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This Is The Best Leather Dog Leash Guide For Your Dog

January 4, 2021
This Is The Best Leather Dog Leash Guide For Your Dog

If you had to buy a dog leash several times, then chances are that you did not buy the best leather dog leash the very first time.

How many times have you had to buy a new leash? How long do they last? Do you usually buy something made from fiber or nylon or rope?

I’ve grown up with dogs all my life. My father, a hunter, has probably had over ten different hounds since I was born. Beagles, short haired pointers and black Labradors, to name a few. He would buy leash after leash, collar after collar, but those hounds knew how to chew through them all.

Misbehaving aside, I think the problem that my father was facing could have been easily avoided if he had invested in some stronger leash materials. Like leather!

As dog owners we know that finding the perfect outdoor accessories for your furry friend is very important. A good, strong leash is the difference between keeping your dog close by or having them break away and take off running.

A good leash gives you a sense of security, and that’s why choosing leather for your next leash is the best possible solution!

5  Best Leather Dog Leash

5  Best Leather Dog Leash Reviews

Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash

Our Rating

4 stars

Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Training Leash 6 Foot - 5.6 Foot Military...
  • REAL GENUINE LEATHER dog training leash is real US imported leather,...
  • METAL CLIPS Using pure copper alloy casting, the high quality plating...
  • MILITARY GRADE TRAINING Law enforcement and military grade of...
Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Training Leash 6 Foot - Best Military Grade Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Medium Small Dogs (5/8

The Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash is made from high quality materials. The braided leather aesthetic makes this leash perfect for the dog owner who likes a little style added to their products. This leash comes in sizes from small to extra-large, and even though it is limited to 6.5 feet, the thickness of the leash is variable depending on your dog. For example, the small would be perfect for dazzling up your little dog, such as a Corgi, while the braided design expresses a fun design!

Make sure to consider your dog’s size and needs, for even though this leash is capable of handling a weight of 500 pounds, the thickness of the leash might be a good factor to remember. For example, even if your Corgi can waddle around happily with a small, your Mastiff may need the extra girth of an extra-large. Finally, the thicker the leash, the pricier it gets.

ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash

Our Rating

4.5 stars

ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot x 3/4 inch - Soft and Strong Leather...
1,529 Reviews
ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot x 3/4 inch - Soft and Strong Leather...
  • Superior leather dog leash made to last for years; the Adityna leather...
  • Adityna designed the most efficient leather leash; it has been tested...
  • Soft and strong at the same time, the adityna 6 foot leather leash can...
ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot x 3/4

The ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash is six feet of genuine leather! Perfect for medium to large dogs, this leash is both sturdy and dependable. It only comes in one length and size, so the price is steady – what you pay for is what you get! For the pet owner who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, this classic design will let people know that you are more interested in the walk than the accessories you use to walk with.

One thing to remember with this product is that, for the small dog, this would be almost unnecessary. In fact, the weight of it may even be too much for Pomeranians or Yorkies. Consider using this leash for your medium to large dogs who are going to get a lot of wear and tear out of it.

Another thing to consider is the length of this leash. Unlike other products, this leash comes in only one length and width, therefore if you’re looking for just a regular 6 foot leash, then you’re in the right place. Any longer and you’ll be shopping somewhere else.

Soft Touch Collars Braided Leather Dog Leash

Our Rating

4 stars

Soft Touch Collars 6 Foot Braided Leather Dog Leash with Traffic...
  • TWO HANDLES GIVES YOU COMPLETE CONTROL : Dog lovers and trainers are...
  • WALK WITH CONFIDENCE: Sometimes walking your dog can be challenging....
Soft Touch Collars, 6 Foot Braided Leather Dog Leash with Traffic Handle, Two Handles for Training and Safety, Double your Control with 2 Locations, Lead for Large and Medium Dogs Brown 6ft x 3/4 Inch

The Soft Touch Collars Braided Leather Dog Leash is both stylish and comfortable. This product boasts genuine leather with added padding to the main handle which will make it easier on you for those long walks. Save your wrists and hands!

This leash also comes with a second handle (“traffic handle”) which let’s you grab your dog more closely without grabbing the collar in any situation. If your German Shepherd is pulling too hard or may accidentally hop into traffic, you’ll have a firm grip on them with the second handle that this leash offers.

Additionally, this leash comes in two colors, both with adorable braid accessories all down the 6 ft line. This lets the fashionable dog owner choose from either black or brown for their perfect pooch. The lacquered brass snap has weather durability, and is advertised to be easy to open and close in any temperature despite cold or rain.

The negative aspects that come from this leash are the added costs to all the bells and whistles. A higher price than other models, this leash is really paying for what you get. Not to mention that the thinness of the strap might not hold up against a big Mastiff with a squirrel in its sights. Consider your dog and their needs before purchasing based on cuteness.

