Can Dogs Eat Oranges,Clementine’s? The Shocking Facts Revealed


Can Dogs Eat Oranges”? Dogs are undoubtedly the most adorable pet you can have in your home. Well, the fact is, not every dog loves having only meat, but few of them loves eating fruits as well. Dogs are considered not very selective when it comes to eating food as they belong to a line of wild hunters who have a habit of taking and eating what food they find. So, as a dog owner, you won’t face any such problem as related to food. Many dog owners prefer dog food that is commercially produced, but in fact, there are a lot of foods that are available at our home which we can use as an alternative to commercially made dog food. Also, you can feed your dogs with various types of fruits such as orange, applesauce to name a few. But keep in mind that you should not feed your dog fruits that are bad for dogs.

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As I have mentioned in the article above, dogs can eat meat as well as fruits and vegetables. But, it has some limitation involved within it. There are only a certain kinds of fruits that the body of dogs can resist and it cannot eat every plant based fruit. But as per the point of our conversation can a dog eat oranges.

You could very well feed oranges to dogs in the form of an occasional treat or a light snack as it doesn’t cause any serious health related issues. But make sure, you feed orange to dogs in very moderate and small quantities as anything larger than that would be harmful to them.

Oranges contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. These nutrients can be very beneficial for your dog, and thus it will help to keep your dog healthy. Also, oranges are quite low in sodium which doesn’t put any harmful effect on your dog.

However, all these aspects vary from dog to dog. Some dog would love the tangy taste of oranges while some may not like it. Dogs come up with several preferences, and it solely depends on what kind of dog you have.

How are oranges for a dog beneficial regarding health aspects?

Oranges are considered as a delicious fruit to consume. It has vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the bodies of both human beings as well as dogs. Let us have a look at the health benefits that are associated with oranges for dogs:-

1) Vitamin C for Dog

It is known that oranges contain 85% of vitamin C. Vitamin C for a dog is quite beneficial as it boosts the immune system and helps prevent your dog from diseases and thus help your dog to live a longer life.Dogs who are involved in more work and pressure are highly likely to require more vitamins. This is so because they push beyond the limit and would perhaps need vitamin C so that it can maintain the level of immunity.

2) Potassium for Dogs

Oranges are very rich in nutrients, and thus it has electrolyte mineral potassium in it. Potassium plays a very vital role in proper functioning of the heart and thereby it is vital for the body. Also, it can save you from a disease known as Arrhythmia. So, Potassium is practically essential for dogs as well as human beings.

3) Controls the Level of Cholesterol

Oranges are quite high in fiber, but perhaps low in fat. Oranges help to fight against the high degree of cholesterol that is present in a dog. In addition, it can assist you with a condition known as Hyperlipidemia in which it forms a lot of lipids in the blood. Orange also acts as an excellent alternative in place of commercially packed food for dogs as these packed foods have a lot of fat present in it.

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Now, since we are aware of the benefits of orange for dogs let us now move to another important aspect i.e. when the consumption of orange can be dangerous for dogs. Side effects of orange for dogs

Oranges are good for health, but the fact is too much consumption of oranges can be hazardous for dogs. Let us now look at the side effects of orange for dogs.

1) Diabetes

Orange has a certain amount of sugar present in it, and thus they might involve risk for dogs that are already in the condition of diabetes or the one who might be in danger of diabetes. Feeding orange can prevail the disease to spread further and perhaps won’t do any good for your dog. Even if your dog demands oranges, just deny your dog, or else you may have to pay a visit to the veterinary doctor.

2) Increase in weight

We very well know that orange contains sugar in it and it would not be good if your dog is overweight and you are looking to make your dog lose weight. Dogs look very cute being chubby, but too much weight can lead to a lot of health problems. So, it is advised not to feed your loved dog with a lot of oranges.

3) Upset Stomach

Oranges contain a high level of acid, and too much consumption of orange can lead your dog to upset stomach, which might cause diarrhea and perhaps a lot of discomforts.

4) Canine Dental Issues

We are very well aware that orange is high in acidity level and thus it causes canine dental issues in the dog. These problems can also occur in a human being, but since we brush our teeth daily, we are less likely to get affected by this. On the other side, dogs don’t brush, and so they are more prone to these dental issues.

