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Best Dog Wheelchairs

February 11, 2021
Best Dog Wheelchairs

A wheelchair for dogs is an effective way to support your canine’s health if it suffers from spinal or hind legs issues. There are lots of diseases and conditions that may become a reason for such health problems.

Some of the illnesses are more peculiar to particular breeds, as in the case with degenerative myelopathy – Corgis, German shepherd dogs, Standard poodles are more vulnerable than other breeds. At the same time, French Bulldogs and Dachshunds often suffer from intervertebral disc disease.

The small-sized dogs of different breeds face health problems with joints, and so on. However, factors such as genetics, age, and traumas may cause problems with the spinal cord and back legs despite dog’s breed liability to specific diseases.

While choosing the most effective dog wheelchair, pay attention to the type of wheels, adjustability, weight, and whether it is collapsible.

Best WheelChair 2020: K9 Carts

K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair (Small) - Made in The USA
  • VETERINARIAN DESIGNED, built, and tested for over 53 years in our...
  • MADE IN THE USA just for you pet. Handmade with care. Normally ships...
  • LIGHTEST WHEELCHAIR on the market!. Built from aircraft grade aluminum...
  • A high-quality wheelchair designed in consultation with veterinarians
  • Light and adjustable
  • Fits dogs of the different sizes
  • Does not work well on the side-hill
  • A pricy wheelchair

K9 Cart is an excellent wheelchair for your dog. The item is made in the USA in accordance with veterinarian recommendations. Note that this wheelchair has been tested for more than 53 years. The staff of the US Orthopedic Veterinary Hospital is in charge of all the tests.

You can be sure that this wheelchair will be a worthy purchase as a group of medical experts keeps an eye on the sustainability of the item. K9 Cart has justly considered as one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market thanks to the fact that it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Whether you own a small-sized dog or a large one, you will find a K9 Cart that will perfectly fit your pet. There are several sizes: extra small, small, small-medium, medium, and large.

Best WheelChairs for Large Dogs

Large Dog Wheelchair: Walkin’ Wheels

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs 70-180 Pounds -...
  • KEEPS YOUR DOG MOBILE & COMFORTABLE - Nothing makes our pets, with...
  • EASY TO STORE, TRANSPORT, AND CLEAN - Our Medium to Large size dog...
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Easy to clean, transport, and store
  • Supports a dog’s mobility
  • Might be less effective for heavy-weight breeds

Walkin’ Wheels for large dog breeds is a purchase that can make your pet happier and healthier. The veterinarian-approved design of this wheelchair ensures the support of your dog’s back legs. Walkin’ Wheels help your pet stay active despite some limitations of mobility.

With this wheelchair, your buddy can run, play, and keep on exploring the world. The material of this product is lightweight aluminum; thus, the construction is not only lightweight but also durable.

As for the wheels, these are made of dense and quality foam that prevents unexpected punctures. There are several sizes for different dogs and three colors. The good thing is that the item has a comfortable adjustable patented design. Thus, you can tailor the chair to your pet’s size.

WheelChair for Large Dogs: Lxjymx

LXJYMX Adjusting Dog Wheelchair, Dog hind Leg Auxiliary Bracket, pet...
  • The overall frame is made of aluminum alloy and is lightweight, strong...
  • The anti-wear strap is made of sandwich mesh material, which is soft,...
  • & Specially designed: Pet wheelchairs are designed for the hind legs...
  • Lightweight construction
  • Adjustable wheelchair
  • Sandwich mesh material of the anti-wear strap
  • Not appropriate for the slippery weather

The frame of the wheelchair LXJYMX is lightweight thanks to aluminum alloy; at the same time, it is durable and robust. Due to the sandwich mesh material, the anti-wear strap is breathable and soft, ensuring your dog’s comfy experience. LXJYMX offers a wide variety of sizes.

Every item can also be adjusted to fit your buddy perfectly: you can change the height, length, and also the width of the wheelchair. This model provides your companion with proper support of the back legs so that it can run and play as before. Keep in mind that you can use the LXJYMX model for cats as well.

Large WheelChair for Dogs: Whyzb

No products found.

  • A topnotch dog wheelchair that will serve long
  • Fully adjustable design
  • The price is higher than the average

Whyzb is another excellent wheelchair for man’s best friend. The model is available in eight sizes. This wheelchair is fully adjustable; you can regulate its height and width to meet the needs of your dog.

The Whyzb wheelchair has a patented design; the creators tried to construct a wheelchair that will not only make your buddy’s life more comfortable but also healthier.

With this model, any handicapped pet gets a chance to stay mobile despite the health problems. For those who can not travel without their companions, Whyzb will come in handy as it is easy to store and transport.

