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The Best New Dog Toys in 2018

February 6, 2021
The Best New Dog Toys in 2018

If you have a dog, chances are he or she loves to play with toys. But with so many out there, sometimes it’s hard to decide what you should buy. There are many tried and true toys that have been reviewed, blogged, and posted about. You probably even have a few of those toys, and your dog has a blast with them. But maybe you’re looking for something new. Where do you go? And how do you find out which toys are new? If you’ve tried searching the internet for less than 30 minutes, you might have found a few (Outward Hounds has a full list of their newest products quickly found by searching “New Toys 2018”). For the most part, though, you need to slog through a bunch of web sites and Facebook pages.

In this blog, I have listed eight of the best toys I’ve found that have been released in the past year. They are all available on, and I’ve included the link, so shopping for them is easy! Most of them can also be purchased at other popular online pet stores or in store at Petco and DogSmart. The benefit of getting a newer toy on the market is that usually they are made with better materials and more research has been done to improve the durability and designs. And if you’re anything like me, you get just as excited about the fun new dog toys as your dog!

Make Giving Trixie a Treat A Playful Experience

Dogs love treats and playing! These toys combine the two to make it double the fun. They also provide mental exercise for your dog, which is an important part of your dog’s overall health and happiness.

Outward Hound Smart Puzzle

$12.99USD at Amazon

Outward Hound’s newest treat dispenser is designed by Nina Ottosson, who has been designing interactive treat toys for over 25 years. It’s not only fun but exercises your pup’s mind. Your puppy will love learning to remove the “bones” to get to the treats. You could even use this is a feeder for meal time for small puppies.

I recommend this product for puppies, as it is a beginner level game. Dogs already playing with more complex puzzles will likely find this too easy for him or her. If your puppy is a more avid chewer, or has a thing for gnawing on bones, this might not be the best toy.

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Nerf Dog EXO Ball

$10.99 at Amazon

Nerf Dog has a new treat feeder ball that your dog will want to catch

but probably won’t want to release! Fill this ball with some of his favorite snacks, and he or she will be engaged for some time trying to get at them. The high visibility of this ball makes it a great night time toy too!

The Nerf Dox EXO Ball in size Medium is good for Medium and Large dogs. Because it’s a Nerf, it’s also durable and has a big bounce. Perfect for dogs that like to fetch, or even just play with a ball. There’s also a Nerf EXO Bone treat dispenser, if your dog prefers the bone shape.

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Give Chester Something to Chew On

West Paw Echo Collection Zwig Dog Toy

$16.95 at Amazon

I love the shape of this toy! It’s perfect for either one dog to gnaw on, or for two to tug. It’s hollow in the middle, making it pliable yet durable. If your dog likes the “whoosh” of air compressing, that’s a bonus for this toy. It’s dishwasher safe, too. The Zwig has three colors to choose from – Eggplant, Jungle Green, or Melon.

This is a perfect toy for moderate chewers and tug lovers, and pet parents that want something easy to clean. I don’t recommend it for aggressive chewers. It’s sized for Medium, Large, and Extra Large Breeds.

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Outward Hound Tough Skinz Cobra

$13.99 at Amazon

Look no further than the Tough Skinz Cobra if you have an avid chewer. This toy is bright and squeaky, which dogs love! There are 5 squeakers, and they are less likely to lose their sound when punctured than most squeakers. A rattle is included as an extra entertaining noise. It’s made of sturdy material, and the stitching is extra strong. Plus, there is no stuffing so if it does come apart, there’s less mess. The Tough Skinz Cobra comes in red tones and green tones. There’s also the Skinz Rattlesnake, which is smaller and has 3 squeakers.

The Tough Skinz Cobra is good for more aggressive chewers. In my experience, though, even the most well-made product can get destroyed. But this toy should last longer for most chewers than other toys.

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Make a Splash with Winston’s Water Play

If your dog likes to swim, or if you want to help entice your pup into the pool, these toys are made for the water.


Outward Hound Floatiez– Narwhal

$12.99 on Amazon

Outward Hound has a new line of Floatiez that, you guessed it – float. They are super buoyant so will stay floating while your dog tries to catch and play with them. When shaken, it emits a giggle that’s sure to make your dog smile. The Floatiez are in bright colors and multiple styles, including a Starfish, Narwhal, Jellyfish, Stingray, and Turtle. I like them all, but I think the Narwhal is especially cute.

This toy can be played with outside the water, too. It’s not really for super-chewers but should be durable enough for moderate chewers and a good amount of pool time.

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Play Ball with Bingo

Last, but not least, is the much-loved ball. Balls can keep many dogs entertained for hours!

KARMAS Interactive Ball Launcher

$88.88 on Amazon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my arm gets tired way before the dog is done playing fetch. Or, I’m too busy to play if we’d both like. Enter the automatic ball thrower! There are several on the market, but KARMAS Interactive Ball Launcher is one of the newest and has promising reviews. It uses small balls (smaller than tennis balls), so is good for smaller breeds. Like with all automated machines, things can go wrong. I would recommend you monitor your dog while he or she is fetching with the ball launcher, unless he or she is well-trained, and won’t try to get at it if it turns off or stops working.

This is made for small dogs and some medium dogs, if they have a smaller mouth. It is not suitable for large breeds or dogs with large mouths. It runs on either power or battery, so can be used indoors or out.

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Leaps and Bounds Avocado

$19.99 at Amazon

It’s an avocado, but open it, and there’s a ball in place of a seed! I really like this toy because not only is it very cute, it provides dual play. Your dog will probably quickly learn to get to the ball, as it’s not too challenging, but adds a little extra stimulation. The ball is snug, so for some dogs it may take some work to get to it, which just adds to the fun. It’s good for puppies or if you’re looking to give your adult dog a bit of mental exercise to get to the ball. The small squeaker will keep your dog entertained playing with it.

If your dog is a plush and ball lover, or likes to forage, he will run in circles for the Avocado. It’s meant for gentle play, so it’s not recommended for aggressive, or even some moderate, chewers.

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Kong Squeeze Action Ball

$6.99 for Small Ball at Amazon

Kong does it again with another awesome ball! The bounce is unpredictable, which will have your dog jumping to catch it and for joy. The squeaker will keep him or her engaged in the game. The Kong Squeeze Action Ball is partially transparent and has multiple textures for an added appeal. It comes in small and medium sizes, and in both red and blue.

This ball can hold up to some aggressive chewing, if the size is right. The Kong Squeeze Action Ball is a must have for the dog that likes to bound after balls that bounce.

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Whether your dog is a chewer or a chaser, small or big, young or old, there should be at least one toy on this list your best friend will this is toy-riffic! Play on! oh? Remeber to let your kids play with your best friend!