and cherries? Is cherry good for your dog’s health? Yes, cherries can be fed to dogs. There are some food qualities which can be beneficial to dogs. However, it is important to consider, how you are feeding the cherries to your dog. Don’t feed the whole fruit to your dog. This might be risky and in some cases fatal. If you must feed your dog cherries, make sure to strip the stems properly before serving them to your dog.

How you are feeding the cherries to your dog. Don’t feed the whole fruit to your dog. This might be risky and in some cases fatal. If you must feed your dog cherries, make sure to strip the stems properly before serving them to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries and Blackberries

Blackberries are good for dog’s health. The fruit is loaded with many benefits which will help to improve your dog’s health. However, you need to make sure that the fruit is fed to your dog in moderation. Blackberries don’t possess any quality which will harm your dog. However, you need to remember that Blackberry does not have any quality which can make this fruit a must have for a dog. Therefore, you might decide not to feed this to your pet.

can puppies eat strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries and Bananas

Bananas possess enough food quality to become one of the favorite treats for the human beings. It is natural for a dog lover to wonder can dogs eat blueberries and bananas. The answer is they can. Yes, bananas can be fed to dogs without fear. There are many food benefits of this fruit. If you are planning a tasty and sweet treat for your pet, banana is the one to turn to. However, there is one consideration. Even though bananas are high on food value, the fruit also contains high sugar level. Due to this, you cannot feed this to your dog on a regular basis. Banana can only be an occasional treat for your dog.

can cats eat strawberries

  • Over feeding, banana might expose your dog to some side effects. Excess banana can lead to constipation. Also, as a dog owner, you need to be careful about the banana peel. Your dog under no situation should be fed this. Banana peels are not easy to digest. These can also create a blockage in case eaten without constraint. If you are just introducing this fruit to your dog’s diet, you need to take it easy. First, you need to feed it in small quantity before exposing your dog to the larger portions.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries and Apples

can cats eat blueberries

Apples are healthy treats for human beings. Your dog should not be deprived of the crunchy and juicy fruit either. You can feed your dog apple without worrying over any health hazard. These can improve your dog’s health. However, apples come with seeds as well. Feeding these seeds regularly might cause several health problems. However, some apple seeds will not harm your dog at all. Make sure to clean the apples before serving.

Can dogs Eat Popcorn?

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Another important question that dog owners will like to find the answer to is can dogs eat popcorn? After all, nearly everybody eats popcorns and dog owners are not an exception, and it is natural to want to give our pets a taste of what we are eating.

The answer to this question is yes. But then, there are some important facts you need to know before you hand your dog popcorn as a treat. These are:

Any popcorn that contains salt or butter should not be given to dogs. Why you may ask. The simple reason is that butter can cause dogs to gain unnecessary weight, and this can lead to some diseases. Salt on the other hand too can be toxic. Too much consumption of salt can lead to poisoning by ion contained in sodium. Other potential problems are obesity, digestive problems as well as diabetes. Not to be forgotten is heart disease and arthritis. In exceptional cases, there may be the risk of organ failure and lethargy. You will not want to cause the death of your dog through the food that you give it.

All the kernels in the popcorn should be popped before the dog is fed with it. This is important because there have been cases of dogs that choked on kernels of popcorn. This can lead to the blockage of their air passages. The result will be death. So, if you want to give your dog popcorn, remove the kernels first.

There are some benefits in giving dogs popcorn. These are outlined below.

  • Popcorn contains iron, an essential element in the blood.
  • It also contains some amount of phosphorus which will help the dog to have very strong teeth and bones.
  • Popcorn also contains a high amount of complex carbohydrate.
  • The calorie content of popcorn is low. Hence, the issue of obesity is prevented.

To be on a safe side, there is commercially made popcorn for dogs. This is called Popcorn. Popcorn is produced in different flavors which are sweet potato flavor, cheese flavor, and peanut butter flavor.

Popcorn has the advantage of containing low fat and calories. This makes it a very safe treat for dogs without having to worry unnecessarily about the side effects of normal popcorn.

In a nutshell, if you want to give your dog the regular popcorn, consider what will be the effects and try to determine whether you are ready to take any risk with the pet or not. If you are doubtful, consult your veterinarian for advice so as to make the best decision. This will keep your dog in good shape, and you will run no risk of losing it.

Can dogs Cry?

do dogs cry

Sometimes in movies, we have seen dogs with tear-like liquids running down their eyes. This is especially true when they want to express their emotions. This has raised the question, can dogs cry like humans?

This is a very complex question that has a lot of answers.  Let’s consider some facts.

Unlike humans who shed tears for different reasons like expressing happiness, rejection or some unpleasant experiences, dogs shed tears for different reasons which are very different from that of humans.

Dogs express their form of “crying” by whimpering. This is a whine by dogs to express their feelings too. Sometimes, the whining can be audible and represent some form of audible crying in humans.

The reasons for a dog to whine may range from displeasure to discomfort which may be as a result of pains or other physical or emotional feelings. During this moment, dogs may shed tears, in another word, they may “cry”. Why?

Why do Dogs Shed Tears?

Dogs have tear ducts like humans and other mammals. They are used to provide the required moisture to make the eye function well. These tear ducts are used to remove moisture from the throat of the dog as well as its mouth.

If these ducts are blocked, which can happen occasionally, tears will flow from the eyes of the dog down its cheeks. This is normally called epiphora.

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Is Epiphora Normal?

Epiphora is a natural phenomenon in dogs and should not be taken seriously than is necessary. However, if the tears do not stop but keep flowing, there is a reason for concern.

Under normal circumstances, the moisture that is running as tear should be in the tear ducts helping the dog’s eyes to be functioning properly. If this is lost excessively,

the eyes are at the risk of becoming less operational as the liquid necessary for lubricating they eyes will become dry. If it persists for more than one day, the dog may be at the risk of glaucoma. It may also be due to fracture or broken bone in the face which needs to be attended to immediately.

So far so good, it is important to know that the ‘tears’ coming out of your dog’s eyes are not expressions of sadness. This is heartwarming as you may feel concerned whether you have done something bad to the dog.

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This knowledge has also equipped you to realize that any unnecessary and prolonged shedding of tears by your dog should be handled carefully by consulting professional vets. This is very important if you don’t want to have to deal with a blind dog as a pet.

benefits of blueberries

By taking note of your dog’s reasons for little epiphora, you will be able to maintain it and help the dog to deal with it happily.

You have equally been able to know that dogs do not cry as we human do but an indication that it should be inspected to see whether it needs professional assistance or not.

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