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Get The Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair

March 2, 2021
Get The Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair

If traveling by car with your dog a part of your routine, then you really need the best seat covers for dog hair.

Even if it isn’t, you will eventually have to take your dog for a ride at some point or another, maybe to a vet or to explore the outdoors.

You know dogs shed a lot, and even a 5-minute ride in the car with your dog can ruin your customized seat covers for good. And not only hair, but there are also other elements that dogs carry that no human wants to come in contact with.

Hence, you need to protect your car seats. How? By looking for some best seat covers for dog hair.

5 Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair

5 Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair Reviews

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover

Our Rating

4.5 stars


URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100% Waterproof Pet...
  • HAMMOCK WITH SIDE FLAPS - It is easier for your dog to get in or out...
  • 100%WATERPROOF & WEARPROOF: Constructed out of heavy-duty oxford...
  • EXCELLENT SIZE - Excellent size of 54" W x 58" L will perfectly...
URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100%Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Hammock 600D Heavy Duty Scratch Proof Nonslip Durable Soft Pet Back Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs

URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Dog Hair allows you to take your companion(s) anywhere without worrying about any damage. This car seat cover comes with four sets of adjustable plastic clips, Velcro openings, one seat anchor, and a thick layer of 600D heavy-duty fabric.

This car seat cover for dog hair is meant for SUVs. It incorporates a really comfortable PP cotton mat that ensures the comfort and support for your dog. It boasts a hammock convertible mechanism that allows your dog to get in and out of the vehicle with ease.

4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock for Cars

Our Rating

4.5 stars


4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock for Cars, Small Trucks, and SUVs -...
  • Hammock option allows access to two seat belts and latch anchors;...
  • Heavy-duty, colorfast 600D polyester; thick UV-coated straps; durable...
  • Special 7 layer construction makes the seat bottom completely...
4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock for Cars, Trucks and SUVs - Grey Regular - USA Based

If you are looking for a heavy-duty car seat cover for dog hair, this model from 4Knines is meant to protect your vehicle from all but the vilest punishment your dog can inflict on. This car seat cover is composed of long-lasting materials and premium components that you can count on for years to come.

It will keep your seat protected from the shedding, spills, and other factors. It is completely waterproof, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Most importantly, it is one of the most comfortable seat covers you can avail that will ensure your dog’s comfort.  

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Our Rating

4.5 stars


BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars - Black, WaterProof &...
  • Black & hammock convertible: 54" x 58": designed for the backseats of...
  • Waterproof: Made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester for...
  • Protects back seats From dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, and...
BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars - Black, WaterProof & Hammock Convertible (Standard, Black)

BarksBar Original is a cheaper and tamer version of the BarksBar Luxury but is very much useful in offering what it is designed for. This is the seat cover to go with if you are still not ready to shell out dollars on a piece of fabric meant to protect your car covers. Its simple and effective design allows for easy installation on the car’s backseat.

Moreover, its robust design easily goes well with SUVs and trucks as well. The best part about this car seat cover is that it incorporates two storage pockets that allow you to store your dog’s essentials when traveling. And surprisingly, its material composition makes it easier to clean as well. Finally, it is designed to withstand extreme temperature as well.

Vailge Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

Our Rating

4.5 stars


Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers, 100% Waterproof Scratch Proof Nonslip Dog...
  • SIZE - Compare other pet car seat cover, Excellent size of 56" Wide x...
  • HAMMOCK WITH SIDE FLAPS - It is easier for your dog to get in or out...
  • 100% WATERPROOF - Compare other backseat dog cover, our cover have two...
Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers, 100% Waterproof Scratch Proof Nonslip Dog Seat Cover, 600D Heavy Duty seat Cover for Dogs, Dog car Hammock Pet Seat Cover for Back Seat car Trucks SUV

Vailge Waterproof Car Seat Cover with Convertible Hammock Design is one of the best dog seat covers for vehicles in its price range and features. For starters, it comes in two size variants so that you can choose one according to your car model.

This cover will cover the entire back seat of your car ensuring that your seats are perfectly protected from all the wear and tear that comes with traveling with a dog. Moreover, this car cover is 100% waterproof and robustly padded for superior comfort of your dog.

Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

Our Rating

4.5 stars

DoggieWorld Dog Car Seat Cover - Cars, Trucks and Suvs Luxury Full...
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE, EASY TO CLEAN - it will take you just a few...
  • HIGH QUALITY WATERPROOF, NON-SLIP - our dog hammock have been made...
Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover - Cars, Trucks and Suvs Luxury Full Protector, w/Extra Side Flaps, Seat Belt Openings - Hammock Convertible for Your Pet - Waterproof, Non-Slip - Machine Washable

This luxury dog seat cover from Doggie World protects the car seat from scratches, reduces cleaning and vacuuming, and keeps your furry friend comfortably seated and secured in the car. It comes in a standard size as well as extra-large size allowing easy accommodation in cars and SUVs.

This car seat cover is designed to prevent spills, dander, dirt, and scratches, preserving the integrity and condition of your vehicle’s seats and upholstery. As good as this seat cover looks, it is equally easy to install, use, and clean. It is waterproof so that you can machine wash this seat cover. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Shedding Hair In The Car?

Dogs naturally lose damaged or old hair by shedding. While shedding is a normal process, the frequency and amount of hair that is shed often depends on their breed and health. On the other hand, it may also depend on the season. Some dog breeds develop thick coat during winters and shed when the summer arrives. Other possibilities may include your dog’s poor nutrition, health, or even stress.

Car seats tend to accumulate excess dog hair due to their composition, and it is difficult to remove them without proper tools and help. Apart from using a car seat cover, if you take good care of your dog, you may put an end to the daunting hair cleaning task, which may take hours to finish. Here is how you can stop your dog from shedding in the car.

The most effective and easiest way to reduce your dog’s shedding in the vehicle is to brush your dog on a daily basis. Brushing helps remove loose fur and hair before your dog has a chance to rub off and stick to the car seat, furniture, and everywhere in between.

Choose the brush according to your dog’s breed and coat length. For example, a pin brush is best suitable for dogs with a long and wavy coat, whereas a bristle brush is best suitable for dogs with a short coat.

Apart from brushing your dog, you need to regularly bathe your dog to minimize the shedding. Giving your dog a regular bath helps remove matted and clotted fur. You can use a good-quality anti-shedding conditioner and shampoo to clean your dog.

Solely feeding your dog dry dog food can result in weak fur that breaks off easily. Lack of moisture in their diets may lead to more shedding. Hence, you need to increase your dog’s moisture intake through a proper diet that may include vegetables such as carrots, melons, and green beans as well. Moreover, you can feed flax seed oil to your dog in order to keep its fur conditioned.

There is no magic fix to shedding, and the chances are, you are going to have some hair pop up in your car seat. Vacuuming your car seat daily can significantly reduce the build-up. On the other hand, a lint roller is a must for every dog owner.

Invest in a quality seat cover for dog hair. Seat covers for dog hair are designed to keep your car seats fur-free but are also exceptionally comfortable.

What Can I Expect From The Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair? 

Car seat covers for dog hair are designed solely for protecting your car seats from the mess your dog will make during the travel. Hence, they can be trusted for doing their job. Car seat covers are reliable, sturdy, waterproof, and scratch proof. They will not only protect your car seat from spills, hair, and all the mess that your dog will make, but will save you a lot of time when cleaning your car. 

Will The Seat Covers Damage Leather Seats? 

If you invest in a quality seat cover, it will help defend your car’s leather and upholstery from spills, dander, hair, claws, and paws. It is all about researching before buying. There are plenty of types and models of car ear covers available, and you need to pick one according to your requirements.

How Do I Protect My Car Seats From Dog Hair?

As said earlier, stopping your dog from shedding is inevitable. However, there are measures you can take to keep your car fur-proof. Here are some tips on how to protect your car seats from dog hair.

If your dog is a nervous shedder when traveling or if it’s the shedding season, comb or brush your dog before leaving. It will help keep excess hair out of your car.

If you own multiple vehicles, choose one to be your dog’s dedicated hauler, so that you will only have one car to deodorize and clean.

When riding in the car, restrain your pup in a smaller area. Whether you just keep your dog in the back of the car or use a seat-belt harness or a crate, you need to contain your dog in a smaller area. It will help with the cleaning later as there will be less mess.

