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The Best GPS Dog Trackers & Collars (2020 Reviews)

February 4, 2021
The Best GPS Dog Trackers & Collars (2020 Reviews)

Firstly, to help you make the right choice of a dog tracking system, we reviewed numerous best dog GPS trackers and collars options available online and picked up the most reliable and functional ones.

Secondly, we read numerous reviews of dog trackers, checked the list of functions and features available in each case, and even used some of those on our dogs. Thus, our team has compiled a list of the smart dog collars that are truly worth their price.

Similarly, when it comes to complete control of the dog in the kit to the tracker, it is advisable to purchase an automatic dog door.

Further, here is the full list of best dog tracking device. Now we want to present DogPages top dog tracking systems.

Best Dog GPS Tracker 2020: Whistle 3 Pet Tracker

Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey
5,184 Reviews
Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey
  • New Whistle models available: Whistle go explore and Whistle go
  • Nationwide location tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location with this...
  • Proactive alerts: get text, app or email notifications when your pet...


  • Email, app, and text notifications
  • Tracking of daily activity to keep your animal in shape
  • A long-lasting battery (live for up to 7 days)
  • Waterproof case
  • Fast and precise tracking thanks to GPS for pets, Wi-Fi, and mobile connection


  • Works in the AT&T network (US) only
  • Has a monthly subscription fee
  • Requires a consistent cellular reception

First of all, Whistle 3 is an award-winning pet tracking device. Secondly, it is the first because Whistle 3 is the best GPS collar for dogs in 2020.

However, for a moderate subscription fee of $6.95 per month, you get a possibility of continuous online tracking of your pet’s activities. Further, with a weight of less than 1 ounce, it doesn’t cause any discomfort to a dog.

Similarly, this pet tracker allows to control the pet’s activity level, set goals, and track the progress on the screen of a smartphone. Additionally, an interesting option is drawing the dog’s daily route on a map so that you could check it in the evening.

Although this is the best dog GPS collar from the point of functionality, there are a couple of drawbacks. Especially, Whistle 3 is available only in the US, meaning the collar’s GPS covers the US territory only.

World Wide Coverage GPS Tracker for Dogs:

Best Worldwide Coverage GPS Dog Collar: Tractive GPS XL

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited...
1,272 Reviews
Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited...
  • Subscription Plan needed – starting at only $ 4. 99/ month with...
  • Tractive Dog GPS tracker – lightweight & waterproof GPS tracking...
  • Live tracking with your Tractive Dog Finder – pinpoint the real-time...


  • The rechargeable battery lasts for 6 weeks
  • Worldwide tracking
  • Tracking in real-time
  • The waterproof case of GPS dog system


  • No unlimited plan is available
  • Bulkier and heavier than the counterparts
  • A mobile app is a sort of cropped

First, Tractive GPS Dog Locator comes in 5 variations. Secondly, as the name suggests, the XL option is intended for large and ultra-large dog breeds.

Meanwhile, the recommended dog size is 40 lbs and above. Further, the weight of the device itself is 4 Oz. Additionally, it is larger and heavier than its counterparts.

Thus, equipped with a more powerful battery that can live up to 6 days. However, for the subscription fee, there are 5 pricing plans available. The cheapest one is $4 per month.

Black Worldwide Coverage Dog Tracker: Tomlov

TOMLOV 4G GPS Tracker, Collar Real-Time GPS Tracking with Voice...
2 Reviews
TOMLOV 4G GPS Tracker, Collar Real-Time GPS Tracking with Voice...
  • 4G PET Tracker: The Dog supports 4G-FDD, 3G-WCDMA, 2G-GSM, inserts...
  • GPS+WiFi Positioning: GPS Global satellite positioning, outdoor...
  • GPS+WiFi Fence: when the GPS anti-lost device enters or exits the...


  • Precise and fast positioning
  • Comes with a friendly and useful mobile app
  • Safe zones, geo fences, and voice monitoring
  • Works in any country around the world


  • Too big for the smallest dog breeds
  • The collar irritates the skin of some pets

Firstly, precise positioning, voice monitoring, and history routing are some of the standout features of this device. Plus, the dog GPS collar is available in black and brown – they both look great on any dog breed.

However, while they’ll be very comfortable for larger and medium-sized pets, for smaller pooches, they might be a bit too loose. Likewise, this is a waterproof pet tracker.

Meanwhile, TOMLOV GPS, and, as mentioned, boasts near-perfect positioning. Additionally, with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi, Beidou, LBS, and AGPS, it achieves impressive results in pinpointing the furry’s location.

And by listening in to what’s happening around the dog, you’ll feel like you’re standing next to it. Besides, the mobile app always keeps the owner “in the loop” and sends an alarm whenever the pet leaves the safe zone.

Yes, you can manually set up safe zones and create geofences with the app. Meanwhile, the TOMLOV 4G dog waterproof tracker can be used in Northern America, Europe, Asia, and pretty much the entire planet.

However, no subscription is required to use it. Moreover, the device weighs 70 grams and the battery will serve for up to 5 days. Besides, the collar is known to make some dogs feel uncomfortable, though.

GPS Collar Dog Tracker: Mishiko GPS Dog Collar

BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker, 2-Way Audio, Water...
285 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker, 2-Way Audio, Water...
  • GPS & Activity Tracking - Always know the exact location of your best...
  • Customizable Geofence Zones - Use the app to trace safety zones around...
  • 2-Way Audio - Stay connected with your dog from anywhere! With 2-way...


  • A rechargeable battery (gets only 3 hours to be recharged)
  • Package includes a wireless charger
  • The lightweight and waterproof case
  • AI-based obesity diagnostic instrument
  • Possibility to set up activity goals and fitness programs


  • The battery life is average
  • The tracker tends to lose a GPS signal
  • A mobile app is a sort of cumbersome

Firstly, a substantial advantage of this smart collar with a GPS smart tracker is its unlimited subscription plan – for around $122 you get the tracer plus an unlimited lifetime subscription.

First of all, with a weight of 1.14 Oz, it is a bit heavier than Whistle 3 but still compact and lightweight for dogs of all sizes. Second, it allows real-time tracking and physical activity monitoring via a mobile app.

Besides, the Battery life can reach 2-3 days, which is not as great as 7 days claimed by Whistle 3. But with a wireless charger (included), recharging makes no trouble.

Moreover, the Mishiko GPS collar accurately defines where your pet is and supported in 150 countries. Meanwhile, the Good news is that the Mishiko GPS collar service plan is unlimited!

No Monthly Fee GPS Dog Tracker: Findster Duo

No products found.


  • A range of up to 3 miles in the open field
  • The battery life from 12 hours up to 7 days
  • No subscription fee
  • No SIM card and no cell coverage required
  • Works in all countries of the world


  • The range decreases severely in dense areas
  • When switching to the active tracking mode you need to stay near the pet
  • Doesn’t suit for indoor or remote tracking

First of all, the Findster Duo is an electronic dog collar without a subscription! Moreover, Findster Duo+ can work without a SIM card, and even without cell coverage.

