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The 10 Best Dog Related Apps

February 18, 2021

Dogs are known to be a human’s best friend, and taking care of them is as important as taking care of any other family member. Whether it is booking them a walk, training them, or getting them immediate medical attention. It can also happen that you don’t have a dog but you would love to meet some, there just doesn’t seem to be any around! But don’t worry, now there’s an app for all of these situations and more!



Puppr is a dog app made to help you learn to train your puppy! It offers a live chat available at any moment to answer your questions and a built-in clicker that you can use in your training. Not only does it teach you the basics, but also other fun tricks to teach your puppy. All with a series of simple instructions accompanied with images to follow along the video lessons, some even feature America’s Got Talent Sara and the Super Collies! Along with all this it has an amazing feature that lets you track your progress!


Games For Dogs

Games For Dogs is an app designed exactly for what its name suggests, games! It keeps your dog entertained through virtual toys and fun games such as mouse hunt or dog piano. With this app your dog will never get bored and you can have some quality playtime without the problem of losing toys or them being destroyed.

Dogtime Community

Dogtime Community is a unique app that allows you to meet other dog lovers, dog owners, and of course, dogs! With this amazing app you can find any dogs in your nearby area and offer the owners to walk their puppies, booking them at specific times. Each dog has a profile that includes a picture and a description so you can get to know their personality and looks before meeting them. In other words, rent a puppy and meet new people!



Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a life-saving app that will teach you what is an emergency, and what is normal. It also offers instructions on when to call your nearest vet, as well as any numbers and locations of these. If the situation needs to be resolved with no time to get to your nearest vet it teaches you what to do to save your pet’s life while your get your veterinarian.


Pet Care Services Finder

Pet Care Services Finder is a very useful app that helps you in finding specific nearby places for what your pet needs.From veterinarian offices where you can get your puppy’s regular checkups, to daycares where your dog can spend the day while you’re not home. It also includes pet adoption centers, groomers, and even stores for your pet’s supplies! It includes features for any pet, not just dogs!


Dog Budget

Dog Budget is an app that allows you to track the money spent on your dog. Whether you just got your puppy and would like to start buying all the things you will need, or simply want to know how much you’re regularly spending on your dog, this app helps you with just that. It starts off by helping you establish a monthly budget and from then on telling you how much of the budget you have spent, and on what specifically. It shows you your weekly, monthly or yearly spendings on a simple pie chart and allows you to highlight those you believe most important. It’s the perfect app for saving up!



Pawprint is a dog health app that allows you to keep track of all your dog’s veterinarian appointments with helpful reminders so you don’t miss any dates! No matter how many pets you have, this app allows you to have all of their appointment information in one place, allowing easy access. If you’re trying out a new veterinarian and forgot to get your pet’s medical records from the last one, you no longer have to travel back and forth, this app lets you see original medical records of your pets from any veterinarian!


Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

Tractive GPS is an app that solves one of the worst fears a pet owner can have, your pet getting lost. Through this paid service app that goes hand in hand with the Tractive GPS tracker to place on your pet, you will never have to worry about not finding your beloved companion if he or she runs away. Its efficient system lets you place the limits of your pet’s safezone and warns you when they get out of it. It also gives you clear instructions on where your pet is and what distance from you.



BringFido is an extremely useful app that helps you find all the required pet friendly places for a vacation with your dog! It has every pet friendly hotel, beach, restaurants, parks, etc., along with ratings from other dog owners that have visited the place and its exact locations. With hotels, it lets you not only see the price established, but how many pets it allows, the pet sizes it allows and even lets you book your stay. Perfect for a dog friendly vacation!


Dog Dating

Dog Dating is an app that helps owners find partners for their dogs! Just like human dating apps, you build a profile for your dog and look for any dogs that might be just what you and your buddy are looking for. It also lets you activate or deactivate the activities you want your dog to do on the date, for example, if you’re not looking for love yet and simply want a playdate or dog walk date. Not only does it include information about the dogs themselves, but of course, about the owners. After all, safety comes first!