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The Simple Guide to How Long do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

February 6, 2021
How long do dogs stay pregnant

How long do dogs stay pregnant? Maybe like us? For 9-10 months? Not at all! Doggies pregnancy span is just 58-68 days. The answer to your query is just this simple words. But, with the help of your search, I could understand the fact that your doggie would be pregnant. Congratulations, for you as well as doggie!

You are also going to be a pet parent while your doggie is the biological parent. Taking care of your doggie during her pregnancy is the greater task every pet parent should cross, even if you have not yet crossed pregnancy. The days which your doggies experience heat are the days on which they have to be left alone. Doggies experiencing pregnancy should be taken care especially.

Now let’s take care of doggies with these tips!

How Long do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

Doggies experience a beautiful heat, pregnancy and labor periods in their life. As a female, they have the capability to attract a male, but during heat period they attract males for greater extent with their pee mails, fragrance, and much more factors. Unless your doggies are spayed, she will give birth to her pups for every six months.

Yes, of course, doggies exhibit recurring heat period for every six months and approximately give birth to six pups. Heat period is at which the doggies would attract their boyfriends to the most. You must know the period at which your doggy experiences heat and should make a note of it. The notification of heat period can help you -in arranging and taking care of your pregnant doggy during the gestation period of  58-68 days.

How Could You Notify that Your Doggy is at Heat Period?

Doggies would not pay attention to their boyfriends call until and unless heat period comes for their doorsteps.

signs of a pregnant dog

Somehow or other, male dogs would wait for doggies response during the heat period. You can identify that your doggy will have bulged or inflamed vulva, laziness and bloody discharge at the starting state of heat. In the starting state of heat, doggies would have pinky blood discharge and would send pee mails to their boyfriends.

Once, if the doggies have accepted the friend request of their boyfriend, it’s final state of heat. Doggies would be fertile enough to give birth to their pups and would have intercourse with their boyfriends. At the final state of heat, doggies bloody discharge would be of sandy color. Hence your doggy is ready for a honeymoon with her boyfriend!

Doggy Pregnancy Care

Doggies do not require extensive pregnancy care as humans. They require a quite and lonely place for their liberty during pregnancy or gestation period. Doggies experience morning sickness and vomiting which is common for humans too.

The loneliness and proper diet are doggies pregnancy care keys. You need not take great care of their diet but should serve them in partitions.Pregnancy diet for doggies needs split ups; you should not dig out the whole food which is required for a day with just two or three partitions. While your doggy is pregnant, you can serve her five or six times a day. Many pregnancy diets for doggies are available on the market which is sufficient in partitions.

Diet and Nutrition for Pregnant Doggies

Doggies pregnancy diet must flow gradually and switch over to the diet of pups in the womb. After 40  days from breeding, doggies can be fed with puppy diet, as the womb begins to get their shape in mom’s abdomen. As the diet continues you could increase the ratio of pups diet to her mom and at the end of 55-65 days pups diet must be the major part.

Other than diet, doggies need no assistance or care for their pregnancy. All the doggies need their private space and liberty during their pregnancy period. It’s just like women periods at which they feel comfortable in loneliness.

Exercise and Relaxations for Pregnant Doggies

Doggies need exercise during their pregnancy, but keep in mind not the agility training you practice her on your fun time.  Maybe 15-20 minutes’ walk in morning and evening sessions to have stretched limbs, muscles, joints and another body tone.

Make sure to wear leash not the harness while your doggy is pregnant. The harness may be uncomfortable for doggies during pregnancy cycle. The bulging of the abdomen will be restricted, and doggies may acquire breathing problems. Once if your doggy has reached 55-60 days of breeding, arrange a secure and safe place for her delivery of pups.

Doggies Labor Cycle: Is there Any Need for Vets?

In generic, doggies need no help from vets during their delivery. Doggies can give birth to their puppies without any supervision of vets. But, still, under rare circumstances, doggies do exhibit delivery chaos. You must inform the vet while, Doggies struggle to deliver their pups more than two hours.

-The bloody discharge of doggies may seem green or black, but the delivery of pups may be delayed.

-When your doggy suffers breathing, vomiting or any changes in normal behavior like roaring, during delivery of pups.

-If days of pregnancy cycle or gestation period lasts more than 68 days.

If there are any serious consequences on doggy, you can inform the vet to take care of her pregnancy. Unless she needs vet’s supervision, you need not call the vet. Doggies are strong enough to give birth to puppies by own.

You need not take care of the puppies to the most. The pups biological mother takes care and cleans their place to make it comfortable for the pup. Once, if your doggy gives birth to pups, she also experiences and does the duty of motherhood perfectly.

All done! If you wish, you can take the pups after 7-9 weeks and then send them to a new house. You can also, consider, spaying your doggy after delivery if you wish. Spaying is just an operation at which some of the sexual organs of your doggy would be removed, but not his love for you.

Halt on a Half Century of Your Doggy!
pregnant dogs weeks of pregnancy

Doggies heat, pregnancy and labor cycle of half century is over with your great care. You can spay her if you think that your furry companions are enough.

But, if you are a dog lover, then there is no query, you can allow your doggy to reproduce her breeds. Doggies have recurring heat periods for every six months. Just keep in mind.

However, the query for how long do dogs stay pregnant fetches only same answer. It’s half a century!

Yaa! We have completed the half a century days of doggy! You Can Read More for Dogs Food