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The Unbelievable Number of Dog Breeds. You Should Really Know

January 18, 2021
The Unbelievable Number of Dog Breeds. You Should Really Know

Most people, when asked how many different dog breeds there are, can only think of a few. The last time I checked, The World Canine Organization recognized 339 different breeds. Most people can only name a few of the different breeds. Some of the most popular would include, but not limited to, cattle dogs, terriers, hunting dogs (either sight or sound), dachshunds, pointers, retrievers, and companion (toy) dogs.


Some of the breeds are the breed for different reasons. Some are to protect, as in the German Shepard. Others are to become cadaver dogs, which is most likely to be bloodhounds. These dogs are used when the outcome of an investigation is, most likely, a dead body. Other dogs are raised to become hunting dogs. There are two separate kinds of hounds or hunting dogs; some are sight dogs, these dogs use their sight to hunt. Then there are scent dogs; these dogs hunt by tracking through there the scent. Scent dogs can unearth rabbits, foxes, or any other animal that makes its home on the ground. These are just a few of the many groups of dogs; examples include Border Collies, Terriers, fighting dogs and working dogs.


dog breeds infographic


The dog is, considered to be, the first animal to become domesticated. One popular story is of a man who stumbled across a litter of baby wolves. He decided to take the wolves home and raise them to aid in his hunting journeys. There are plenty of other stories about how dogs have come to be as a species. Consensus, no matter what the story is, dogs are very closely related to wolves if not a direct descendant. There are relatively few differences between dogs and their wolf counterpart and even share the same number of chromosomes.


Some things that are taken into consideration when looking at the different types of dogs or when you are looking to adopt a dog are as follows. Size, there are dogs that average around 200 pounds, some of these dogs like to be lap dogs and cuddle. So, if you don’t like a big dog laying across you lap or taking up half the bed then stay away from these dogs. Others are only 1-3 pounds. These dogs like to think they are bigger then what they are and seem to be snippy.






Needs of dogs also vary between the breed. Some dogs need very little, mainly just feeding, some grooming and little exercise. Whereas others need much more than just a few things. They may also need more grooming, as in long-haired dogs need more trips to the groomer and daily brushing.


Unbelievable Number of Dog Breeds


There are also many breeds that need plenty of exercises. These types of dogs are great companions for people who run and who have large yards for plenty of running space. Great Danes would be a great dog for this situation or maybe a mastiff or Saint Bernard.



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There are dogs that are great for becoming a companion/toy dog. These dogs are usually the smaller of the dogs and cannot keep up or tire easily. Some companion dogs or toy dogs are Skye Terrier (dependable, are great with people and makes for a great family pet). Shih Tzu would also make for a great family pet who is also a small dog. They are very friendly and even good around children. Pomeranian is a mellow and gentle dog, but due to inbreeding for many years they are prone to some genital defects. These dogs are best for someone who does not run and is looking for a companion to just have around (mostly stay at home parent or for the elderly).



Dogs require certain essentials no matter what the breed. You will need food, which can be specific to the breed of dog you have. You don’t want to buy adult dog food that comes in big chunks if you have a smaller breed of dog. You will also need a bowl for your dog’s food and water. In this instance, you do not want to use a large self-feeder for a smaller dog. You also don’t want to have the food placed up on a pedestal that is too high for some breeds to reach.
You will also need a leash and collar for your dog. This one is simple, you defiantly don’t want a chain or leash for a large dog and use on a smaller dog. This may be way too heavy for the smaller dog and could be harmful. In the same sense, you don’t want a smaller dog leash/collar on a larger dog. He could snap this easily, and if not, a well-trained dog will be off and running.








The dog bed is another thing you should have for all breeds. They now have orthopedic beds for your dog. If your dog has developed hip problems, for example, you might want to consider this type of bed. You want to make sure the bed fits the dog. Don’t spend money on a large bed when you only need a small bed.



Baby gates are also a great idea for any dog. This could keep your dog from getting into things (like anti-freeze or other poisons). These can also keep your dog from having accidents on your carpets. This goes for all breeds. Until your dog is fully trained, you might want to place gates plus invest in stain and odor remover for carpets. Just be sure it is for pets or the smell may still linger.



There are way too many breeds of dogs to talk about in just one article. This article should give you a brief discussion on how many different breeds of dogs are out there. They have been broken down into smaller categories. These smaller categories should be able to give you an idea of what dogs may fall into a specific category, and which dog may be the best fit for different circumstances. Be sure to review all the different breeds before making any decision you may have on adopting a dog. read more about orange dog breeds