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February 10, 2021

Everyone deserves some good dog licking once in a while, but if you have a breed of dog that can’t help but lick your face, then you must be experiencing this more than others. There’s nothing wrong with a good face lick, it is just dog’s way of showing affection. Remember, lions lick their cubs as a way of grooming them and also caring for them, so your dog is trying to care for you by licking your face like candy. Now, if you want some of this tongue swerving goodness from your favorite four legged pet, you’ll need to get a breed which actually does more of this. There are significant personality deviations with each breed of dog, luckily we’re here to tell you the dog breeds with which you can receive all this sugar.

 Here they are:

Golden Retriever

This dog breed is more likely to lick your face. They are cute, cuddly and generally affectionate to their owners, and they tend to display this more often than other breeds. Like a handful of dogs, golden retrievers lean towards this affection when they haven’t seen their owners for a while, and get all happy when they’re finally with them, hence the licking. However, some golden retrievers do not need a reason to be affectionate and lick your face, they just are. Get your hands on one of America’s most indulged dog breeds for that yummy licking goodness. 

Labrador retrievers

Just like their close relative, Labrador retrievers also have a soft spot for their owners and do not hold back when putting it up for display. They are sweet breeds of dogs and they are typically any man’s best friend. They are homely breeds and are great around kids. They do not display aggression unless when triggered by an intruder. However, they are sure to lick you all the way to a happy mood. 

Labrador retriever black

Now, it is important to note that a lot of dogs will definitely lick your face, provided you’re their owner and they care about you. Basically, all breeds of dogs will display affection this way unless you’ve trained them otherwise. However, other breeds of dogs that are also prone to getting slobber all over you include:

Having your dog lick your face has a way of lifting your mood. It makes you feel cherished and this is why dogs do it. However, if you’re not up for that rate of affection from your dog in the form of slobbery kisses, you’ll need to do something different with his training. But bear in mind that dogs lick human’s faces, it’s in their nature.