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Can Dogs Eat Apples,Cinnamon? The Best Guide To Know About.

January 1, 2021
can dogs eat apples and carrots

For any pet parent, you have to be extremely careful in what food you give to your dog to eat. are you are wondering can dogs eat apples? Yes, dogs can eat apples and the best part is that most of them love apples too.


If your dog has a sweet tooth, the best and the safest way of satisfying it is to make him eat apples. They are a source of calcium, fiber, VitaminC and phosphorus.

dogs eating apple

Should you be observing any caution when it comes to making your dog eat apples?


The only then that you must be careful about while feeding your dog apples is to avoid the seeds. they contain a toxic substance called cyanide. It is also recommended to avoid stems when feeding apples to your puppy. Don’t choose dehydrated apples because they contain nutrients which have been dehydrated as well.



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If you feed your dog too many apples, it might cause bellyache and in some cases even diarrhea.

How to Feed Your Dog Apples?




Are you wondering how you should be feeding your dog apples? It is simple. You can sever them in slice form and they can even be frozen. You can also make apple pops with apple sauce drizzled on top. It can also be served as grating on top of the dinner.


Don’t hesitate in giving your best friend apples. They are quite good for them. Apples don’t just contain vitamins, but they contain a number of other valuable nutrients that are beneficial for the health of the dog in general. As apples are a bit hard, they can help in keeping the teeth of the dogs healthy and their breath fresh. It is recommended to make apples a regular part of the diet of your dog. But make sure you keep the quantity minimum because feeding too many apples at once is not a healthy thing.


Other Forms of Apple to Feed Your Dog



Apart from giving apples directly, you can also feed your dog apple based products. One example of an amazing such product is apple cider vinegar. If you mix it with equal parts of water and use it as an effective flea-control measure after shampooing your dog, then you will be helping your buddy a lot. This ingredient also helps controlling dog odor. Remember, this mixture is not meant for oral consumption, it is meant for external use. But a great thing is that you can add apple cider vinegar to the food of bowl or even water of your dog many times in a week. This will help make the digestive system of your dog better and his body functioning will become better too.


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Can Dogs Eat Apple and Cinnamon?




can cats eat apples and cinnamon



Well. Most dogs will accept foods like apple and cinnamon if you offer them. They are anyway up for eating anything usually.  However, much like humans, it depends on dogs.  Sometimes they change their minds later on like humans and will no longer like apples or cinnamon.




Apples have high food value, and due to the reason, human beings are advised to include an apple to their diet chart every day. It turns out the same can be true for the dogs, too.  Apples can be a super healthy treat, affordable, and low calories. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the powerful antioxidants and loads of vitamin C and vitamin A will do wonders for your dog. It’s a great deal of supplement that will keep your dog fun-loving and exuberant.  It also helps in keeping the dog’s teeth clean and keeps their breath fresh too. In the case of younger and active dogs, apples can work wonder in improving dogs’ gastrointestinal health. Regular intake of apple can also help with their degenerative conditions.



Cinnamon, on the other hand, is non-toxic to dogs. But you shouldn’t go out of your way to give it to them.  Cinnamon in small quantities should be safe for dogs. It is not an essential part of their natural diet, so you don’t have to get carried away and add it as a daily supplement. Also, cinnamon is not food; it’s a spice. A large amount of cinnamon can cause a digestive problem and lead to gas and bloat.



Can Dogs Eat Apples and Bananas?




can dogs eat bananas

Fruit isn’t a natural part of a canine diet, but most dogs like them along with vegetables we’ll toss their way. Some of them aren’t interested, but some love the crunch. Some only take it in as an occasional treat. If you want to include apples into your dog’s daily diet routine, it is worth knowing a few different ways of serving them. There are many different ways to feed apples to dogs, you can cut it in slice and freeze it, or it can be served as a grated topping along with something else for dinner, or when your dog catches a cold, it’s a great idea to make a warm apple sauce.



Dogs can eat bananas but only in a balanced way. Bananas are a good source of magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, potassium. You should only give bananas to your dog as an occasional treat because of the sugar presence within the fruit. It should never be treated as a part of their diets. An occasional treat is fine; you don’t want your dog to have an imbalance of potassium with too much banana intake.


Can Dogs Eat Apples and Peanut Butter?






Peanut butter is safe and healthy for dogs, peanut butter is high in protein and biotin, and the fats it contains are largely healthy. Peanut butter is a favorite treat of many canines. It hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes for them to lick it all out. However, you should keep in mind to give your dog in moderation. Be sure that you are not using peanut butter that has artificial sweetener, particularly xylitol, as it is harmful to dogs.






Despite the numerous health benefits of apples there are a couple of things to be cautious about such as ‘the seeds,’ ‘overconsumption.’  While it is ideal for your canine to have apples, make sure the apples are seedless. The reason being, the seeds of an apple contain amygdalin, which breakdowns to produce cyanide.  Cyanide, as we know, is an extremely poisonous substance not only to dogs but also to human beings.  This compound can harm dogs and cause them serious illness. Although eating a few seeds may not have a major effect on dog’s health because the animal’s body in a natural way will detoxify itself, eating a significant amount of seed can cause a buildup of cyanide in the body.  Cyanide hinders blood from carrying oxygen throughout the body.


Can Dogs Eat Dried Apples?



It is advisable not to feed your dogs with dried apples. Dried apples can cause digestive issues and make the stomach upset since it lacks water which is critical for digestion.


Can Dogs Eat Apple Skin?



can dogs eat apples



Can dogs eat apple peel? Too much of it is not advisable, so you must not overly feed your dog with apple peels. Some dogs may experience extremely loose bowel movements when they eat apple peels.



Can dogs eat a green apple? Yes, dogs can eat green apples, as long as it is hydrated. But make sure to get rid of the core and stem before you give them. Apple stems contain cyanogenic glycosides which can be harmful to the stomach. Besides the toxicity issue, eating a whole apple is likely to get stuck in your dog’s throat and cause them to choke on it.  Apples should be added as a treat and not entirely as your dog’s food.



Can Dogs Eat Apple Pulp without Any Hassle?



Yes, dogs can eat apple pulp without any hassle. These are not only delicious; these are low on calorie and loaded with all the useful nutrients. Apple pulps are very healthy. You can freeze the apple pulp to give your dog a cold refreshing treat. The pulp offers energy and nutrition because they contain anti-oxidants. So you can include apple pulp to your dog’s diet chart without any worries.




If you have any queries regarding dogs and apples, please put it in the comment box. Sure, would help you in doggies nutrition without any cost. I love dogs and sure would save them. Share the love and save a dog!



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So, if you had always been refraining from making your dog eat apples then we hope all your worries are gone now. Can Dogs Eat Apples? YES!  Get some fresh apples from the grocery store today and make your dog a special apple treat.