Logical Leather Training Leash

Our Rating

4 stars

Logical Leather 6 Foot Dog Leash - Best for Training - Best Water...
  • GENUINE FULL GRAIN LEATHER LEASH for a lifetime of heavy duty use....
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Police and Military gauge training weight handles...
  • BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND DURABLE - Resists water & stains with minimal...
Logical Leather 6 Foot Dog Leash - Best for Training - Best Water Resistant Heavy Full Grain Leather Lead - Brown

The Logical Leather Training Leash comes from a trusted company that advertises high-quality leather and plenty of features! This leash comes in three different lengths, from four to six feet, as well as five different color options! You could get black, brown, tan, pink or red for you stylish dog! Not to mention that the leash also offers a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you will love your leash or your money back!

This cheaper option may have a simple design, but it is meant to withstand over two-hundred pounds of pulling force from any dog! However, the handle of the leash is relatively thin, meaning that the strength of the material in a thin line won’t be as comfortable on your hand or wrist. 

The material is not as soft or as supple as other leash models listed in this article, and in fact may look a little dingier than others. Finally, the clasp on this model is nickel-plated, which is not reliable as lacquered brass. There may be a chance of wearing down on this leash.

If looks don’t bother you, then the strength and utility of this leash will still impress you!

 LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash

Our Rating

4 stars

LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash - Brown 6 Foot x 3/4" Dog...
  • 6 FOOT LEATHER LEASH YOU CAN TRUST - Have you been looking for a...
  • PAIN - FREE WALKING AND TRAINING - Leatherberg leather leashes are...
  • TRUSTED - Why Do Amazon Customers Give Our 6ft Leather Dog Leash...
LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash - Brown 6 Foot x 3/4

The Leatherberg Leather Dog Training Leash is made of great quality and %100 real leather. This model comes in both black and brown, while also sporting the classic 6 ft ¾’’. This particular leash is meant for large dogs, but could also work for medium sized dogs as well. While not ideal for small dogs, the strong leather is definitely what you’re looking for in a large dog leash.

This leash comes with a one year warranty, which is great for any dog owner who likes to run and play hard! You’ll rest easy that first year knowing that you’ll have a warranty to back you up. Especially since their claps is not advertised to be reinforced.

While this leash is a little boring for its price tag, it is of great quality and will be great for any large or medium dog.

Why Choose a Leather Dog Leash?

There are a lot of benefits that go into a strong, durable leather dog leash! First of all, even if my Father’s dogs could chew through this leash, they’d probably have a heck of a time with it. Most companies use good quality leather, especially when you’re willing to spend a little bit more. Not to mention that leather is made to last, making this a family leash that could last years!

Leather is safer on your pet, too. Ever heard of those stories about the Old West where people would boil their leather shoes or saddles and eat them in hard times? That’s because leather is made from only natural, organic materials (from cattle). If your precious pooch were to chew through it, they’re less likely to get sick off of it than with plastic or nylon.

However, you should always check to make sure that the leather leashes you’re buying aren’t treated with harsh chemicals. Sometimes leather works will polish their products to make them shiny and last longer. It is for this reason that we research the products we write about!

Finally, a leather leash will provide you with better grip and control. You should always be aware of your pet and how hard they’re pulling, but with a leather leash you are more likely to keep a firm grip on it. Leather isn’t as slippery as nylon or rope, so you’ll have more control over your pet.

How Do Leather Dog Leashes Compare to Chains?

Most leashes at your local pet store or supermarket are made from materials that don’t last. Nylon and rope leashes, for example, are prone to stretching, tearing or breaking after some heavy use. When I take my dog to the dog beach, you better believe that her leash is going to get wet!

Her green retractable leash, the last time we were there, leaked color onto my hands after it had gotten really wet. It looked like I had yellow sharpie all over me, which is both concerning and possibly hazardous to my dog. So, I made sure to throw it right out.

The nylon leash that we bought her after that was fine for a while, but has since become stretched and frayed, which looks bad and concerns me. What if she took off running and it snapped in my hands?

Nylon is prone to fraying, and retractable leashes are usually made from plastics (not to mention they give you severe rope burn if you get tangled up). If you are considering getting a new leash soon, there’s nothing wrong with checking out a leather dog leash.

How Do Leather Dog Leashes Compare To Chains?

There are a lot of reasons why leather is better than a chain leash, and the first thing I want to point out (again) is getting it wet. I love the dog beach (can you tell?) and that means that my dog and I get wet!

Leather is meant to withstand some elemental struggle. You can let leather get wet but should make sure to let it dry naturally at its own pace. If it dries too fast (such as in direct hot sun or under a hairdryer) it will start to crack.

If you take the extra step to treat it with natural materials (such as dressings for leather) you’ll have a leash to last a lifetime!