Moreover, Pet tracker uses a proprietary MAZE technology, which provides a real-time free GPS connection. Likewise, it tracks your pet at a distance of up to 3 miles outdoors and monitors its activity level on the screen of your smartphone.

Besides, the tracker is lightweight (0.8 Oz.) and compact. Likewise, being completely waterproof, it suits all types of outdoor activities. Further, an easy-to-use app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Moreover, this is a great pet tracker for indoor use to keep tabs on the pet while you’re working or traveling.

Lightweight Worldwide Coverage Dog Tracker: FXQIN

Dog GPS Tracker, Anti Lost Pets Collar – Lightweight and Waterproof...
  • ◆ SECURITY SCOPE - Set the security range on the mobile APP...
  • ◆ WATERPROOF WITH APP TRACKING - Only waterproof GPS tracker and...


  • Lightning-fast tracking and positioning
  • Compatible with most popular mobile/desktop systems
  • Low-battery alarm, back-tracking
  • Broad coverage, no additional charges


  • Available in S and L, but not extra-small and extra-large
  • Not the best material quality

Firstly, as the name suggests, we have another water-resistant and exceptionally lightweight dog tracker here. Second, the dog GPS system works in real-time and notifies the user of the pet’s movements.

Meanwhile, thanks to advanced tech and the utilization of various networks, this dog GPS tracker is very quick at finding your furry friend. Besides, the app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and can be installed in two clicks.

However, the standby time is around 120 hours, and there’s an alert set to activate when the battery’s charge gets low. Further, you will get a message when it goes lower than 20%.

And, much like most of the previous entries, this lightweight and waterproof dog tracking collar logs the last 90 days. Additionally, you can use this to find a lost pet by re-tracking its movements.

For example, extensive coverage, availability in numerous countries around the world, and the lack of an additional fee turn this device into a solid pick.

Moreover, the FXQIN dog tracker weighs 200 grams (7 oz) and won’t be a burden to your pet. Thus, the safe zones, in turn, keep the animal under surveillance 24/7 and won’t ever let it out of their sight.

Meanwhile, our biggest complaint is the material quality. However, it’s not horrible, but still, below-average for the market.

Best Budget GPS Dog Trackers

Top Budget Dog Tracker: TSXFY

No products found.


  • Stretches can be adjusted to pet’s neck
  • The LED light has 3 modes
  • Doesn’t waste much energy


  • It tends to run large
  • Not too sturdy for intensive use on large and stubborn dogs

Firstly, Pet tags are, probably, the cheapest solution for dog tracking. Secondly, one of the best GPS for dogs is a waterproof nylon collar with LED lighting, which is ideal for attaching a pet GPS tag, such as Dynotag.

However, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS module; instead, it serves as an unusual collar with customizable LED lighting and reflective strips of various colors. Further, it comes in three sizes, and its total length varies from 13 to 26.3 inches. 

Please, note this is plain a GPS pet collar! It does feature a dog GPS system, but for better control, we recommend Whistle 3 Pet Tracker.

Cheap Dog GPS Tag: Dynotag

PetDwelling Stainless Steel Value Pack Scannable Pet ID Tag Links to...
17 Reviews
PetDwelling Stainless Steel Value Pack Scannable Pet ID Tag Links to...
  • Made of Nontoxic Zinc Alloy, epoxy coating for long-lasting QR code...
  • Free Services Included: Pet profile page with picture, contact info,...
  • Setup and Use: Tap NFC, Scan QR code or Enter URL to activate tag and...


  • The waterproof case made of stainless steel
  • No electronic tags and batteries
  • GPS Dog Tag has a lifetime warranty
  • Visitor log stored in the personal account


  • The metal plate can irritate the skin
  • If your pup is lost, you have nothing to do but rely on those who will find it

First of all, one of the most popular products in its category. Second, this GPS dog tag is an excellent low-budget option. Also, Dynotag is one of the few GPS tags with passive GPS technology.

However, activate the tag on the backside of the coin, and enter the contact information. In other words, as soon as a person finds the lost dog scans the QR code, they would be able to contact you.

Alternatively, one can visit a personal web-page via any web-browser, even without a smartphone. Moreover, a convenient option is a private web-page where you can store all important information about your pet and even protect it with a password if needed.

Anti-Lost GPS Dog System: TKSTAR Anti-lost GPS

TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker GPS Finder Locator for Pet...
16 Reviews
TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker GPS Finder Locator for Pet...
  • ★Multi-Function --- Access the units location via the APP or Website...
  • ★Fast GPS Location --- Texting the device or the option for 3-second...
  • ★GPS and Location Based Service --- Mini GPS Tracker GPS Finder...


  • Battery standby time is 7-10 days
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Fully rechargeable


  • Tends to lose the GPS signal on longer distances

First, this dog tracker by TKSTAR only weighs 30 grams. Second, the package also includes a collar, one USB cable (for recharging the battery), and a user’s manual.

Plus, this waterproof GPS collar for dogs has all the features that we’ve already discussed. Besides, accurate positioning, geo-fencing, historical routing, and a low-battery alarm are all part of the picture.

However, thanks to a positioning accuracy of 5 meters and support of all the leading networks, the TKSTAR GPS tracking system achieves impressive results.

Meanwhile, safe zones can also be set, and they can be quite small (like the size of a regular room). That’s it – the TKSTAR anti-lost GPS dog collar doesn’t have any standout features compared to the rivals.

At the same time, it’s a decent offer and might be a good pick for you.

Cheap GPS Dog Tracker: Tilec

Tile Pro (2018) - 2-pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) - Discontinued by...
2,423 Reviews
Tile Pro (2018) - 2-pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) - Discontinued by...
  • Ring your things: Use your smartphone to make your tile pro ring when...
  • Find your phone: Can't find your phone? Simply double press the Tile...
  • Activate community find: If your Tile Pro is far away, let other Tile...


  • Very small and lightweight
  • Tile community can help you find your dog
  • The battery is replaceable and lasts for one year
  • Loud sound signal


  • The distance is short (only 300 feet)
  • The customer support is bad
  • The chime button on the tracker is very sensitive

Firstly, this simple dog tracker by Tile with a pleasant design weighs only 15 grams. Secondly, that’s why it is perfectly suitable for both large and small dogs.

Meanwhile, Tracker comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery that is guaranteed to work for one year after you activate it. Besides, this dog collar with GPS is controlled from the phone – you need to download a free app and connect Tile to it.

Moreover, the distance between the tracker and the mobile device must not exceed 300 feet. Otherwise, the connection will be lost.

However, there is a Tile community within your app. Likewise, if your dog ran away too far, you can ask other users to see its location since they can access your Tile with their apps.

Thus, you can find your pet with the help of others. Besides, if the dog is within 300 feet, you can send a loud signal to its Tile to summon your pet.