5) Constipation

Oranges are quite rich in fiber, but the fact is fiber in orange is quite soluble, which can take the water composition from the body of the dog. So, this can lead to constipation in your dog, and your dog may face further health problems.

How to Feed Oranges to Dogs

if you are still thinking about can dogs eat tangerines and oranges, then it must be stated that you need to know how to feed them oranges.

  • Peel the orange and feed it to them neatly without the veins.
  • Remove the seeds and it is a must
  • If possible cut them into small pieces as this will make it

This will help you take out the harmful parts, and you can be at peace that you have not done anything wrong while feeding them some.

Although, most people will beg to differ and say that orange or any citric fruit is best to be kept away from dogs, yet we say you can do so with little control.

Just keep in mind if you observe signs of discomfort in your friend then rush them to a veterinarian right away without wasting any time. This may save you from a lot of trouble and will not be much painful for the dog as well.

It would be good to get medical attention to your dog straight away once you detect anything unnatural.

Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges?

Dogs can eat mandarin oranges but in moderation. Mandarin oranges in generic, have high sugar content. Too much of sugar in dogs regular diet plan can disrupt their tummy, GI tract. Dogs digestive system is under-developed, and hence they can’t break heavy sugar content from the food. If you wish to serve mandarin oranges to dogs, then please stay at limits. Only four or five pulps of oranges are enough for your dog indeed of the breed, age or adult weight, metabolism. Serve mandarin oranges once in a week at prescribed limits for your dog.

 Oranges and Tangerines?


Dogs can eat oranges, tangerines. But, not both at some time for a full tummy. Oranges, tangerines are high in sugar content. Too much of sugar at the same time can disrupt your dogs gut health and could produce loose stools due to high fiber content in the pulp. Oranges and tangerines possess 11g of sugar content in each whole fruit. Hence it’s better to stop at prescribed limits while serving oranges, tangerines for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges Safely?

Oranges are safe fruits for dogs to eat. But, if your dog is too old, then please be strictly at limits. The dogs with diabetic issues must also stay safer from oranges. Too much can abruptly increase the blood sugar level in your dog. The dogs with no health issues on eating too much of oranges will produce loose stools or may suffer from diarrhea. Oranges are not toxic to dogs, but it must be served in limits occasionally as a treat. You can also smash the pulpy orange in the meals of your dog. It may be irritating, but to save you from consequences, I repeat, must be at limits!

Oranges or Clementine’s?


Clementine is a hybrid variety of orange made from mandarin and sweet types. Clementine is not toxic to dogs and is similar to an orange pulp. Orange and Clementine have same sugar value, and it’s 9g. If you serve fruits for digestive issues of dog, then go for oranges. Oranges possess high dietary fiber content than Clementine. A pure breed of fruits is safer for dogs instead of hybrid varieties. You can serve Clementine as well as oranges in the fruit salad, but the total must not exceed four or five pulps. Limitations in diet plan could extend the limits of life with your dog!

Halo Oranges ?

Halo oranges are a brand of oranges and its hybrid variety which are cultivated from California. Halo orange season is usually from November to April. Your dogs can also taste the halo oranges in season, but as always only half the segment of whole fruit is enough for your dog. It may be purely cultivated halo orange, but it is orange with high sugar and dietary fiber. It’s better to avoid halo oranges for diabetic dogs. Just a pulp or segment of whole fruit is enough for older dogs.

Can Small Dogs Eat Oranges?


Small dogs can undoubtedly taste orange without seeds, peel and outer skin. You can offer the orange segments to dogs in the evening snack time or as a treat during a training session. You can even mix up the healthy fruits, veggies as a salad for your dog. Puppies can eat oranges safely after one year of birth. It would be a good choice to eat during evening snack or stomach upsets to help digestion. Puppies do love orange pulps for taste. You can also serve orange juice for your pup, but without sugar. Prefer raw orange for puppies than juice!

Oranges Peels ?