Chains on the other hand are prone to rusting, shedding that rust all over, and eventually breakage. Not to mention that any dog willing to chew at a chain is most likely going to hurt themselves or lose a tooth! You may also find yourself on the wrong end of a chain leash if your dog gets wrapped up around you (can you say broken bones?)

Finally, a chain leash is usually going to have a weak, nylon strap attached to it. If the chain is strong, that doesn’t mean the handle is going to be. Consider the potential for breakage before buying. Having the whole leash be one material (like a leather leash) is going to save you time and money – while also giving you peace of mind.

What Type of Dog Collar Works Best with a Leather Dog Leash?

Collars are an important consideration when you’re picking outdoor accessories for your pet. The simple identification collar works best indoors when your pet needs to sleep or relax, but out on walks you may want to consider other options.

For leather leashes, a leather collar can be an aesthetic choice to make your dog look good out on a walk. However, this leash would also be a simple identification style.

If you have a particularly persistent pooch who loves to pull or get away from you, consider a slip collar which maximizes control over your dog. It has a slip ring, rather than a clasp, which expands and retracts depending on how hard your dog is pulling you. For more advanced slip collars, consider the “Pack Leader” model, which pulls on the sensitive areas of the dog’s neck to keep them close by.

One final option to consider is the dog harness. Harnesses are good for dogs with breathing problems who may not benefit from a regular neck collar. Instead, harness them up and watch them breathe easy! It is also a good option for dogs that pull you around, such as on a bike or while rollerblading.

All options will work well with your leather dog leash, because the leather dog leash can go with anything!

What to Look for In the Best Leather Dog Leash?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out a leather dog leash:

The ideal leash length for your dog is dependent upon their size or breed. Five to six feet is a very comfortable length for most dog breeds and sizes. Smaller dogs would function just as well at 4 to 5 feet lengths.

If you are using specific training techniques, such as callback training, a longer leash (15-30 feet) is probably what you’re looking for (however, leather is most likely going to come in 5-6 feet).

  1. Genuine Leather is the lowest quality of all leather products. It is still stronger than other materials for leashes, but will not have the same shine or long-lasting effect as other types of leathers. It is more prone to cracking but will be a cheaper option. Safe for dogs to chew through because it isn’t as heavily treated.
  2. Latigo Leather is the most expensive of leathers. Latigo Leather is infused with oils and waxes. It is double tanned, first with chrome and then with vegetable. Because of this, the leather is shinier and lasts longer. Make sure you’re checking on the treatment process, so that you can know if there are any chemicals that your dog might chew through.
  3. Cowhide Leather is the natural, unbleached skin and hair of a cow. It usually maintains the color of the cow that was skinned and will have a natural look. Is usually untreated and moderate price – depending on the breed of cow.
  4. Premium Leather is softer and treated with oils to make it shine. It is more durable than genuine leather and the top layer of skin (the epidermis) is removed to prevent imperfections.

The stitching on leather leashes is usually used to hold the handle and clasp together to prevent easy breakage. Since leather is such a strong material, the stitching on the leash is must be even stronger. Always keep an eye on the stitching both before and after you buy the leash.

A comfortable grip on something as strong as leather is very important! Make sure to take “supple” leathers into consideration when you consider buying a new leash. A padded handle is more likely to keep you feeling comfortable on long walks.

Leather is usually treated to be water resistant, but that doesn’t mean the clasp will be. A lacquered and treated clasp on your leather leash will last longer and be more reliable.

Using things like Genuine leather or less-heavily treated leashes are going to be healthier for both your dog and the environment.

Warranties are usually included for at least 6 months up to one year. Having a warranty is great because you can feel comfortable knowing that if something were to happen, you’ll get your money back. Or even a new leash altogether!

While some of these options may be more of a priority than others, taking each of these into consideration will help you find the BEST leather dog leash for you and your pet.

Get the Best Leather Dog Leash for Your Dog Today

Whether you’re out for a leisurely stroll or taking Sparky on a high-stakes camping trip in the wilderness, you’re most likely going to need a dependable leash. Like most pet owners, your dog means the world to you, and having that sense of security when you’re out and about is crucial for you and your pet.

When it comes to picking the perfect leash for you and your pet, you want durability, dependability and style! You want to know that your leash is going to keep your dog close by, that it won’t snap or harm you or your pet. Most importantly you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, and that that choice will last you a lifetime!

Choosing to switch to a Leather Dog Leash is not only a smart transition, but it is an investment in you and your dog’s future. That’s why for my dog, I’ll be purchasing the Soft Touch leather dog leash! It’s soft, it’s a good price and comes with that ever-crucial double handle.

My pretty hound looks great with accessories, but she’s also too eager in public sometimes. This extra handle, paired with a strong harness, will let me know that she’s going to be safe.

Make sure to take your dog or dogs into consideration when making a choice, and remember to consider what your needs and specifications will require.

Good luck in finding the best leather dog leash!