Best GPS Dog Trackers For Large Dogs

Garmin Dog Tracker: Garmin Astro 900

Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle, GPS Sporting Dog Tracking for Up...
29 Reviews
Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle, GPS Sporting Dog Tracking for Up...
  • Track up to 20 dogs with the 2.6” color display; pair with T 9 dog...
  • 2.5-second update rate provides faster location tracking when dogs are...
  • High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception has the ability...


  • Offers both GPS and GLONASS satellite reception
  • TOPO mapping for users from the US and southern Canada
  • The tracker can work for 48 hours
  • Additional features for hunting dogs


  • The speed of the data transfer decreases if the battery is low
  • The tracker can’t be connected to the mobile device
  • Quite expensive

Firstly, to choose the best tracker for dogs by Garmin, we bought and tested all of them. Eventually, we were left with the two best options – Astro 430 and Astro 900.

Besides, we watched a paring video between GPS dog collar Astro 430 and Astro 900. However, we picked the second one because Astro 430 is way more expensive, yet it doesn’t have many more features than Astro 900.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided that those extra features Astro 430 has are not worth the extra $200.

In addition, this dog tracker is meant to be used during hunting. Further, it tracks the speed of the dog, the distance, and time. Thus, you can improve your training.

 Astro 900Dog gadget

First, this dog tracker weighs around 250 grams, and its battery can work for up to 48 hours. However, you should note that the lower the battery is, the longer it takes for the tracker to send the data to your handheld device.

Meanwhile, you can connect up to 20 collars to the handheld device, and all of them can be tracked only with it. Besides, the tracker is enhanced with high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception.

Therefore, it will capture the location even in difficult areas. Besides, even when your pet goes out of the safe zone (the territory it allowed to investigate), this tracking collar will find your furry friend.

However, the US and southern Canada citizens get access to preloaded TOPO mapping.

Compact GPS Tracker For Large Dog: YLYBDDD

No products found.


  • Geo fence, safe zones
  • 24/7 real-time tracking
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Not limited to a single country/region
  • No need to be subscribed to use the device


  • Below-average battery strength
  • A bit too expensive compared to rivals

First of all, it is available in black and white, the YLYBDDD GPS dog tracking system and the smart locating device might be right up your alley. Second, it works with LBS and GPS satellites, which allows it to keep tabs on the pet 24/7.

However, the mobile app includes low-battery, geofence, and safe zone alarms. Plus, the key finder feature can track and locate not only dogs, but also keys, cards, wallets, and more.

Meanwhile, with a total weight of 40 grams (1.41 oz), it won’t be a burden for the pet and looks pretty cool on any breed. Such as from a small Chihuahua to a mighty Boerboel.

Plus, it fits all types and shapes, thanks to the smart sizing system. Besides, it would, of course, be a good idea to try it on your four-legged friend before buying, though.

However, the battery inside of the YLYBDD tracker for dogs lasts for 70 hours (that’s an average estimate) and can be charged.

In addition, the coverage is another reason to consider this device for your pooch. As mentioned, it works not only with GPS but also with other satellites.

Furthermore, that allows it to cover most of the planet and to track the pet no matter where you go. Besides, there’s no subscription fee, which makes it that much more appealing to the regular users.

Large Lightweight Dog GPS Tracker: Pet Safety Tracker

Lightweight Pet GPS Tracker, GSM/GPRS/GPS Pet Safety Tracker...
  • ▼ GET IN/OUT OF SAFE ZONE ALERTS - Create multiple safe zones in any...
  • ▼ LOW POWER ALARM - When the low power reminds the locator that the...
  • ▼ LIVE TRACKING - Whether you have a kitty that wanders at night or...


  • Real-time locating, footprint tracking
  • Waterproof (not “swim-proof,” though)
  • Fully rechargeable, high-capacity battery
  • Voice Monitoring, stores movement info for 90 days


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Only works in the United States

Firstly, with the help of this dog GPS tracker, you can set up several safe zones in any place, regardless of the size. Second, the tracker automatically follows the pet’s movements and sends alerts when the furry friend leaves the safe zones.

And, since this is a lightweight pet GPS tracker, the animal won’t even feel it’s on. Meanwhile, as for the battery, it’s not only big and long-lasting but also fully rechargeable.

Besides, you’ll get a warning on your phone when the charge drops below 20%. In addition, speaking of the phone, GPS for dogs by FXQIN is fully compatible with most modern-day Smartphones.

So, don’t hesitate to use yours to keep an eye on the dog 24/7. Further, live tracking means the pup is always “under the spotlight,” 24/7.

Meanwhile, the list of extra features includes voice monitoring and historical routes. Moreover, VC allows the owner to set up a phone number and listen in to what’s happening around the collar.

Besides, the HR, in turn, keeps logs of the previous 90 days, granting access to the movement history during the past within those three months.

However, the biggest downside of this lightweight tracking collars for dogs is that it only works in the US. Also, there’s no subscription fee, but you won’t get a signal outside of America.

Large Poor Gps Dog Tracker: PaJau Dog GPS Collar

No products found.


  • Water- and dust-proof
  • Can be used without a subscription
  • Decent coverage


  • The battery is very weak (only up to 8-9 hours)
  • Won’t fit an L-/XL-sized dog

First of all, as one of the most forward-thinking companies on the market, PaJau decided to go with a trendy design. Second, this dog tracker looks and feels very up-to-date and can be “fine-tuned” to fit on your pup’s neck perfectly.

However, it won’t be of much use if your pet is bigger than average. On the bright side, this is one of the most lightweight PaJau GPS (118g).

Meanwhile, the dog collar is available in three distinctive colors: black, white, and blue. Likewise, they are all made of high-quality materials and will last for ages.

Besides, like all the other trackers we reviewed earlier, you can create safe zones using the mobile app. Further, the second the pooch leaves the limits of that zone, an alert will notify you of that.

In addition, the app tracks not only the pet’s current location but also the place where it’s been recent. All in all, the PaJau GPS dog tracker might be a good pick if you put style and usability above everything else.

Meanwhile, it adds decent coverage (available not only in the US, but also in most European and Asian countries), and you’ll get a bargain. However, the company doesn’t charge the owners, either.

Nonetheless, too bad the battery is weaker than in other similar products and can only work for 8-9 hours straight.

Large Dog Tracker with Black Decker GPS Tracker

BLACK+DECKER SC01MM00101001 Smart Dog Collar, Violet
285 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER SC01MM00101001 Smart Dog Collar, Violet
  • GPS & Activity Tracking - Always know the exact location of your best...
  • Customizable Geofence Zones - Use the app to trace safety zones around...
  • 2-Way Audio - Stay connected with your dog from anywhere! With 2-way...


  • Available in six different colors
  • 2-way audio
  • Water-resistant
  • The battery works for seven days straight


  • Requires a subscription plan
  • No unlimited plans are available

Firstly, this 8 ounces dog tracker can be bought in violet or black colors. Second, it comes with an advanced, highly precise chip that can track your pet in real-time.

