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The 10 minute Guide to Can Dogs Eat Celery ?

February 1, 2021
can dogs eat celery and onions


Another of those questions that is a big worry for dog parents would find out if is celery good?


The good thing is, yes you can feed your canine friend with celery.


It is a nutritious, tasty and crunchy all at the same time make it a popular choice for many.


To be honest, your dog does not need much of vegetables to be fed as they are hardcore carnivores.


However, if you feel like giving them a snack or so, then celery could be a good option.


We will cover more on this query Can dogs eat celery in details in this post.

Celery and Celery Leaf




Celery is a plant. The fruits and seeds are dried and pressed into oil for use as a medicine. Celery oil is packed in capsule form as a medicine. It is also taken as juice as medicine. In ancient times the Greeks used celery to make wine which was served to athletes as an award.


Celery Leaf is also used in various forms. It is used to treat joint pain, hysteria, weight loss due to malnutrition, etc. Celery is also used for relaxation and better sleep. To kill bacteria in the urinary tract, it can also be used to increase sexual desire, control intestinal gas, blood purification.

How Can Dogs Eat Celery?


can dogs eat celery seed

Make sure when you feed celery to your four-legged friend, it is cut into small pieces. This will help them chew the food (if they do so as most of the food is gulped down in general) properly.


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Another piece of advice would be to remove the parts that are stingy as these may cause choking in your dog.  Many would recommend trying the celery and then feed it to them, but we would suggest you stay away from that process. Tying may not be good for their intestines in the long run and may affect adversely in some cases.


Serve them cooked, raw or dressed celery, but feed it to them with care.


What are the Benefits of celery? 



can dogs eat celery

What fruits and vegetables can dogs eat? It is needless to say, that celery has amazing health benefits as most of us already know about it. Otherwise, why would you think of feeding it to your beloved pet with it? Nonetheless,


what we would like to share here is that celery is good for your dog as well. Reading the following discussion will make everything clear to you.



-Celery boosts immune system of dogs



-It is rich in vitamins A, B, and C



-This fibrous vegetable contains high amount of minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sodium



-Celery is known as a natural diuretic which means it keeps the kidneys of your dog healthy as it can stimulate the production of urine thus flushing harmful toxins out



-Juice of celery can ease joint pains in arthritic dogs



-It has phthalides that can lower down blood pressure



-The most interesting part about celery is that unlike majority of food, it can retain its nutrients even after being cooked



-As a precaution, you need to keep one thing in your mind, while thinking about Can dogs eat celery or not



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and that would be to do it in moderation. This is a basic rule of feeding your dog anything new as the slightest change in their diet can cause stomach upset if they do not adapt to the food.




Again to tell you the truth, it must be added that celery is one vegetable that may get stuck while coming out of the other end.


So be watchful when you serve it them. Other than this you are free to go ahead with celery feeding binge.


10 Foods Dogs Should Never Eat


10 human foods dogs can eat




Onions and Garlic

Coffee, Tea, and Other Caffeine

Grapes and Raisins

Milk and Other Dairy Products

Macadamia Nuts

Candy and Gum


Fat Trimmings



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