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Killer Resources for Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Must Read Before Feeding!

January 29, 2021
Killer Resources for Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Must Read Before Feeding!

Your dog might go nuts whenever you come to feed him nuts, but you have to beware of what you are making this four-legged companion of yours eat. So, in case you are wondering can dogs eat nuts?this guide will help you out in finding out the truth.


Nuts surely are popular snacks but not all of them are good for the health of your dog. They might not contain any native toxins, but they can have an adverse effect on your buddy.


The first thing that is unhealthy about nuts is their shells. These shells can tear the tissues inside the body of the dog as they move through the digestive tract. Most of the nuts contain high quantity of fat which can cause bellyache.On top of that,


if you are feeding your dog a pack of nuts from the store which is coated with salt and chemicals, you are further poisoning your dog.






The nuts that are covered in candy or chocolate coatings can be more dangerous. Nuts surely are a good snack for dogs but only if they are given in moderate amount. When you are feeding nuts to your dog, make sure that they are mold free because the mold toxin can cause a liver problem, neurological distress and seizure among dogs. That means you have to be careful when buying nuts to feed your dog.



Can Dogs Eat Nuts Butter






It is not suitable to feed your loved one nut butter as most nut butter contains Aflatoxins which is harmful.


You might be thinking What is Aflatoxins right?


It is a naturally Occurring Mycotoxins which are Produced by a fungus named Aspergillus and mycotoxins are the most cancer causing substance and it is also toxic to liver.



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Here is the list of nuts that you must keep your dog away from:


Can Dogs Eat Almonds






Dogs love almonds. They might not be toxic, but as they are hard to digest, they might create gastrointestinal distress.


Can Dogs Eat BlackWalnuts



They contain juglone which is a toxin responsible for causing vascular disease and gastric intestinal problem among dogs. It might even cause a seizure.


Can Dogs Eat HickoryNuts







These nuts also contain juglone.They cause the same problems caused by black walnuts.


Can Dogs Eat EnglishWalnuts


They can cause the tummy ache, seizure and even leave neurological symptoms.

Can Dogs Eat PistachioNuts


As they are rich in fat, they can make the stomach of the dog upset.

Can Dogs Eat MacadamiaNuts


Keep your dog away from them because they are highly toxic. They might even cause accidental ingestion among dogs. Other neurological problems caused by these nuts include temporary paralysis, dizziness, and tremors.






Dogs might eat nuts viciously, but they have a digestive system that is sensitive and smaller than humans. Even a minor trouble can hinder the digestion and processing of food. It is better that you keep your dog away from nuts of all kinds.


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There are many healthy and safe snacks available for dogs than nuts. If you don’t want to mess things up or create any trouble for your canine, then just stay away from nuts altogether. You might not be a good judge for checking molds so even if you don’t make them eat large quantities of nuts, but they may still accidently consume nuts with molds.Things can get pretty bad if that happens.



So, Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Yes, but it is best to avoid them as much you can.  Coming Soon with updated Post on can dogs eat pistachios, foods dogs should not eat, can dogs eat walnuts, can dogs eat cashews, pistachio nuts and dogs.