However, even when the signal is weak (like in a dense environment), you should expect accurate positioning. Likewise, this is a long-range GPS pet tracker.

Also, it prevails in over-crowded urban areas, which can’t be said about most rivals. Likewise, the tracker works dependent upon 2g coverage. However, check your cover with the 2g coverage map.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that the Black smart dog tracker can’t work out of the USA! Besides, it has low energy consumption and a battery that lasts for 7 days, and this might be what you’re looking for.

Besides, remote pickup, continuous, real-time tracking, and the waterproof design are even more reasons to consider purchasing this Black Decker smart tracker for Dog.

Additionally, with a GPS accuracy of 5m-50m (16-164 ft) and the ability to check back the tracking history, you won’t have any problems with finding your pet.

Furthermore, by using the monitoring center, it is possible to track back one full year (!) – that’s a big pro. Moreover, voice monitoring, a power-saving mode, safe zones, lightweight, and compatibility with Google maps are also a part of the package.

However, there’s a subscription fee ($4 / month): the Black Decker dog tracker won’t work without it.

Large Real-Time Dog Tracker For Dogs: Locator Finder

GPS Pet Tracker, Real Time Dogs Cats Locator Finder, Waterproof Alarm...
  • 1.GPS, LBS real-time positioning .
  • 2.Footprints: record history route and check the history of route on...
  • 3.Watch removed and low power alarm


  • No subscription fee
  • Route history
  • Low-battery alarm


  • Only operates in the United States
  • No safe zones/geofences

First of all, as the name suggests, this is a real-time dog tracker by SEADOSHOPPING with a long-range and several useful features. Secondly, it utilizes the capabilities of both GPS and LBS.

Plus, it is waterproof and can withstand the harshest rain. Besides, as a real-time GPS, it can also record the route history. Thus, that allows the owner to back-track the pet’s movements.

Meanwhile, the battery’s capacity is average, and you will get a message whenever the charge gets low. Meanwhile, there’s no subscription required, meaning you can use the device for as long as you want for free.

Hence, that’s pretty much it for the pros of this real-time tracker for dogs.

However, what about the cons, you might ask? Well, first of all, there are no safe zones, meaning you won’t get alarms when the animal gets far away/leaves home.

Secondly, tracking is only available if you’re living in the United States. Meanwhile, SEADOSHOPPING is a US-based company, and that explains it. Still, we would’ve liked to see cross-nation coverage.

With that said, if you do reside in the States, this real-time locator for dogs may be a good pick for you.

Large Luxury Dog Locator: Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Dog Collar

Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Additional Blue Receiver 4-Mile 21-Dog...
49 Reviews
Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Additional Blue Receiver 4-Mile 21-Dog...
  • ADDITIONAL RECEIVER ONLY: The PATHFINDER MINI additional receiver is...
  • 4-MILE RANGE: The PATHFINDER MINI receiver is built with GPS and can...
  • TRACKING: The PATHFINDER MINI receiver provides a fast,...


  • Can simultaneously track 21 dogs
  • The package includes a collar and a GPS connector
  • Compatible with the original Pathfinder
  • Four-mile range


  • Most extra features are not for the regular users
  • A bit too expensive

First, this is available in black, green, blue, and orange. Secondly, the Pathfinder GPS dog collar is a pretty powerful device. Meanwhile, you don’t get the connector but also the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS dog collar.

In addition, the owners can switch between three modes: terrain, satellite, and normal. Furthermore, there are also several map options.

Similarly, in the Offline mode, there are no additional fees (it is available through the Pathfinder app on your phone).

Moreover, in the 2-second update mode, it will be effortless to track an animal even in the most challenging environment. Nonetheless, when it comes to a GPS dog collar, Amazon is full of various offers.

But, again, this is more than just a collar. Besides, the Pathfinder receiver can track 21 dogs all at the same time. Meanwhile, for live-tracking, the powerful zooming function is quite useful, as well.

Additionally, the Dogtra GPS Pathfinder dog tracker allows creating geofences and customizing them to your liking. Finally, this device uses audible tones and electric stimulation for dog tracking and training.

In short, there are 100+ stimulation levels, which gives you a high degree of control over the dog.

Best GPS Trackers for Small Dogs

Top Small Dog GPS Tracker 2020: Hangang

Pet Tracker,Hangang Pet GPS Tracker for Dog, The 2nd Generation Anti-...
41 Reviews
Pet Tracker,Hangang Pet GPS Tracker for Dog, The 2nd Generation Anti-...
  • ★ SUBSCRIPTION PLAN NEEDED: Need a 2G/GSM SIM card which has a...
  • ★ Tracking Range: Linking to the Google Map, any location can be...
  • ★ Free APP and Web Tracking Platform: You can real time tracking on...


  • Very small and lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Allows creating geofence zones
  • Allows communicating with the dog


  • The default collar fits dogs only above 5 lbs
  • The battery doesn’t last long

Firstly, this dog tracker by Hangang allows creating geofence zones – invisible fences that will limits a custom area. Second, once the dog leaves or enters this area, you will get a notification.

Also, you will not only see the current location of your puppy but the places where it was as well. Moreover, this tracker for dogs allows you to call your pet and communicate with it via the device.

Meanwhile, the lithium battery in this tracker lasts for 24 hours and can be charged. However, the pet tracker device is controlled via a dog app available for Android and iOS, and you will need to purchase a sim-card for this pet tracker.

In short, the default collar is suitable for dogs above 5 lbs.

Small Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker: LKDS

No products found.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Fence, vibration, mobile, and SOS alarms
  • Compatible with Gaode and Google
  • For dogs in the XS-XL range


  • Only works in the US
  • Requires a service plan (subscription) to operate

First of all, if you’re looking for a waterproof dog GPS tracker for your pooch, this one might be just the right pick. Secondly, the LKDS Waterproof tracker for dogs comes with an intelligent anti-lost system called the “Electronic fence.”

However, whenever your dog leaves the designated area, the device will send you an alarm. Further, it also notifies the user every time the pet enters the area. And, the radius of the “fence” can be set through the user-friendly app.

Besides, it is available both for desktop and mobile platforms. Yes, with the LKDS dog locator, the four-legged friend’s movements can be tracked through a modern-day phone.

Meanwhile, add accurate indoor multiple positioning, and you’ll see why this tracker is on our list.

Meanwhile, what does multiple positioning mean, you might ask? Well, when the dog is in the area, but there’s no signal, the Wi-Fi positioning option on the app will lend a helping hand.

In addition, this function works flawlessly within 10-20 meters, which should be more than enough to locate the furry animal. Furthermore, Full Gaode Map and Google support is another reason to consider buying this real-time dog tracker.

Meanwhile, with the powerful multi-map engine, you get a 360 view without any dead zones. Also, the LKDS tracker comes with extra-large batteries that work for three months in harsh conditions.