Large Pet WheelChair: Catwy

Adjustable Pet Wheelchair - Small and Small Pet Dog Cart, Rear Leg...
  • ◆Product materials: The products are further upgraded in materials...
  • ◆Features; suitable for dogs with limited hind legs or no activity,...
  • ◆Special design: The pet wheelchair is designed for the hind legs or...
  • Adjustable
  • Sustainable and strong wheelchair
  • A lightweight wheelchair
  • Poor choice of sizes

Catwy wheelchair for your companion is a real catch! The manufacturers use quality material, specifically, lightweight alloy to create a durable and safe product. The model will be helpful for dogs with limited movement abilities caused by arthritis, harmed hip joints, dysplasia, spinal problems, and many other health issues.

Note, however, that this wheelchair is not appropriate for the animals that have some serious health condition. The Catwy wheelchair is available in L and XL sizes. You can easily adjust the model to fit your companion; this wheelchair is adjustable so that you can change its length, width, and height.

Dog WheelChair: Lxjmymx Dog Scooter

LXJYMX Dog Scooter Dog Wheelchair pet Rehabilitation Training (Color :...
  • ★ All-round adjustment, freely adjustable, easy to operate, safe,...
  • ★ Foldable design, fashion, travel and portability. User-friendly...
  • & Specially designed: Pet wheelchairs are designed for the hind legs...
  • The foldable design is perfect for traveling
  • Bite-resistant material
  • Lightweight and adjustable model
  • Poor choice of color

Lxjmymx dog scooter is not only a pet wheelchair but also an efficient solution for rehabilitation training. The wheelchair’s design is perfect for traveling: it is foldable, lightweight, portable. Lxjmymx dog scooter supports the back legs of a pet. There are eight sizes for the dogs of different breeds so that you can find a suitable model for a dog of any size.

Even if you got wrong measurements, you still can adjust the height, weight, or length of this dog wheelchair. Lxjmymx pet wheelchair is a safe product that provides your buddy with proper assistance; with the help of this model, your dog will be able to move around, play with you, and even run.

Best WheelChairs for Small Dogs

Small Dog Wheelchair: Gfeu

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Small Dogs 11-25 Pounds -...
  • KEEPS YOUR DOG MOBILE & COMFORTABLE - Nothing makes our pets, with...
  • EASY TO STORE, TRANSPORT, AND CLEAN - Our Small dog wheelchairs can...
  • Made of aviation aluminum
  • Adjustable wheelchair for pets
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available only in small sizes

Gfeu is a comfy wheelchair for small-sized dogs with weak back legs. The manufacturer cares about your pet’s safety; therefore, it is made of quality material – aviation aluminum. The choice of the material and details also guarantees the durability and lightness of the product.

The Gfeu is recommended for both dogs and cats. This wheelchair is not rich in sizes, there are two of them, and both are for small-sized pets. XXS size will be perfect for the dogs of 6-17 pounds, while XS size is tailored for the dogs of 8.8-22 pounds. Note that due to buckle design, you use a traction rope so that you will not lose your buddy accidentally.

Small Back Legs wheelchair: Xxr

No products found.

  • Good for puppies and small-sized adult dogs
  • Foldable and suitable for traveling
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable
  • There is only one color
  • Ideal for small-sized dogs only

Xxr wheelchair for small pets is an excellent product for adult dogs and puppies. There are two sizes: XS and S. You can easily install this model. As long as you can disassemble the wheelchair whenever you need it, it is an excellent variant for the trips.

For the sake of your companion’s comfort, the manufacturer made a fully adjustable item: you can vary the height, width, and length of the wheelchair. Xxr offers new opportunities for the small-sized dog with limited moving capacity. Besides, the XXR wheelchair allows your buddy to rehabilitate itself with the help of this product.

Small WheelChair for Dogs: Whyzb

No products found.

  • Soft harness
  • Adjustable design
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Sustainable and strong frame
  • Poor choice of colors
  • The price is higher than the average

The Whyzb manufacturer presents a wheelchair for small-sized doggies that will change their life for the best. With the help of this model, your pet will be able to enjoy its routine activities, including running, walking, and playing around.

Whyzb item supports the hind legs of a dog so that it can stay mobile in case of certain health conditions. The construction itself is lightweight and durable due to aluminum material.

The wheels are made of dense foam, preventing punctures. You can transport this Whyzb model for small dogs or store them when needed. You can also wash all the wheelchair’s parts with no problems. Whyzb offers several sizes for small dogs: XXS, XS, S, and XS+. All the sizes are adjustable.

Small Pet Wheelchair: Axcw

No products found.

  • Four small sizes
  • Buckle design
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight wheelchair
  • Poor color palette
  • Not cheap

Axcw for small pets is a proper way to show your love to a dog. The manufacturer offers four size variants, which are XXS, XXXS, X-small, and small. Aluminum alloy is a high-class material that makes the item durable and lightweight.

