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How To Block Dog From Window

January 11, 2021
How To Block Dog From Window

If your dog is barking out of the window a lot lately, then you might be wondering how to block dog from window.

Dogs are like kids, and they need to be supervised all through the day. They tend to bark a lot and normally bark out of the windows the moment they see someone passing or a car passing by.  

While there are plenty of activities for them to do, they really enjoy watching and barking out of the windows.

Sometimes this behavior needs to be corrected with training while other times you can simply block the windows so that they cannot look or bark out of them.

Additionally, dogs due to their predatory nature want to chase any thing that moves. If they see something moving through the window, then they want to jump through window and chase it. 

As a dog owner, it is crucial to ascertain how to block the dog from the window so that you can protect the dog and anyone who dog sees outside of your home through the window. Blocking the window keeps him or her safe inside the house.

In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons behind dogs’ peeking and barking out of the window and the corrective measures that can be taken to avoid such hazardous situations. 

Why Do Dogs Bark out of the Window?

Every dog owner has a common question to ponder upon – why do dogs bark out of the window?

Window barking is not a part of a productive past time of your dog, but the incapability of putting an end to this annoying habit indicates that it tops the list of your dog’s “to-do-list.”

There are many reasons behind your dogs barking out of the window. It depends on you as an owner to determine the common causes and the way to make it moderate.

Window barking is also categorized under alert barking or territorial barking, which humans consider as a part of the domestication process. They either bark to alert you about any trespassers or indicate you are having a guest incoming that your dog doesn’t recognize.

You would have noticed that whenever someone passes through the streets that seem suspicious to your dog’s eyes, he or she will start barking until he or she realizes they don’t pose any threat to the house.

There’s no doubt in asserting that dogs are the best guards you can have in your house. They not only guard your home by alerting you, but they can also take necessary defensive and attacking measures to safeguard you and your loved ones.

If you have toddlers in your house, your dog will be extra vigilant about the outsiders as they will always be conscious of who enters the territory of your home.

Apart from alerting you regarding possible threats, there are some more reasons behind your dog’s window barking. Constant barking at the window might be driven from boredom, anxiety, hunger, fear, etc.

Many owners have a common perspective that letting their dogs sit at the window and leaving them unsupervised is equals to letting them enjoy the outer world.

But little do they know is that they are allowing them to indulge in loneliness and boredom that eventually make them bark for no particular reasons.

While these can be one of the possible causes, we cannot also deny the fact that your dog might be barking to catch your attention and yearning for your care at a particular moment. 

Watch the video on why dogs bark out of the window and how to block dog from window in order to stop this behavior.

Why You Need to Block Your Dog from the Window?

Among all the possible threats that revolve around your house, windows are the most probable threats your dog might be prone to. You cannot control what your dog does inside your home; these canines are master of their self.

Jumping around the house and staring out of the window and barking might be your dog’s favorite hobby. It is essential to understand that what seems like a casual routine to your dog can bring severe hazards to his or her safety.

Unless, you keep your dog on the ground floor and the distance from your window and the outer lawn is little, your windows are a severe threat to your dog.

There are instances where dogs have fallen from the window and got themselves hurt, and owners weren’t able to act promptly to rescue them.

Hence, it is crucial to prioritize the need to keep your dog away from the window. So, you need to learn how to block the dog from the window.

Apart from falling off the window, there are many other threats related to house windows. Some of them include crooked and pointed edges of the window seal, sliding window panes, newly polished windows, etc. All these are the probable threats to dogs.

Dogs tend to run and jump around the window, and if your windows have pointed edges, there are chances your dog can severely hurt, causing massive bleeding.

The sliding window panes are also a significant threat to dogs. When your dog reaches out to the windows to get some air or watch children play on the streets, if your window panes are slightly loose and tend to slide down, they can seriously hurt your dog.

Windows are unique to dogs; it’s a medium for them to connect to the outer world. Dogs who spend the majority of their time inside loves to stare out of the window.

You cannot correct the habit of your dog; all you can do is take safety measures to ensure your dog’s safety when they are around the window. 

What Are the Different Methods of Blocking Your Dog from Window?

It is not hard to figure out how to block dog from window. You have many methods at your disposal to do that.

As mentioned earlier, windows can bring uncertain danger to your dog’s safety. From falling off the window to getting hurt from the pointed edges, dogs are prone to threats arising from your windows.

Below are a few of the effective methods that can be used to prevent dogs from peeking out of the window.

You cannot ask your dog to stop barking or peeking out of the window. You can neither make him or her understand the possible threats surrounding the window. You can take corrective measures to ensure safety.

Window film or stained glass is an effective means to keep your dog safe around the window. By adding window films and stained glass, you will create a minor hindrance for the dog to stand by the window. 

Just like window films, horizontal and vertical window blinds are an ideal solution for blocking the dog from the window. Apply vertical or horizontal blinds to your windows that offer complete coverage.

It is recommended to choose a cordless design to avoid any hazards with cords. Window blinds will make it quite difficult for the dogs to peek out of the window every time.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to use cordless blinds and shades to avoid any possible threats driven by cords. There are chances that your dog might trip over or get strangled in the cables.

Cordless shades are the convenient and safe option to style your window and safeguard your dog’s life. These cordless shades are readily available in the market today that require a gentle push on the rail for positioning.

Though it’s quite evident that heavy curtains are not the most trending interior décor item, they can be used to keep your dog away from the window.

Using a heavy curtain on the window will make it difficult to move it around, keeping the window out of your dog’s reach. You can try some heavy vintage curtains that will add a dab of class to your interiors and safeguard your dog’s interests as well.

Window guards are generally made from metal or aluminum installed on the lower half of a vertically opening window. They are primarily designed to prevent children and pets from falling off the window.