Sadly, it’s not supported outside of the States. And, you’ll need to subscribe to be able to use it. However, the monthly plan costs 6.95 dollars. Last, but not least, the tracker weighs 68 grams.

Small Paw Tracker: 3G GPS Dog Tracker

Talis-us Pet GPS Tracker, 3G Dog GPS Tracker and pet Finder The GPS...
26 Reviews
Talis-us Pet GPS Tracker, 3G Dog GPS Tracker and pet Finder The GPS...
  • NO MONTHLY FEES - Unlike other GPS pet locators, Talis-Umis GPS pet...
  • REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING & NOTIFICATION – The GPS pet finder utilizes...
  • WATERPROOF WITH APP TRACKING - Only waterproof GPS tracker and...


  • 100% waterproof
  • Real-time tracking
  • Wi-Fi safe zone, Geo-fence
  • LED sensor lights, low-battery alarm


  • No tracking without a constant cellular reception
  • Only AT&T-compatible (works exclusively in the US)
  • Paid, comes with a subscription fee

First, this Prime 3G GPS dog tracking system is waterproof, just like the previous one. However, it’s not suitable for soaking in the water (meaning you’ll have to take it off when swimming with the pet).

However, the good news is – the GPS tracker always keeps tags on the dog, and you can check its location instantly on your phone.

Besides, with Wi-Fi positioning accuracy of 5-50m approximately 16-164ft (only 5m with GPS positioning), it is very easy to locate an animal.

Meanwhile, we’re talking about both a safe zone and a geofence. Plus, this 3G GPS tracker for dogs features a cool LED sensor light.

Likewise, the list of cool extras also includes a low-battery alarm and a long standby time (80h standby; 4h talking time). Besides, the battery itself can work for 4-5 days straight. Furthermore, the 3G GPS dog collar weighs 30 grams.

However, the bad news is – it only operates within the American borders. So, if you’re located outside of the country, that will render the tracker useless. And, like in the case of most similar devices, there’s a subscription fee.

However, for only 4 dollars a month, you’ll be able to use all the features that we just discussed.

Small GPS Tracker for Dogs with No Monthly Fee: Bartum


  • No subscription fee is required
  • Fast, accurate positioning (easy and quick location)
  • Email, SMS, and app alerts
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof (even survives a swim)


  • No low-battery alarm
  • Won’t fit larger dogs

Here, we have an excellent alternative for people looking for a charge-free device. Yes, Bartum offers a small tracker for dogs with no monthly fee, and it’s also got some cool features.

First of all, it’s quite good at pinpointing the doggy’s location. Secondly, it’s available in 150+ countries around the globe. Similarly, that means you can take the pet on vacation and never worry about the tracker failing to work.

Moreover, with proactive alerts, the owner is always aware of the dog’s whereabouts. Likewise, these alerts are sent through the official app (the device is fully compatible with Android and iOS), text, and email.

Furthermore, this charge-free small dog GPS  has a powerful, long-lasting battery: it can serve non-stop for up to seven days.

Now, while the previous trackers aren’t fully waterproof, with this one, your dog can definitely go swimming. Meanwhile, according to the company, it easily handles 3 feet dive for 30 minutes straight.

And, the smart tracker quickly finds the pet even when it’s under the water. Finally, the app sends out constant health insights that allow you to monitor the pup’s activity/well-being.

Mini GPS Dog Tracker

No products found.


  • Three work modes
  • Equally fitted to track animals, people, and gadgets
  • Strong, durable battery
  • No subscription fees
  • Impressive coverage


  • Doesn’t include a collar

Firstly, here we have one of the best GPS dog collars offers on the market. Secondly, ZYWX created a universal device that can track not only animals but also humans (like little kids or older people).

But, let’s focus on whether it’s a solid choice for dog owners or not. First things first, this is a real-time tracker with historical routing. So, even if it fails to alarm you when the pet runs away, back-tracking will help to “hunt” it down.

Secondly, it includes features like voice monitoring (allows to listen in on what’s happening around the tracker) and emergency call. Next, the device can be switched between three work modes.

Besides, those include standard, rapid, and charge-saving positioning. Further, the monitoring system is 100% compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop computers.

In addition, the battery boasts a 5-day standby, and, according to the company, it’s 50% more durable than the peers. And yet, it only weighs 40g. Meanwhile, LBS is used for creating safe zones and indoor monitoring.

However, GPS, in turn, is suited for geofences and outdoor monitoring. Likewise, that’s why we’re calling it one of the best GPS tracking collars.

Also, add impressive coverage (works in 140+ countries) – that’s a winner. Besides, there are no fees for using this device.

Cute Small GPS Tracker: SPORS Pet GPS Locator

No products found.


  • The battery’s charge lasts for 170 hours
  • Lithium battery, easy to charge
  • Waterproof


Heavier than most rivals (400 grams)

  • No safe zones

First of all, available in pink and blue, the OMZBM pet GPS locator comes with a beautiful collar made of nylon. Secondly, the list of alarms includes over-speed, fence, SOS, mobile, and vibration.

However, the lithium battery, in turn, can last for 170 hours, which equals more than seven days. In addition, it is very easy to charge using an external USB. Furthermore, the tracker is waterproof, too.

Besides, you can shut it down remotely. Similarly, the standout features are real-time tracking, location history, and voice monitoring. Also, this device is 100% free of additional charges, by the way.

However, it’s a bit heavy (400 grams). While that might not sound like a lot to you, for a small dog, it will pose a mild inconvenience. Similarly, for larger dogs, in turn, the collar will probably be slightly tight.

On top of that, there are no safe zones/geofences, which is rather strange for such a high-quality product. Still, most GPS dog collar reviews give it a high enough rating for the list of pros, and we agree with that.

Besides, if you put the battery, ease of charge, and good looks first, SPORS will probably be a good deal for you. If not, for a dog GPS locator, we recommend looking elsewhere.

Mini GPS Tracker for the USA: SPORS Personal GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited...
1,272 Reviews
Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited...
  • Subscription Plan needed – starting at only $ 4. 99/ month with...
  • Tractive Dog GPS tracker – lightweight & waterproof GPS tracking...
  • Live tracking with your Tractive Dog Finder – pinpoint the real-time...


  • Anti-lost alarm system
  • Tracking history (for 3 months)
  • Trendy design; fits small dogs perfectly
  • Highly precise: Wi-Fi, four satellite GPS, Beidou, LBS, AGPS
  • Voice monitoring


  • The range decreases in cities/dense areas
  • The mobile app isn’t as polished as in the rivals

Firstly, people use this device to track dogs, sheep, and other domesticated animals. Secondly, the design deserves a round of applause, as it looks slick while being highly comfortable and easy to wear.

Meanwhile, this GPS collar for dogs is available in black and grey. Besides, it is ideal for smaller pets and will suit average-sized pooches. With that said, you might want to try it out on your pet before committing to it.

