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You Need These 5 Best Dog Food For Great Pyrenees

January 13, 2021
You Need These 5 Best Dog Food For Great Pyrenees

If you’re looking for the best dog food for the Great Pyrenees, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.

The Great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is a majestic breed to pet. These dogs carry the disposition and strength of surviving in the mountains, which is why you have to choose their feed wisely. These dogs need lots of nutrition.

Overall, the Great Pyrenees is a serious, calm, and well-mannered dog that will easily blend in your family.They’re trustworthy, protective, and quite easy to pet.

As an adult dog, the Great Pyrenees is straightforward and hassle-free to feed. So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the best dog food options for your white, fluffy pal!

5 Best Dog Food for Great Pyrenees

5 Best Dog Food for Great Pyrenees Reviews

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food 

4.5 stars

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb Meal and Rice...
  • HIGH quality PROTEIN made with real PASTURE RAISED lamb; tailored for...
  • Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; SUPERFOODS for...
Diamond Naturals Adult Large Breed Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food With Real Pasture Raised Lamb Protein 40Lb



Your dog may be a large breed but isn’t as big as a polar bear. The only thing you should do to facilitate his active lifestyle is to feed him a wholesome, nutritious feed like Diamond Natural Adult Lamb Meal and Rice Formula.

This dog food offers complete nutrition as it’s packed with wholegrain brown rice and real lamb protein. We can vouch for this package as it’s natural and wholesome. With real coconut, peas, kale, and blueberries, this meal offers some of the best super foods for your pup.

Since the Great Pyrenees has a distinctive and beautiful fur coat, this meal will facilitate the shiny coat and skin of your dog. Moreover, this dog food has a ton of probiotics that work hard to strengthen your pup’s digestive system. If you’d like your dog to be active and quick on his toes, give him the best meal!

The feed is highly digestible, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting an upset stomach. With a real lamb meal, your dog’s going to get all the power and protein; its large muscles need to remain healthy.

Above all, the meal is free of corn, wheat, and other potential allergens, which is a huge plus if your dog is sensitive to any such ingredients.

Now Fresh Grain-Free Large Breed Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food 

5 stars

Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food (25 lb)_LQ
39 Reviews
Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food (25 lb)_LQ
  • Balanced proteins and fats to support an active lifestyle
  • Omega oils to promote skin and coat health
  • Antioxidants to support increased immunity
Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food (25 lb)_LQ

Another excellent option for your adult dog is the Now Fresh Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This one is packed with omega fatty acids, which are crucial for your dog’s health. As a large breed, your pup needs a formula that keeps him full, satiated, and strengthens his immune system.

For this reason, this dog food has the edge over others. The recipe is perfect for dogs aged between 15 months and 5 years. It uses a fresh, grain-free, and allergen-free formula, which is perfect if your dog is sensitive to corn, wheat, or soy.


Made with fresh duck, turkey, and salmon meal, you can tell that this meal is a powerhouse of proteins. This meal is going to help your dog build leaner and stronger muscles and maintain a healthy immune system. Other notable ingredients in the meal are spinach, peas, cranberries, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, lentils, pumpkin, and lentils.

However, the omega 3 and 6 content stands out the most as it’s specially derived from pure canola and coconut oil. Free of artificial preservatives and additives, this is the best meal to give your beautiful white dog!

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Chicken Meal & Lentils Natural Dry Dog Food 


Holistic Select Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Large & Giant Breed...
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Optimal levels of protein plus prebiotics and...
  • HEALTHY HIPS AND JOINTS: Calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and...
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH: Supported by omega fatty acids, antioxidants,...
Holistic Select Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Large & Giant Breed Adult Recipe, 24-Pound Bag

When it comes to holistic nutrition, this dog food hits the mark in every sense. We all know large dogs like the Great Pyrenees need a balanced diet that’s packed with micro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The Holistic Chicken Meal and Lentils Natural Grain-Free dog food is a wonderful option for your pup.

The meal is dry, super-tasty, and easy to digest. Its formula stands out amongst the rest as it’s enriched with two exceptional ingredients – L-Carnitine and Taurine. Large breeds need heart-healthy nutrition to live a longer, healthy life. Both these amino acids serve as the building blocks of strength, power, and health your dog needs.

Made with real chicken meal and protein-rich oatmeal, your dog is getting holistic nutrition in each bite. All the ingredients are natural and palatable. The texture of the feed is easy to digest and increases the absorption of all the vital nutrients.

The formula delivers all the antioxidants your pup needs to brave the roughest of climates with immune-boosting vegetables and fruits. This dog food is also special because it contains protease, which facilitates the absorption of proteins.

