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Can Dogs Eat Chicken? Is Chicken Good or Bad For Dogs?

February 21, 2021
Can Dogs Eat Chicken? Is Chicken Good or Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Chicken? Let’s Talk on this topic. Chicken diet for dogs is another confusing yet crucial topic for all dog owners. A primitive dog subjected to the wilderness can fight for itself, hunt and eat raw meat. But what about your well-mannered pooch at home? This pooch waits for you to hand its food on a plate.

The moment at which comes back to our question, can your dog eat raw chicken? Under certain circumstances, yes. But on the whole, the answer is not truly “yes”. Just read on and know what suits the best for your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken and Bones?

Your dog can have raw chicken and bones under certain conditions. Raw chicken bones are great for your dog to chat at and caters to a healthy oral health at the same time.

If you’re in the practice of giving packaged dog food to your canine, you must also be aware of the disadvantages it presents. Dog food companies add a lot of filler like veggies and corn that do not help the dog’s nutrition in any manner.

We human beings consume a lot of vegetables, by which your body will gain a lot of nutrients. It doesn’t mean that dog’s body must admit or inject them, they doesn’t necessarily need veggies to survive. The dog’s diet must be enough suffixed with the necessary meat making up for 5-10% of its diet.

You’ve been warned.

Cooked chicken bones are a huge no! These are hard and could injure your fido.

How do I change my dog’s diet?

If you’ve been giving your dog kibble all these days and want to switch to raw chicken, quick changes will only upset your dog’s tummy. Your dog’s immune system needs some time to adapt to the change in diet, and you can help this by making sure the food you provide is cleansed from harmful chemicals sprayed on while packing.

How Should I Feed My Dog?

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Normally your pup’s diet is determined by various factors like his size, energy levels, and exercise capacity. An energized dog that runs around all day would require higher nutrition diet than a drowsy and sluggish one. Do not overfeed your dog in the name of a balanced diet.

In case your pooch is facing some digestive issues, start with homemade cooking, slowly transit to raw, processed food.

Freeze the freshly bought meat for 1-2 weeks to ward off the bacteria present. Don’t overdose your dog with kibble and raw chicken simultaneously.

Why is Raw Chicken Better For Your Dog’s Diet?

A dog’s immune system is designed to eat raw food. Over the years they’ve gotten used to homemade food. Their acidic gut and powerful jaws still power them to have raw chicken and not fall sick.

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But be sure to introduce it into the diet slowly and regularly check for any side effects.

Can Dogs Eat Raw

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Chicken wings?

Unlike chicken bones, chicken wings are thoroughly enjoyed by dogs. Your pups will love chit chatting on chick wings which will keep them occupied. When your old dog can’t chew on bones anymore, this is an excellent raw treat. These wings are soft and have a have a good amount of fatty acid content.

Chicken drumsticks?

As long as they’re raw and given in appropriate amounts, your furry pal will enjoy them.

Chicken liver?

Having high content of protein, fat and vitamin A, your malnourished dog will look hale and hearty in no less than a week.

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Vitamin A from fishes can be substituted with the liver, so your dog isn’t overdosed on the vitamin A. Due to its high protein content, it is beneficial for the growing dog, but at the same time, the fat could contribute to obesity in an overweight dog.

Hypervitaminosis is a dangerous situation for a dog which is the result of an excess of vitamin A. Therefore; it is necessary that your dog is not given more chicken liver than he needs. Chick liver should be added up to 5 percent of your pet’s daily diet. If oversupplied, this could draw serious consequences like loose stools/bone spurs/weak muscles/tummy upset or bone deformities.

Chicken mince?

Yes, the BARF(Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, prescribed exclusively for dogs to eat chick mince.

Chicken legs?

The uneven surface will get rid of food particles stuck on the canines and keep them in good condition. Crunching chicken legs is a natural oral cleaning process.

Chicken necks?

Raw chicken necks are tender for an adult dog to chew and digest. The neck bones, however, when cooked is brittle and harmful to your put causing multiple problems like stomach and intestinal problems. Little pups and dogs can gulp whole of chicken necks down easily.

You should be cautious and have an eye on your pup or dog as there is they might choke on chick necks.

Chicken hearts?

The chicken heart has fewer nutrients, but, still, it provides similar nutrition as the liver. This can be served raw or cooked. Nevertheless, binge eating on it could end in loose stools.

Chicken skin?

This will fatten up your dog and be the cause of pancreatic problems. Hence beware and feed very minimal portions(only if required).Canines that nibble on abundant fattening food are more exposed to pancreatitis. On the other hand, lean meats are harmless as a treat given once in a while.

What are the dangers or potential risks for dogs to eat raw chicken?

  • If your dog is diagnosed with cancer or immunosuppressive diseases or on chemotherapy at present, your dog cannot eat raw food.
  • Puppies are not exactly suited for raw diets. Introducing raw food must be handled with extreme care.
  • Occasionally, the bacteria in the raw meat can be risky to the dog’s health. Ensure the meat is clean.
  • The possibility of internal injuries or choking due to bones. Be around your pet when you feed it bones.
  • The passed down nutrients from chicken aren’t sufficient. The food that chicken eats end up in your dog in the final stage. When the chicken does not receive sufficient sunlight, your dog might be deficient due to less consumption of vitamin D. Buy the raw chicken from a well-known meat market.

Benefits when dogs eat raw chicken

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  • Shinier coats, healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • High energy levels
  • Less stools


Your dog will most certainly enjoy raw chicken tidbits, so go ahead and toss him a few treats.

Enjoy the KFC chick with your furry pal!

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