However, the Tractive 3G GPSdog’s smart collar allows the owner to listen in to what’s going on around the furry friend. Plus, it keeps tracking the history of the last three months.

Likewise, the intelligent anti-lost system (safety fence), in turn, sends an alarm to your mobile phone when the dog leaves the safe area (designated by you).

Moreover, the large battery is strong enough to work non-stop for 4-5 days. And, it can be charged using a USB cable. Last, but not least, the Tractive 3G GPS mini dog locator works in every single country around the globe.

Similarly, it doesn’t demand any additional fees to work correctly. The bad news is – the tracker might work poorly in over-populated/dense areas.

Small 4g GPS Tracker for Dogs: LDKS Full

No products found.


  • Works with 2G, 3G, and 4G
  • Strong battery charge (can work for up to 5 days)
  • The mobile apps support smart lights and voice calls
  • Works in most corners of the planet


  • You might not like the old-school design
  • No history routing

The first thing that will probably catch your eye is the unusual design. Secondly, the Netcom dog tracker looks like an old-school robot with those “eyes” on both sides.

Yet, it might just as well be the best cheap GPS tracker for dogs in 2018. Meanwhile, by taking advantage of the Netcom communication tech, it uses 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Thus, that allows it to pick the right network for perfect tracking automatically. Similarly, with PS Beidou/AGPS/WIFI/base station positioning, the LKDS 4G full Netcom GPS system never fails at locating the pet.

Furthermore, it is 100% waterproof and isn’t “afraid” of getting soaked up. As for the battery, we’re dealing with a 4.35V unit with 10-minute positioning and 2-day standby time.

Moreover, with this function off, it will serve you for five full days. Similarly, a low-charge alert is included. Meanwhile, the built-in app is very user-friendly and intuitive.

However, this Netcom smart dog collar comes with smart lights, one-click/tap navigation, voice calls, and more useful functions. Whiles, the device weighs 20 grams.

Besides, with the help of geofences and safe zones, you can rest assured that your doggie won’t get lost out there. In addition, the LKDS dog tracker works in almost every single country around the globe and doesn’t require any additional fees.

Small Lightweight GPS Collar

No products found.


  • Rechargeable battery (only requires 2 hours to charge)
  • Fits not only dogs but other similarly-sized animals
  • Voice monitoring, historical routing
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The battery can only work for 3 days straight
  • Support leaves a lot to be desired

First, if you’re looking for a lightweight device to track your pooch, take a closer look at this offer. Secondly, it easily attaches to collars of all sizes and shapes and looks quite alright.

Yes, this is one of those all-in-one dog collars with GPS locator devices. Still, the tracker can “stick” to any third-party collars. Furthermore, with 90 days of historical routing, voice monitoring, and a standby time of +/- 120 hours, this is a safe bet.

In addition, when the charge drops below the 20% mark, you’ll get an instant message on your mobile phone. Since we’re dealing with a lightweight GPS Collar, FXQIN made sure the pets won’t even feel it wrapped around their necks.

However, the whole thing weighs 20 grams. Moreover, the geofence/safe zone technology, in turn, allows setting up boundaries for the dog and getting alerts whenever it crosses the “borders.”

Besides, that’s pretty much it for this lightweight smart dog collar. Nonetheless, it’s available in most countries around the world, and you won’t have any trouble with tracking no matter where you go.

Moreover, the company doesn’t require the owners to subscribe and pay a monthly fee for the device to work. However, the bad news is – customer support isn’t very helpful (or fast).

For example, we had to wait for a really long time to get an answer, and it wasn’t very informative.

Mini Dog GPS Tracker: Pure SPORS


  • Water- and dust-proof
  • Wide coverage, excellent tracking
  • Designed explicitly for cute little doggies
  • Lightweight


  • Not the strongest battery
  • Looks a bit too cute for some

First of all, as you might’ve already noticed, we have quite a few Faironly devices on this list. Well, they created an excellent GPS dog tracking collar, and it works flawlessly.

Meanwhile, water– and dust-proof, this tracker looks like a puppy’s face and will be a good fit for a small pet. However, the good news is – it is very easy to attach the tracker to any collar, which isn’t always the case with modern-day devices.

Moreover, add accurate real-time tracking and location history, and you’ll get a decent offer. Plus, of course, the owner can manually set safe areas and get alerts on the phone whenever the pooch leaves those areas.

Additionally, the mobile app works flawlessly and is compatible with pretty much all smartphones on the market, both Android and iOS based.

Further, this Faironly dog active monitor weighs 30 grams and comes with an average-at-best battery. Similarly, it can run nonstop for 80 hours, which is a bit more than three days.

Besides, compatible with Google and Baidu and with 5-50m accuracy, this GPS dog tracker by SPORS is on par with the leaders. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about coverage, by the way, as the tracker works in 150+ countries.

Small Intelligent Dog Collar: BARTUN GPS Tracker Collar


  • Long standby, energy-preserving sleep mode
  • Allows you to swim with the pet
  • Voice calls with the mobile app
  • Lightweight, highly comfortable


  • Subscription fees
  • More expensive than most trackers

In many ways, this pet tracker for small dogs is similar to the previous BARTUN entry. However, there are some differences between the two.

First of all, it’s not dust-proof (while being 100% waterproof). Secondly, this pet tracker for small dogs supports voice calls, which makes it possible to give out commands at a distance. However, that’s not even the most critical difference.

Further, this BARTUN Pet GPS Tracker real-Time Tracking Collar comes with a subscription fee, and that’s a big con. However, there are several packages to choose from – the cheapest one will cost you eight ($8) bucks a month.

Meanwhile, coverage is decent, though, and your pet will be under surveillance on every single continent. In addition, people that appreciate long-lasting devices will love the sleep mode.

Again, it allows for a long standby, but you’ll have to manually “wake” the tracker up every single time. Moreover, you can add a safe zone with instant alerts, a sleek, reliable, and secure design.

Thus, you see why we picked yet another BARTUN dog tracking device. More so, it weighs only 50 grams.

Small Long Battery Dog Tracker: ZGSP Pet Tracker Collar

ZGSP,Pet GPS Tracker Locator Collar for Dogs and Cats Waterproof Real...
  • Night light function: You can feel the light and sound of the dog only...
  • Long-lasting standby, not afraid of no electricity, using fast...
  • IP67 swimming level: Waterproof rating is IP67 to prevent pets from...


  • Fully charged within one hour
  • Night light function
  • Voice monitoring, feeding reminder


  • The battery “lives” for three days in standard mode

First, quick charging (through USB), low-battery alarm, and classic looks – that’s all you need to know about this dog GPS tracking device.

Secondly, thanks to an advanced battery, the device gets charged (fully) within an hour, which is quite impressive. Moreover, in the regular mode, it lasts for three days; in the power-saving mode – up to 5 days.

Plus, it is waterproof, allows setting up safe zones and geofences, and sends immediate alerts. Meanwhile, to monitor the pet through the ZGSP dog tracker, install the official app from the company’s website.