Hence, it is an excellent means of precautionary measures that can be used to keep your dog from falling off the window. It also creates a platform to stand by the window allowing your dog to take sneak peek out. 

How to Train Your Dog from Staying Away from the Window?

There are different ways through which you can train your dogs from staying away from the window. Below are some of the popular methods and their procedures:-

Bring some treats for your dog and place them on the window.

Place the treat on the windowsill and wait for your naughty dog to jump.

The moment your dog jumps say no, off” aloud. Do this till he/she behaves appropriately.

When all the paws are back on the floor, treat your dog by saying, “good, off.” Repeat the steps for 10-15 minutes. If your dog behaves appropriately and doesn’t jump over the window, it’s time to cut short the number of treats.

Place step stool beneath the windows. 

Lure your dog with treats and lead him/her front paws to the stool. 

When the front paws are up, praise, and treat your dog. Practice the steps for 10-15 minutes.

Once your dog gets the hang of it, ask any of your friends to walk past the window and check whether your dog uses the stool. If yes, then pat yourself on the back but, if not, then all your efforts went in vain. 

Seal all your dog’s favorite window spots with squirty bottles and keep a close eye on your dog’s activities.

When your dog tries to jump, spray water from the bottle. It might take a lot of time to train your dog with this method, so be patient. 

Buying a remote citronella dog collar can also prove to be helpful. Whenever your dog tries to jump, press the button that will spray citronella from the collar.

Even if you have trained your dog well, buying good window film is to take extra precautionary measures for your dog’s safety. They are cheap, convenient, and safe.

Your dog is just like a child; it will take time to train him according to your preference. So, you should not lose hope and remain patient throughout the training session. 

How to Keep Dogs from Jumping out of the Window?

Changing your dog’s instincts of jumping out of the window can be a daunting task. If your dog continually jumps out of the window and bring trouble, it’s time you take action to prevent the damage and diminish this jumping behavior.

Below are the few steps you can take into consideration to prevent your dog from jumping out of the window. 

Keep an eye on their movements and catch them red-handed. When your dog is trying to jump, distract them with a can of coins or any noise that catches their attention.

Train your dog with no, off, and good, off commands as mentioned earlier.

If you can’t keep an eye on your dog, you can think of booby-trapping the window with balloons. Whenever your dog tries to jump or come near the window, the balloons will burst to create fearful noise that will prevent your dog from doing the same. 

It might seem a bit harsh, but you can use plastic mousetrap to cover the window. Place them along the window and tape them with paper so that your dog doesn’t notice them. When your dog tries to reach the window, the snapping sound will alert him or her.

It might seem a bit harsh, but you can use plastic mousetrap to cover the window. Place them along the window and tape them with paper so that your dog doesn’t notice them. When your dog tries to reach the window, the snapping sound will alert him or her.

Leave your dog in a crate whenever you leave the house to prevent any accident in your absence. This will make them aware that they should not reach out to the window in the absence of their human companion. 

Take your dogs for outing and let them mingle with their peers that will defiantly decrease the tendency of peeking or jumping out of the window in search of fun. 

Your Dog’s Safety Must Be Your First Priority

When your pet dog brims your life with happiness, all you can do in return is to give them the love they deserve and provide a safer environment to live.

Dog’s safety is the most important thing to consider while welcoming them into your home. They are just like little kids who love to play around, which might eventually bring trouble.

No matter how safe and secure is your home, danger lurks in every corner, and your beloved dog can become a victim in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your dog, it is vital to understand the significant threats that you need to avoid in your house.

Below are a few of the common hazards, you should be acquainted with as a pet owner.

There’s no doubt in asserting that dogs are energized throughout the day. They love to jump and run around, no matter whether they are inside or out on the lawn. Windows and balconies are among the major hazards in your house from your pet that can fall and get severely injured.

Dogs aren’t aware of the danger imposed by human-made devices. You cannot keep an eye on your dog 24*7, but you can take precautionary measures to ensure their safety. Electric chords are highly risky for pets. They can chew or bite on them, unaware of its painful consequences.

Cleaning products that are used in households comprise of highly toxic chemicals that can be a life threat to your dog. They tend to smell, lick, and eat everything that catches their attention, and it depends on you as an owner to keep them away from the reach of your dog.

Now You Know How to Block Dog from Window 

Dogs are the most beloved pets in the world. From relieving stress to bringing a wave of happiness, dogs are the loyal and loving companions for humans. When you have pet dogs in your house, it is essential to ensure their safety within and outside the walls. When it comes to indoor threats, there are plenty of dangers revolving around dogs in your own house.

As loyal friends or a loving companions, dogs have never disappointed humans in any sense. Deemed as man’s best friend, dogs hold a great significance in human lives.

Whether in the form of pets, service dogs, or sporting companions, canines certainly increases the quality of human beings in different parameters. Dogs not only provide companionship, but they are also a source of unconditional love that doesn’t ask anything in return.

There are times when your beloved dog can bring uncertain work for you or end up getting himself or herself in trouble when around the house. No matter how much you have trained your dog, there will be instances where his or her naughty side will outshine the innocent one.

Windows are among the most common and dangerous threats to dogs. They can jump out of the window or get themselves hurt by the crooked or pointed edges.

You never know what your dog might do unless you take right precautionary measures to ensure your beloved dog’s safety. This is why you need to learn how to block dog from window to stop unwanted behavior and for keeping dog safe. 

Whether it is making your window safe for your dog or training him to not peek out of the window, every precautionary method creates a significant difference in ensuring your dog’s safety.

Don’t restrict the way your dogs love to live, let them enjoy life to the fullest, and bring happiness to your life; you ensure everything is safe around them.