You can be certain that your pup is metabolizing every bite of this dog food. It also contains alpha-amylase, which significantly helps in the starch breakdown. In short, your dog can say goodbye to an upset stomach!

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Giant Adult Dry Dog Food 

4.5 stars

Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, 35 lb. bag
  • Royal Canin Giant Adult dry dog food is precise nutrition specifically...
  • Helps support bone and joint health with glucosamine, chondroitin, and...
  • Promotes cellular health with an exclusive vitality complex of...
Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, 35 lb. bag

The bigger your dog, the greater his nutrition needs will be. The Royal Canin-Size Health Nutrition Dog Food will keep your pup satiated through and through. The formula is specially designed to strengthen large breed dogs as they are also at risk of bone issues.

The formula is a holistic recipe of chicken by-product meal, whole grains, fish oil, and wheat gluten. With vitamin E, A, B12, folic acid, niacin, and a whole bunch of minerals, your dog will receive powerful nutrition in each bite.

It’s packed with the highest-quality of fiber and proteins. But the formula is special because it’s calcium-fortified and supports the bone and tissue health of your majestic dog. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two-star ingredients that reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, weak bones, and joint swelling.

As your dog begins to feed on this meal, he’ll develop stronger, leaner muscles and healthy bones to remain active all day long. The formula also contains EPA/DHA that fights inflammation and improves heart health. If you don’t wish to settle for anything less than the best for your pup, choose this meal.

With a perfect blend of non-fermentable and fermentable fibers, your dog is never going to experience an upset stomach. Many customers have used this meal to treat their pets’ indigestion.

SPORTMiX Wholesomes Fish And Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food 

5 stars

Sportmix Wholesomes Fish Meal And Rice Dry Dog Food, 40 Lb.
  • Formulated With Menhaden Fish Meal To Help Support Immune Function And...
  • No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy
  • Nutritionally Balanced Omega-6 And Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Promote Good...
Sportmix Wholesomes Fish Meal And Rice Dry Dog Food, 40 Lb.


The SPORTMix Wholesome meal takes a protein-rich diet to a whole new level. If you want to keep your dog healthy, energetic, and strong, give him this meal rich in fish protein. The formula targets and strengthens the muscles of large breed dogs.

With pure fish meal rice flour and chicken fat, this formula offers the best proteins for a strong and healthy immune system. The meal also provides a good dose of flax seeds that is a valuable source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Your dog needs lots of fiber and protein to feel full and strong throughout the day. Apart from the high-quality proteins, this dog food contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that promote glossy skin and healthy fur coat.

You can moisten the meal and serve it dry, whichever way your dog likes it. But one thing’s for sure, this meal is tailor-made and one of the best dog foods for the Great Pyrenees.

Is There Anything So Special About the Great Pyrenees Diet?

The Great Pyrenees certainly needs a specially-formulated diet. This species generally has a slow metabolism that thrives on the fat content of the dog food. Fats provide the most significant source of nutrition for these dogs. Therefore, the feed should ideally have high contents of both fat and protein.

Dry food is one of the best options for the Great Pyrenees as most packages offer holistic and easily digestible nutrition. If your dog is a picky eater, you always have the option of moistening the dry food.

Most dry food is made using large breed formula that will support the muscles and bones of your pup. Dry foods also have prolonged shelf-life. Since your pup will do well on smaller portions, dry food will stay fresh and last longer.

The Great Pyrenees can face stomach issues like bloating or gastric dilation. This can occur when your dog overeats or chews too fast. A good way to avoid this is by giving your pup smaller portions and kibble that’s easy to chew.

The Great Pyrenees is also vulnerable to a hormonal condition called Hypothyroidism. This can result in rapid weight gain, lethargy, and poor heart health.

If your dog has this condition, you need to give special dog food rich in lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. The protein from chicken and fish is healthy, pure, and lean.

Above all, it regulates the hunger hormones in large dogs, makes them feel full, and prevents weight gain.

You can expect some shedding constantly and one major shedding period. However, if you notice excessive shedding, the likely cause is hormonal issues, allergies, or fungal infections.

The best way to reduce shedding is to eat a diet high in omega fatty acids and healthy fats. Salmon, fish meal, flax seed, and coconut oil are great options to limit excessive shedding.

How Much and How Often Should You Feed the Great Pyrenees?

Determining how much and how often to feed your dog primarily depends on age and weight. A healthy adult dog typically needs two meals a day. Each meal should contain around 4-6 cups of dry food. However, the portion size will ideally depend on your dog’s age, metabolism, and weight.