Azcw’s wheels are made of dense foam to prevent accidental punctures; besides, there are unique pedals to ensure safe movement. Note that with the Axcw wheelchair you can use a leash thanks to the buckle on top. Those of you who travel a lot will appreciate that this model is easy to install; the removable parts make it convenient to store and transport the wheelchair.

Small Dog Wheelchair: Lxjymx

LXJYMX Dog Wheelchair/Dog Scooter/hind Limb Disabled Wheelchair/pet...
  • Every pet is the owner's beloved baby, but what if your pet has a...
  • Wheelchairs are tailor-made. Please measure the size of your pet item...
  • & Specially designed: Pet wheelchairs are designed for the hind legs...
  • Four small sizes
  • You can easily adjust the model
  • Made of high-class material
  • Poor choice of colors

Lxjymx wheelchair can considerably improve the quality of a dog’s life in case it suffers from some physical disability. The model is tailored for the dogs of small size, there are XXXS, XXS, XS, S, XSS sizes available for purchase.

The adjustable design of the wheelchair allows pet owners to regulate the length, height, and width to fit your companion’s body. This small dog wheelchair supports the back legs of a pet so that it can enjoy everyday dog activities such as running, playing, or walking.

The construction is safe for your dog and made of quality materials. Lxjymx dog scooter model will serve well and become the right training wheelchair for faster recovery.

Best Budget Dog WheelChairs

Cheap Dog Wheelchair: Delipop

DELIPOP Sport Adjustable Pet Dog Wheelchair, Hind Legs Rehabilitation...
  • Each pet is the owner of the beloved baby, This Special Design...
  • Wheelchair wheel is bearing wheel,Small friction and light weight and...
  • S/M/L three Size For you choose , Please confirm the size details...
  • The price is affordable
  • Three sizes are available
  • An adjustable model
  • Average quality material

Delipop sport adjustable wheelchair for dogs can become a favorite training car for your buddy. The model is lightweight, accurate, and very compact. The wheelchair will make it possible for your dog to walk and run again. You will have no problems with the installation of the Delipop dog wheelchair. There are three sizes available, which are S, M, and L.

Do not worry about the size as you can always regulate it to suit your pet’s body. Delipop is fully adjustable, meaning that the weight, height, and length can be changed accordingly. The model is collapsible, so you can disassemble it in case you need it no longer or decide to take your canine for a trip.

Budget WheelChair for Dog: Yinrunx

No products found.

  • Veterinarian approved
  • An adjustable wheelchair
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Poor size choice

A pretty Yinrunx pet walking cart is another budget variant for the dog owners. Despite the price, the wheelchair is made of a high-quality aluminum frame so that you can be sure that the product will serve you long. The item is lightweight, meaning that your canine will experience a comfortable walk without much effort.

Besides, the rubber-treated foam wheels prevent unexpected punctures. A Yinrunx wheelchair is perfect for the canines with the following parameters: 6.6-33 lbs in weight, 7.5-13.8 inches in height, and 5.5-8.6 inches in width. You can still arrange the construction’s size, as it is fully adjustable.

Cheap WheelChair for Dogs: Heepdd

No products found.

  • A budget model
  • A lightweight wheelchair
  • You can use a rope with this item
  • Only XXS size is available

A budget wheelchair for small canines- Heepdd is another variant for your dog. There is only one size available, which is XXS. However, the wheelchair is fully adjustable, so you can regulate it as you want. Heepdd is suitable for the dogs that are 6.3-9.5 inches in height, 3.5-5.9 inches in width, and weight around 6-18 pounds.

Lightweight aluminum material ensures the model’s durability. Importantly, this buckle design of the wheelchair provides an opportunity to use the rope so that your companion does not get lost. Heepdd wheelchair for your buddy is an excellent way to show your attentiveness, as this construction will considerably ease your buddy’s life and lead an active life.

Budget WheelChair: Leermart

No products found.

  • Made of durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Four variants for the small-sized canines
  • Affordable price
  • Unsophisticated design

Leermart wheelchair for handicapped canines will help your pet to improve its health state faster. The manufacturer uses a first-class lightweight aluminum for this budget model. Due to quality material, the wheelchair is convenient for the dogs during the walks, running, or when they play around.

Leermart wheelchair is all about comfort: the wheels are pneumatic, the shoulder harness is made of neoprene and soft pads. Also, the manufacturer used only soft materials for the built-in double rear harness.

The harnesses are fully adjustable. There are four sizes for small pets: XXS, XS, XS+, and Small sizes. Leermart adjustable wheelchair is tailored to help your pet overcome the rehabilitation period.