It runs smoothly on mobile platforms and desktop computers. With the help of the night light function, it will be much easier to find the dog with your own eyes during the night.

And with voice monitoring, the owners of this ZGSP real-time tracker will be able to listen in to what’s going on around the pooch. Lastly, there’s a “feeding reminder” that helps to keep the animal well-fed and healthy.

Real-Time Dog GPS Tracker for Small and Medium Dogs: GFFG

GFFG 4G Pet Tracker GPS Locator for Dogs Cats, Waterproof IP67 Real...
  • PET CONTROL DOG & CAT 4G GPS TRACKER SYSTEM – pinpoint your pet's...
  • POWERED BY GOOGLE MAPS, this gps dog tracker gives you reliable and...
  • Electronic fence and WIFI fence: Add, view or cancel the electronic...


  • Wide coverage, 3-way tracking
  • LED system, health care
  • No additional fees
  • You can set two security zones


  • Not suited for bigger dog breeds
  • The speed of operation drops when the charge is low

White, gold, and black – those are the available colors. And, this tracker works with 2G, 3G, and 4G, which means broader coverage and faster positioning.

Besides, the GFFG 4G IP67 real-time activity monitor does precisely that – monitors the pet’s actions in real-time. Small, light (34 grams), and with a smart LED system, it can even make direct calls to the pets (this can be used to give them commands).

Furthermore, it is waterproof, easy to charge, and operates using LBS, Wi-Fi, and GPS tracking. With the help of the mobile app, the owner of this tracking device for dogs can also keep the pup healthy.

However, the list of available functions includes step counting, moved distance, and energy consumption. What’s also essential, there’s no subscription fee. The geo-fence capabilities, in turn, send out alerts when the dog leaves the safe area.

Who Should Buy a GPS Dog Tracker?

No matter how big or small your pet is, a pet’s GPS collar won’t hurt. There are many reasons to purchase this device for an animal.

First and foremost, it ensured the unbeatable safety of pet: no matter where it goes, you will always locate it thanks to the recent technologies.

Even well-behaving dogs can sometimes get distracted by a raccoon or a squirrel, and run away accidentally (to avoid this situation, try to combine pet’s locator with wireless dog fence).

But with a GPS dog tracker, you will make sure that it gets home safely. Unfortunately, Dog Tracker is not enough if your dog is under control or you want to restrict the dog from moving inside the house, in this case, better to start with an in-house dog crate

Are there any other use cases? What if your male dog is an object of interest for many other female dogs walking in a park? Prevent interaction using a GPS pet tracker and keeping the situation under control.

Besides, if you have someone to take care of the dog while you’re away, a dog’s collar will show whether the dog is being walked and played with enough.

Difference between Dog Collars-Small Dogs and Large Dogs?

A smart tracker with GPS is a small portable device, which is commonly attached to a collar or a harness. Some of them come with a collar included; for others, you need to buy a collar separately.

It is essential to choose the right collar that is sturdy enough to hold the tracker and not too heavy for the pup.

Firstly, measure your dog’s neck size and choose the collar that fits this size. Secondly, check the material and the overall quality to make sure it is sturdy enough.

As for GPS trackers themselves, they work similarly, irrespective of the dog size. However, since large dogs can carry more massive devices, dog trackers for large dogs are usually equipped with more powerful batteries.

Dog GPS Trackers: What Is Included?

The package content of GPS trackers varies from one manufacturer to another. A standard set is a tracker and a wired charger. Some options come with batteries and some extra accessories, such as a wireless charger.

Finally, some trackers are supplied with compatible dog collars. You need to keep in mind that in most cases, the cost of a tracker doesn’t include a subscription fee. Meanwhile, the fee can vary in the range of $3-$9 per month.

Thus, using the Whistle 3 tracker, you’ll have to pay $6.95 monthly. That said, it is not impossible to find all-in-one solutions. Thus, the Mishiko GPS collar comes with an unlimited lifetime subscription option, which is available at a price of approximately $122.

What are the definitive features of the GPS tracker in 2020?

Here we publish the pet store’s vision of the best GPS tracker of 2020. Most real-time trackers have up to 10 minutes of delays in showing the location.

Trackers are not intuitive, sometimes glitchy, phone applications leave much to be desired. So the best tracker of 2020, what should it be like?

  1. Ping no more than 30 sec– Anything that sends out a signal for longer than 30 seconds is no good – No delays when showing location.
  2. Water-resistance –  The tracking collar, as well as the device that determines the location, should not only be water-repellent, but also waterproof. The best GPS tracker of 2020 will be one that can be able to work at 30 feet deep.
  3. Battery capacity, the more – the better. The battery charge should last for at least 2 weeks of non-stop work.
  4. Coverage Worldwide-this is a controversial point, because someone may say that they do not need to leave the USA with a dog. But the dog may have other plans, so it is better to let it be worldwide, especially if you leave near borders, for instance.
  5. Subscription fees – The perfect option is when you do not have to pay monthly. But you need to remember that the monthly fee is monthly support, which means that the device is constantly supported by the manufacturer and gets updated on time to function properly.
  6. Range– The distance can’t be limited, the perfect tracker of 2020 doesn’t need to have any issues with it.
  7. 2-way audio – Is a must-have
  8. Tracking of daily activity– The perfect tracker can track the distance your dog has covered and observed its vitals.

We believe that the title of the best GPS trackers 2020 can be assigned to:

Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey
5,184 Reviews
Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey
  • New Whistle models available: Whistle go explore and Whistle go
  • Nationwide location tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location with this...
  • Proactive alerts: get text, app or email notifications when your pet...

Important Features to Consider

What to pay attention to when selecting a GPS dog tracker?

  • Battery Life. The longer it lasts – the better. It shouldn’t let the gadget run out of energy right in the course of the walk. The battery should last at least for 24 hours – otherwise, a pet tracker won’t be of much use.
  • The waterproof case is equally important for a GPS dog tag and a collar. On the street, dogs love swimming, playing in puddles, and simply running in the rain. Make sure that the device won’t be affected by moisture.
  • Real-time tracking. The whereabouts of a dog should be searched in a real-time pet tracker system. If a signal gets lost in the woods or building, even a minute delay can make finding a dog problematic. Make sure that you can always see where the pet is at the exact second.
  • Subscription service. Note that a decent GPS dog collar usually comes with a monthly fee. As a rule, paid services provide a much better level of service.

Bottom Line

We cannot always keep an eye out on our furry friends, especially when it comes to dogs who are always extremely active in the fresh air.

But what we can prevent is a complete loss of animals because modern technologies allow us to identify their location in a matter of a few seconds.

With the best GPS dog collar, you can always find your dog and be sure it’s safe in case of the unknown. Such investment pays off in the long run.

Moreover, it ensures total security and provides real-time information, no matter where your furry friend is.