Since the Great Pyrenees has a very slow metabolism, they don’t need to be fed much. Feeding them 20 calories per pound of their body weight should give you an ideal amount to serve them at each mealtime. In short, an adult dog needs up to 2200 calories per day.

Ideally, choose a feed that’s made for large breed dogs and follow its feeding instructions.

Here are feeding guidelines according to the weight that you should follow:

  • ½-1 cup daily for dogs that weigh 10 lbs.
  • 1 ¾ – 3 ¼ cups for dogs that weigh 26-50 lbs.
  • 5 ¼ cups for dogs that weigh 101 lbs. and over

What Type of Food is Good or Bad for the Great Pyrenees?

You can feed the Great Pyrenees different kinds of dog food. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Dry food is one of the best options for the Great Pyrenees as most packages offer holistic and easily digestible nutrition. If your dog is a picky eater, you always have the option of moistening the dry food.

Most dry food is made using large breed formula that will support the muscles and bones of your pup. Dry foods also have prolonged shelf-life. Since your pup will do well on smaller portions, dry food will stay fresh and last longer.

You also have the option of semi-moist food, which contains up to 40% moisture. This one has a limited shelf life and is generally pricier than dry food. However, semi-moist food is tastier and more palatable than dry food. Hence, you can give this to your dog as an occasional treat but stick to dry food mostly.

Canned, moist, or wet food contains up to 75% moisture and can spoil quickly. This option is more palatable, easier to digest, and high in protein content. The best method is to alternate between dry and moist food so that your dog doesn’t get bored with the meal.

What Ingredients Should You Look for the Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees needs fresh food that’s made up of natural, preservative-free ingredients. Here’s what you need to focus on:

Your dog needs a diet rich in protein (15%) and fat (4-5%). The best sources of protein are chicken and fish, as they’re lean and contribute to muscle growth.

Other ingredients like coconut oil, fish oil, EPA/DHA, and flax seed are crucial to ensure a strong immune system. Since they are high in omega-3 and omega-6, they facilitate muscle development, a strong immune system, and heart health.

Your pup will also need a diet high in vegetables and fruits. For this reason, you should choose a dog food containing carrots, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, peas, and pumpkin. These are nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits that provide crucial antioxidants to your pet.

You should also look for whole grains, especially in the form of brown rice, oatmeal, and barley. Your dog needs a decent amount of grains as a source of fiber. Since the Great Pyrenees has a slow metabolism, your pup may develop stomach issues. Eating fiber-rich foods will prevent bloating and improve regular bowel movements.

What Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Dog Food for the Great Pyrenees?

Since this species is prone to stomach issues like gastric dilation, you should avoid corn, soy, and wheat. All these three ingredients have been known to trigger allergies in the digestive system and the skin. You should also steer clear of by-product meals or fish meals that could contain fish bones.

They can potentially lead to bloating and choking hazards in the Great Pyrenees. This is especially true in the case of chicken by-products. Keep a close eye on dog food made from chicken and make sure the list is free of by-products. Overall, wheat and gluten-free diet is the best option.

You can tell whether your dog likes the food through the following signs.

Signs that Your Great Pyrenees Likes the Food

  • They will seem excited during mealtime.
  • They will chew fast as the food is tasty.
  • They will immediately dig into the food bowl without smelling the food.

Signs that Your Great Pyrenees Dislikes the Food

  • They will stick their nose into the food to inspect it.
  • They might refuse to eat dog food entirely.
  • They might spit the food out.

So keep an eye on these signs so that you know if your dog is enjoying its food or not. 

Is it Difficult to Feed the Great Pyrenees?

Not really. The most important thing you need to be mindful of feeding the Great Pyrenees is that these dogs have a slow metabolism. They eat slowly and are generally fine with smaller portions as they feel full for longer.

For this reason, if your dog isn’t eating the food as frequently, there’s not much to worry about. However, if your pup seems particularly picky and refuses to eat at all, try choosing a low-sodium chicken meal. You can also try switching the food brand if the flavor isn’t as palatable for your pup.

If you’ve been giving him dry food for so long, try switching things up. Add some coconut oil or canola oil to moisten the food. A change in dog food can resolve the issue of picky eating.

Getting the Best Dog Food for Great Pyrenees

You can choose a meal that your pup will undoubtedly love from our list of the best dog foods for the Great Pyrenees. Remember, the Great Pyrenees has a slow metabolism and tends to grow fairly quickly. Thus, the ideal dog food should be rich in lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of antioxidants.

You can use the guide above to identify any dietary or hormonal issues with your dog. If your dog doesn’t like the food, try switching between different food brands or moisten the food for a change. With all this information, you’ll certainly find the best dog nutrient-dense food for your pup!


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