Cheap WheelChair: HiHydro

HiHydro Dog Wheelchair for Handicapped Hind Legs Small...
  • Avoid not fitting your dog, please measure your dog size before buying...
  • Our dog wheelchair is made of light weight aluminum frame, this can...
  • Easy adjustable for the height and width in accordance with dog's body...
  • User-friendly design
  • Lightweight wheelchair for canines
  • HiHydro is easy to adjust
  • Only small sizes are available

HiHydro wheelchair for your buddy is a fancy and helpful item. This model is comparatively cheap and has many advantages. First of all, HiHydro is adjustable. You may not define the right size of the wheelchair you need, so you must be able to regulate the height, weight, and length of it. A user-friendly design creates a pleasant experience for your buddy.

HiHydro is easy to install, and if you decide to take your dog for a trip – you can disassemble the wheelchair without problems. There are two sizes: XS (for the height 7.87”-13.77”) and S (for the height 13.7”-19.6”). Make the right measurements before buying the wheelchair so that your companion can feel what it is like to run around and have fun!

Important Features to Consider

Type of wheels

While searching for the best dog wheelchair, make sure that the model has quality wheels. Your dog is going to explore nature and neighborhoods. Thus, it is essential to have the wheels that will not puncture just like that.

The wheels should be rubber-treated and made of dense foam. Some manufacturers offer pneumatic wheels, which is also a good idea. Besides, pay attention to the surface of the wheels: it should not be slippery as it would be hard for you canine to move with the wheelchair.


It is hard to find a dress that will fit you perfectly. The same holds for the dog wheelchairs. Make precise measurements before buying the wheelchair.

At the same time, check whether the model you purchase is adjustable or not. The chances are that you may need to regulate the width, length, or height of the construction. Therefore, it is better to ask the seller about the model’s adjustability in the beginning.


Most of the wheelchairs are made of lightweight aluminum. Such material ensures a comfortable load for the pet, on the one hand. On the other hand, aluminum is also a durable material that makes the construction stable.

For a dog that suffers from a particular health condition, the construction must not be too heavy. Your pet should feel comfortable while moving in the wheelchair that is supposed to help it and not makes its life harder.


The collapsibility of wheelchairs is a feature that is more important for the pet owners than their canines. A collapsible model is advantageous in two cases. First, you would appreciate a foldable wheelchair during transportation or traveling.

Secondly, your companion would get well sooner or later, and you will have to put it somewhere. For that reason, it is a huge plus if you decide to take a wheelchair that can be disassembled in a moment.


What Is a Dog Wheelchair, and How Does It Work?

A dog wheelchair is a custom-tailored construction for the canines which suffer from specific hind leg or spinal conditions. Some of these diseases include hip dysplasia, spinal issues, weak limbs, arthritis, amputations, and paralysis.

In most cases, it does not require much time to get acquainted with a wheelchair. The construction itself is made of two wheels, shoulder support, and a double-rear harness. Some wheelchair models have a buckle design so that you can use the rope during the walks.

The wheels serve as a dog’s hind legs making it possible for the canine to accelerate the recovery process. Your pet will be able to play, walk, run, and even bath with a new wheelchair!

How Much Does a Dog Wheelchair Cost?

The marketplace offers hundreds of wheelchair models; your task is to know what features interest you the most. As for the price, there are many variants for you as well.

Starting from the budget models (around $55) and up to some fancy price ones ($200 or more), you can get what you need. There are other several aspects that affect the price. For instance, the material of the frame, shoulder support, and harness influence the cost the most. If it is a wheelchair for large breeds, the cost will also be higher.

How Do You Care for a Paralyzed Dog?

A dog is often a full-fledged member of a family, and, naturally, you want to do everything you can to improve your paralyzed canine’s life better. If your pet, for some reason, is no longer able to move, get ready for more responsibilities.

From the moment your buddy becomes paralyzed, you must find out about all possible effective therapeutic methods. As an owner, you will take care of bathing; maybe you will have to help with bladder expression. A wheelchair is critical for a paralyzed canine as it can make your dog’s life so much easier!

This construction improves not only the physical but also the psychological health of a pet.

How to Make a Dog Wheelchair?

There are many DIY schemes on the Internet for those of you who are eager to make a wheelchair with your own hands. You can purchase some details or use something that you already have. Watch several different tutorials to understand the possible variants of the self-made wheelchairs better.

The main idea that unites all the DIY wheelchair schemes is that there should be two wheels and a frame with shoulder support. Consider the material, as the construction should be both light and robust. You must get the frame, quality foam wheels, harness, or straps.

A big plus of the DIY wheelchair for a dog is that it will suit your pet perfectly and meet all its needs. Besides, you can decorate it the way you and your buddy like.