With the help of our top products chart, pet owners can make a sensible choice and find the gadget that’s tailored to their budget, preferences, and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GPS tracker work?

The tracker uses satellites from the Global Positioning System to find your dog regardless of its location.

GPS can be checked in several ways, the easiest one is to use smartphones or websites.

A dog tracking system can be attached to a harness or a collar so that not to disturb an animal. Moreover, it’s a convenient and easy way to keep tabs on your pet.

Can I use a microchip to detect my pet?

Not exactly. The chip can carry information about your pet, so if it’s found and examined by vets who notice it, they can contact you.

However, a chip does not connect to GPS. Besides, it’s still highly recommended to have such a chip injected in your pet’s body (it’s usually installed near the dog’s shoulder).

Thus, in case of a loss, the vets will be able to scan it and contact the owner immediately.

Do I need an app to use a GPS dog collar?

Firstly, it depends on the type of gadget you buy.

Secondly, some handheld devices do not require a phone you can get the information on a website.

Besides, some trackers send email notifications about your animal’s whereabouts.

Is a monthly fee required for dog trackers?

First of all, it depends on the device you buy.

Although some gadgets provide information on a website or an app without charging you, practice shows that paid services have great customer service.

Ideally, you should get a GPS tracker with a mapping device so that you wouldn’t have to pay for map updating.

What Is The Best Choice-Microchip, or Dog Tracker?

Technologies have become a vital part of our lives. It is hard to imagine how could we roll without any of those gadgets we use every day.

Our pets are not left out, too, when it comes to various devices. And if some of them indeed might seem to be unnecessary, it’s an entirely different case with dog trackers.

Many owners know this feeling of desperation when the pet gets lost on the walk. It can happen even to the most trained dogs.

You never know if there will be something that might spook the animal and make it run away – not from you, but the scary thing. It happens especially often in the holiday season when people celebrate with fireworks, or during thunderstorms.

All dogs’ equipment is about dog care. But the challenge is how to locate your dog if it runs away?

All you need to do is to get a dog tracker and make sure your pet always has it. The tracker will provide you with the precise location of your dog, making it much easier to find and bring it home.

It is a vital tool for every pet. Even if you are sure it will never run away, it’s good to have a tracker just in case.

Dog microchips

It might sound intimidating to put a chip in the dog. But in reality, the procedure is painless and very quick. The microchip is just as small as a grain of rice, if not smaller.

How to install a dog microchip? You need to go to the vet, and the doctor will place the microchip. It gets implanted under the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades by a quick injection.

There is no need for surgery or anesthesia. Also, they work right away, so you don’t have to think about how to set up the device.

In many countries, dog owners must microchip their puppies according to the law. It is so because of two reasons. First of all, a microchip is registered in the database, making it much easier to control all the pets.

Also, the chip contains all the information about the dog: the vaccine shots it had, diseases, and the owner’s contacts. Therefore, if the dog gets lost and someone finds it, they can scan the chip and find the owner.

Moreover, some microchips are enhanced with the radio frequency identification that allows seeing the location of the animal.

Dog trackers

Dog tracker has one goal – to track the location of the animal. It will help you to keep an eye on your dog even if it is out of sight.

Trackers usually work from GPS, which is much more reliable and precise than RFI used in microchips. They often look like collars with a small plastic box attached to them. The box is a tracker itself.

Sometimes, the tracker can come in the form of a little trinket that should be attached to the collar of your pet. Make sure that the collar with the tracker is not the one you attach the leash to.

Since the technology is new, it might confuse some people. So how to set up a tracker? Modern models come with an app that allows seeing the location of the pet from the smartphone or tablet.

All you have to do is to install an app and connect the device to it. Older versions will provide you only with a website. In this case, you will have to log into your profile and register the tracker.

Also, the best dog trackers of 2020 are made for hunting dogs. They can work even in places with a low cellular signal.

Usually, they’re enhanced with additional features for training and creating invisible boundaries to keep the dog closer to you without a leash.

Differences between microchips and trackers

Now we know what the purposes of these devices are. So what is better? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to choose between them. You need both gadgets.

When reading any dog fence review, you might’ve noticed that the collars that come with the fence also have trackers implemented in them.

Therefore, this technology is used to not only find the animal if it got lost but to keep it within a certain area, too. So as you can see, the primary purpose of the dog tracker is to control its location.

Sure, some advanced models can gather information about the health of the animal. Still, their primary goal is to tell the owner where the dog is.

Microchips have rescue purposes, and it is required by the law to install chips in many countries. A microchip can save your lost dog from getting delivered to the shelter or even put to sleep since the authorities will have access to your contact information.

Thus, the purpose of the microchip is to provide information about the pet and let authorities know that it is a household dog that got lost, not a stray one.

Myths about microchips

There are certain misunderstandings about chips, and it is important to know the truth.

1. Microchips are not for tracking the location

Many owners think that chips are like GPS trackers. While some microchips can track the location of the pet, most of them only contain information about the animal and the owner.

2. You can install the chip by yourself

Needlessly to say that you shouldn’t perform medical procedures if you’re not qualified. But if you know how to do it and you think that no more actions are required, you’re wrong. The chip needs to be registered at the vet clinic.

3. If my dog has a tag and a collar, it is considered “household”

No, it is not. The tag can get lost, and a collar is not evidence that a dog is domestic. Moreover, it can get lost too. That’s why many countries require owners to microchip their pets.

4. It hurts

Well, not more than vaccination. Don’t worry about your pet each year when it needs to get shots? A microchip is installed once, and the procedure feels just like a usual injection.

5. You need to replace microchips

There is nothing to get worn out in the microchip. Therefore, once it is installed, it will remain untouched for the whole life of your dog.

Myths about trackers

Even though the goal of a dog tracker is straightforward, there still are certain things that need to be clarified.

1. My dog has a microchip, so it doesn’t need a tracker

If you read any dog trackers and collars review, you will see that their tracking abilities are almost perfect. So even if your dog has a microchip with the location tracker, it will use RFI that is less reliable than GPS dog trackers use.

2. Trackers are expensive

Sure, there are expensive options that will provide you with additional features like health monitoring. But if you choose a basic tracker, it can cost you less than $100.

3. My dog is always inside and doesn’t need a tracker

Many owners that live in private houses think that since there is a fence, the dog can’t jump over, and they don’t need trackers. But different situations happen.

What if the animal digs a hole below the wall and runs away? Then the tracker will come in handy, won’t it? The same thing applies to tiny dogs that usually sit in the owner’s hands. You never know what can happen.

4. A dog tracker is a training device

Basic trackers have only one function – they track the location of the dog. You can find collars that have both a tracker and, for example, an electric shock feature.

But the primary purpose of dog trackers is to provide the owner with the location of the animal.

5. If I have several dogs, I need multiple trackers

Many manufacturers offer trackers that can control several animals. You just need to choose the number of trinkets or collars ordering the item.

Then you will be able to manage all your dogs from a single device.