The Myths Behind Can Dogs Eat Acorns? The Bitter Truth…

Dogs become one of the most of our life. Having a furry member at home means, you need to work hard. From training to daily food habit, everything has to be dealt with carefully. One mistake can prove to be deadly for the dog. Your dog might be too fond of you and will eat anything that you cook, but you need to be careful about the measurements and the food that you are providing to your canine on a daily basis.

The question that can dogs eat acorns has been bothering many pet owners for a long time. The shortest answer to that question is a simple NO. Dogs can’t eat acorns. Acorns are those delicious nuts, which can prove to be extremely harmful to your dog. If you are wondering about, how can eating acorns hurt dogs? Then you must be aware of the fact that the outer shell of acorn contains Gallotannin acid, which is bad for the digestive system of the dog. It can cause food poisoning. Acorns can even result in intestinal blockages if the dog swallows the whole nut. Intestinal blockage is a dangerous health problem; it can lead to kidney breakdown as well. Being a pet owner, you will have to be careful about the food habit of your innocent pet.

Can dogs eat acorn nuts has been asked by many dog owners, who are a little unsure about what to add to their dog chart? Dogs and acorn nuts don’t mix well. The cute little nut might be harmless looking, but tannin contained in the nut plays havoc inside the dog’s stomach. Therefore, not adding it in the diet chart of the four-legged member of your family is the best.

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You might love to take your dog out for a walk or play with him/her in the front yard or the backyard but, during the falls, you need to pay special attention to what your dog is picking up from the ground and eating. During this season you will find acorns lying on the ground. While you’re walking with your dog be sure that your dog does not pop acorns into his/her mouth. Dogs have a habit of eating almost everything that they find. Can eating acorns make dogs sick? Gallotannic poisoning can lead to vomiting and constipation. Keep your dog away from such harmful nuts; it is better to be safe than sorry later on.

Can Dogs Eat Oak Acorns

Having a dog means you will have to check your yard now and then during the falls. Leaves of the Oak tree falling off from the branches can be harmful to your dog just like the acorn nuts. Being a responsible dog owner, your duty is to keep your dog away from the yummy looking nuts just to avoid any future hazards.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Acorns

Vets have warned that acorns in any form are harmful to the dogs. The digestive system of any dog is a little weak, and the acid contained in the raw acorn makes it more difficult for the dogs to digest it easily. If you don’t want your best friend to fall sick, then be a little strict and keep him/her away from the cute nuts falling off the tree.

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The list of questions bothering a dog owner is long and never ending. The question which pops up in the mind of a dog owner is can dogs eat cooked acorn squash? Yes, dogs can have cooked acorn squash. Raw acorns can prove to be fatal for the furry member but not a well-cooked acorn squash. Most of the dogs have a problem in digesting food. Therefore, you need to start with a small amount, don’t just rush things. Although, well-cooked acorn squash provides nutrition to the dogs but watching the reaction of the dog closely in the initial stage is recommended. Another question arises here is can dogs eat raw acorn squash? Well, Acorn squash is good for a dogs health only when it is well cooked and not raw. Don’t ever give raw acorn squash to your dog; it will have the adverse effect on his/her stomach.

Dog owners are always worried about what to add and what not to add to the furry friend’s diet chart. Another question which needs to be cleared is can dogs eat green acorns? No, dogs cannot eat green acorns. Tannins contained in green acorns can lead to diarrhea and severe stomach upset in most of the dogs. Consuming green acorns can be more dangerous than you can think of. Your loving four-legged friend can end up having kidney disease. By chance, your dog swallows an acorn, immediately consult your vet. In this case, it is better to go to an expert who can deal with tough situations.

After everything, if you are still in doubt that can dogs eat acorns safely or not then think about all the acid that it has before feeding it to your furry friend. All the dogs don’t digest food, in the same way. Therefore, some might end up having a stomach ache after having acorns, and some might end up having diarrhea or even worse kidney failure. A dog owner always needs to be careful with the diet chart. A small mistake can prove to be incurable.

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5 Great Fruits for Dogs

Pets can’t talk, it is difficult to understand what they are going through. Dogs are very vulnerable and can fall sick easily if any small thing goes wrong with their diet. Being a pet owner sometimes, you will have to put your foot down and say no to few fruits and nuts. A dog owner will forever be nagged by questions like can dogs eat acorns or Can eating acorns make dogs sick? Know the pros and cons of all the vegetables or fruits before adding it to the regular diet plan of your dog. Give your dog healthy food to eat and gift him a longer life. know more

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