Dogs must not eat orange peels. Orange peels are tougher and could disrupt your dog’s tummy. The tougher peels can block the gastrointestinal tract of dog and can cause stomach upsets. Hence it’s better even to clean the table scraps of orange peels. If you have any orange peels on the dining while leaving your home, then please do clean it before stepping out. It could help you stay away from troubles of digestion in your dog!

Can Dogs Eat Cuties Oranges?

Cuties oranges are not a hybrid variety of oranges, but the brand. Cuties Citrus brand of oranges is healthy, sweet, seedless which can be peeled out easily to serve your dogs. Cuties oranges are between Clementine and Mandarin varieties. It is safe for dogs to eat but still, stick to the organic oranges. Cuties Tangerine juice is also available on the market and has no added sugars. But, if you want to make orange juice for your dog, then please do prepare it at home with no sugar and must be concentrated. I don’t recommend products from the grocery for your dog!
Serve oranges and make your dogs tongue juicy! Enjoy the dining with healthy fruits, veggies with your Fido!

Can Dogs Eat Limes?


Dogs are the most sophisticated and the loving animals. These are the most preferred option to be kept as a pet at home. Only keeping them at home is not going to work. Instead of arranging proper foods and ensuring a good diet for the soft coat and healthy physique is all that is required.

Dogs have the limited options in their dietary list that they go for. They love to eat what they love the most and would hardly go for the things that they do not love. The dogs have the priority list too and love to ensure that their owner should also strictly follow knowing about the items.

Limes and Lemons- the sour and the tangy fruits- that can be mind-blowing to many animals, but for the dogs it is different. Let us see the hidden facts behind this-

Dogs voluntarily do not eat the citrus fruits. In fact, they are not a great lover of these citrus fruits. They avoid these fruits to keep themselves fit. Both the citrus fruits- lemons and the limes cause severe illness to dogs. The dogs, therefore, must be avoided being given the fruits.

There can be several videos on the internet that dogs are given the citrus fruit. It is harmful. It can only be for the entertainment purpose. The videos will put everyone in doubt about “Can dogs eat limes?”

But the fact is that the chemicals present in the limes and the lemons are toxic for the dogs. The poisonous chemical compounds that make the dogs sick are the presence of the aromatic oils and the psoralen compounds.

The toxicity of these citrus fruits can be made out of the fact that if the dogs get their paws on the peels of these citrus fruits, then they experience uneasiness.

Limes are the sour green fruits and are undoubtedly the toxic ones for the dogs too. The Veterinary suggests keeping the dogs away from the lime or the lemon tree even if they are growing in the backyard.

What Happens When Dogs Eat Limes?

First and foremost dogs do not love to have the citrus fruits. There are many videos on the social media sites showing the owners of the dogs are feeding their pet the lemons. But it must be noted that these citrus fruits are toxic to dogs. It is therefore advised to keep the dogs away from the limes and lemons.

When a dog eats the citrus fruit like the lime or the lemon, they fall ill. However, dogs do not eat lime or lemon on their own, and in case, they are fed unknowingly, look out for the following issues or the symptoms in the dog-

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Uneasiness towards light

Dogs are so much reactive to the limes and the lemons that even the consumption of any part of the fruit like the leaves, fruit or the peels can cause severe illness.

Why This Restraint?

Well because oranges are acidic by nature, and they also contain seeds. Additionally, the sugar content is high in this fruit which should be a concern for dog parents for sure.

This is why most owners steer away from them. Some do not want to experiment with their eating styles, and others think it may not be worth the try. Again, if your dog enjoys a slice or two, there is no harm in it as long as they like it and do not show adverse effects.

That being said, it must be cited that things done in control can seldom go wrong.

Now after this serious discussion about Can Dogs Eat Oranges, it would be nice to remind you of one thing, and that would be about moderation.

That is correct, feed them the right food, but do it in moderation otherwise be ready to face consequences.

They are like babies and treat them like if you are a dedicated pet parent (chances are high if you are reading this).

Most Funny Dogs Reacting To Lemons


For Small Dogs you can feed like a quarter of an average sized orange and one full for larger ones. This means little goes a long worthy and yes, the smell of oranges may be drool worthy, but you need to draw that line. Keep Reading more about can a dog eat cherries, can dogs eat apples, can dogs eat pineapple.

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