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Can Dogs Eat Pears,Peaches,Plums ? The Ultimate Guide

February 22, 2021
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Dogs are man’s best friend. They share your good and bad moments. But have you ever thought of sharing your food with them? You must be thinking what human food you can share with your buddy? Well, there are many things which our dogs can eat. Here in this article, we will talk about pears. Yes, our dogs can eat some fruits. Pears are one of them. All your questions like can dogs eat pears will be answered here.


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Can Dogs Eat Pears?


Can dogs eat pears safely? The answer is yes. Pears are safe for dogs, but it needs some precautions as well. Pears are good in taste and beneficial for both human and dogs. So, next time when you are having pears, don’t hesitate to share it with your bestie.






Quantity for our dogs


Pears being rich in various vitamins and minerals is good for dogs health. But, our little friend’s requirement is different from our requirements. Hence, we can’t give them as much as we eat normally. The quantity of pears should be 1-2 slice in bite size pieces. It should not be more than that as it can be harmful for your dear one. More dosage can cause diarrhea.



Precautions to take-


We cannot ignore the fact that human food is not for dogs. You should be extra careful while giving your dog these things. Without knowing pros and cons, you should not proceed. The most important thing to do is always consult your regular vet before introducing any new food to your furry.


The harmful part of pear is pit, seeds, chore, and stem.


Pear’s seed have traces of cyanide. Hence, great care is required to feed your buddy. Make sure to remove seeds carefully, as it may be toxic for dogs. A pear pit can stuck in intestine tract. The only method to remove it is through surgery of dogs. Therefore, we need to be too careful, and should remove these parts to prevent any harm.


Can Puppies Eat Pears?


can my dog have cantaloupe


Yes, your little pup can eat pear too. As we have already mentioned earlier, pears seeds are 100% toxic. You should carefully feed  pears to your pup. Every puppy have different needs as per their health requirement. Therefore, get an appointment with your vet and consult them.



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Flesh part of pears should be given to puppies, but in too small quantity. Cut the pear in too small size, or mash it if possible to prevent choking.






Benefits of Pears


Pears is a great to include in dog’s diet, if consider its nutritional value. Pear is not only sweet in taste but its health benefit are also sweet. It gives us different vitamins and minerals. Let us have a look how pear is beneficial for our dogs-


1- Vitamin A


Vitamin A is good for our dog’s hair and skin. Also in puppies it help them in proper functioning of different organs. Whenever you find your dog’s skin flaky or itchy, it may be a deficiency of vitamin A. Pear would be a good option in this case. Vitamin A helps your dog in building body tissues, making their skin healthier.


2- Vitamin E


Vitamin E is another significant requirement of your dog’s diet. We all know that Vitamin E is good for our hair, similarly it works for your dog’s hair. It keeps their hair good. It also important for dog’s canine health. It prevents cancer in dogs. Vitamin E is known for improving elasticity in muscles and tissues. Due to this property, it helps your dogs knee movement by improving its mobility. Vitamin E is an aid for antioxidants, it enhances the functioning of antioxidants. Also, your dog’s immune system will remain strong by including pears in his diet.


3- Vitamin C


Vitamin C is important for dogs. It can help your dog in fighting disease during fever. Also, during stress and anxiety, vitamin c would be helpful for your dog.


4- Phosphorus


Phosphorus is good for your buddy’s teeth and bones. If you find any problems in these, it may be due to insufficient phosphorus. Pears have phosphorus in it, thus good for dogs. Phosphorus increases the calcium metabolism in dogs. Phosphorus helps in keeping the cell membranes together, additionally it helps in storing and transfering the energy of your dog.


5- Niacin


Pears have niacin in it, which is very good for your furry. Niacin helps in metabolizing the consumed carbohydrates and fats. It helps your dog for better nervous system and gastrointestinal system. Moreover, Your dog will have a good skin.


6- Fibre


Fibre is good for everyone, whether its about humans or animals. Fibre content in pears helps dog’s heart and prevent attacks.







How to give it to your dogs?


You should cut the pear slices in small pieces. These pieces should be bite size not more than that. You should not give your dog more than 1-2 slice. Excess quantity can upset your dog’s health leading to stomach ache. The flesh part is good for dogs. Pear’s skin is also very nutritional, so Never forget to give pears pieces with skin.



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Can Dogs Eat Pears and Peaches?


can dogs eat pears


Yes, peaches are also good for dogs like pears. But peaches, apples and pears are from same fruit family. They contain cyanide in pit, seeds and core. You can give peaches to your dogs after removing these dangerous parts. Consultation with vet is strongly recommended.


Can Dogs Eat Pears and Plums?


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Yes, dogs can eat plums too. Again plum being part of the same fruit family is little dangerous. You must remove the pit, core and seeds. As traces of cyanide can toxicate your dogs.








Now, we know pears is healthy fruit and our dogs should eat them. Your dog deserves a better life so give him proper nutrition with this vitamin rich fruit. Your dogs need more care, so always ask vet before giving anything new to your buddy. Little precaution will help your buddy in living a good and healthy life.