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Are Apples good for Dogs? Take this Stress out

March 3, 2021
Are Apples good for Dogs? Take this Stress out

Apples are among the popular foods we see our dogs biting on. Has it got you wondering are apples good for dogs ? Will they be an appropriate addition to the diet of your Kind? Let’s find it out.

If you have fresh apples available, you can feed them to your dog. Give them in sliced pieces occasionally and it won’t hurt your dog. Apples are not poisonous for dogs, but their seeds are not good, especially for dogs.

They contain cyanide which is not harmful, but they can create troubles for dogs. When you are preparing a portion for your dog, It is best to cut the apples in easy to digest slices and withhold the seeds and stems.

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Apple is a classic fruit that is quite nutritious, and it makes an attractive treat for dogs. You can keep it as a reward for your dog’s good behavior.

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Apples and Their Digestion


Dogs are not used to eating fruits because it isn’t in their DNA. The dog’s body is used to meat based food. Chances are your dog might not be able to absorb the minerals and vitamins from the apple.

After giving him an apple, you will notice a difference in the poop. This is a clear sign that your dog’s body didn’t react well to the apple. So, are apples good for dogs or not?  They might not be a bad food, but you are only recommended to give them in a small portion. That will not trigger any digestive problem.

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Observe how the dog’s body reacted to this fruit and then you will get a clear idea whether you should be feeding apples to your dog again or not. For this, monitor the performance and poop of your dog after he has eaten even a small share of apples.

are apples good for dogs

The good news is that your dog can eat an apple, and it won’t cause any harm to him. An apple a day keeps the doctor away applies to humans, not dogs.

As long as you are giving nutritional food to your dog and there are no deficiencies in him, you won’t be needing apples as a supplement.

If you think that your dog likes apples, and you want to give him some occasionally, then small pieces of apple will be good.

These pieces should be easy to digest. Remove the seeds and stem to avoid troubles later. The amount should be limited otherwise you might be upsetting the stomach or even cause diarrhea.

Are Apples Good For Dogs? What are you thinking now?

You can feed apples to your dog occasionally. There are possibilities that it can ruin the digestive functioning of your dog so keep the portion as low as possible. On the whole, the fruit is fine.


However, it cannot replace the daily nutritional supplement which a protein based meat meal can provide. So, if you think that apples will serve as a nutritional supplement, then you might not be doing anything good to your dog.

Stay out of trouble, and don’t feed your dog anything on your own, even if it is apple.  We Love to see your Views, Express your thoughts in the comment section.

Are Apples Good For Dogs Teeth

Apple is considered as the rich source of vitamin A, c and also it is a good source of fiber. Apple’s slices help dog’s teeth to clean its residue. Here can be a question in your mind ” Are Apples good for dog’s breath?” The answer to this question is yes. Apples help to clean dog’s teeth residue as well as helps to freshen their breath.

Are Apples Good For Dogs With Kidney Disease


The Issue with Kidney Disease is the protein content. Fruits and vegetables with low protein like green beans, Carrots, Apples, etc. are totally fine, But not overdose is not good.

Are Apples good for Dogs is over now and feel free to express your views via comment box. Get ready for DogPages’s new update on fruits dogs can eat safely, are carrots good for dogs, are carrots good for you, benefits of carrots for dogs, foods dogs should not eat, can dogs eat pumpkins?