Protect the carpet in your car with a big, twin-sized quilt. It will help keep the hair from embedding in the carpet. On the other hand, it will keep the carpet clean and odor free as well. Moreover, use seat covers to prevent the dog hair embedding into the seat.

Always use a high-quality seat cover and carpet protector when you are traveling with your dog, as it will make the cleaning a lot easier.

When traveling, assemble a cleaning kit that includes tick remover tool (tweezers), dog brush and comb, plastic bags, a slobber cloth or a microfiber towel for drooling dogs, pet wipes, and paper towels.

If your dog is a heavy shedder, have him wear a t-shirt while riding in the car. There are specially designed dog shirts for sale that you can avail or you can donate one of your lightweight t-shirts with no collar to your dog. It will help contain the hair, and most importantly, it will help prevent most of the hair from flying around in the car.

Once you have returned home after your trip, clean up right away. Vacuum the whole carpet area including the seats. The best way to clean the seat is by wearing a wet rubber glove and rubbing over the car seat in one direction. It will help you collect large hair clumps. Moreover, you can also use a Velcro curler to do the same.

How Do I Clean A Dog Car Seat Cover?

Your car seat cover for dog hair can get dirty over time. These covers are designed to protect your original seat from all the wear and tear that your dog brings. Cleaning a car seat cover is much easier than cleaning the car seat itself. Before you follow the given cleaning methods, you are advised to read the care instructions of your car seat cover. 

The muddy paw marks on the car seat cover can be challenging to clean. You can pre-treat the tough spots with some liquid detergent and use a pressure hose to clean.

If there is hair all over the seat cover, the ideal way to get rid off the hair will be to brush all over the cover surface. It will help accumulate the majority of animal dander. Later, you can use a Velcro roller all over the seat cover to remove the remaining hair.  

You can shake out the car seat cover to ensure that there aren’t any hair left in the corners nor they are embedded inside the seat cover.

If the hair is embedded into the seat cover and shaking isn’t proving to be much help, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It will help suck out the embedded hair from the car seat cover.

If the manufacturer allows machine washing the seat cover, you can give it a spin for a few minutes to ensure that it is entirely free from all the dog hair and other debris and stains.

What To Look For In The Best Seat Covers To Repel Dog Hair?

There are plenty of aspects to consider before buying a seat cover for dog hair. This includes:

You need a seat cover that perfectly fits the seat of your vehicle. Hence, determining the size up front is essential.

Apart from the seat cover size, you need to look for seat covers that are specially designed according to a car type. That is, there are different covers for SUVs, sedans, and trucks.

The seat cover type you choose will depend on whether you prefer your dog riding in the back or front.

Depending on your budget and requirement, you need to choose the seat cover material. Vinyl covers are easy to clean and maintain. You can select cotton covers if yours is a pup or a small dog. But if you want to add luxury, you can always go for leather seat covers.

The cover you choose must be stain resistant as the paw marks and the stains due to drooling are not easy to get rid off.

Go for a scratch-resistant seat cover. Your dog can get too excited when traveling in a car, which can lead to wear and tear.

Your dog may want to chew a thing or two in the car if it starts to feel bored. Makes that your car seat cover is tear-resistant.

If possible, look for a seat cover that’s Hypoallergenic as it will protect you and your dog from any unwanted allergens.

The car seat cover you choose must be easy to clean else; you will end up hours in getting it perfectly cleaned.

The seat covers, today, come in a variety of designs that are easy to customize. Customizable seat covers allow for easy accessibility when required.

Protect Car Upholstery With The Best Seat Covers For Dog Hair

After reviewing the top five best seat covers for dog hair, it is safe to say that URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Dog Hair is our winner. URPOWER car seat cover comes with exceptional features and that too under a budget. The quilted design ensures your dog’s comfort and the rubberized non-slip backing provides proper support by making sure that it stays in place no matter how active our pet can be on the seat. It fulfills all your requirements for needing a car seat cover for dog hair.

The products mentioned are tried and tested. If you have any other product in mind that we missed, you can tell us.

You are advised to research thoroughly before making any purchase decision and if you have any queries, feel free to ask us.