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The Best Dog Training Treat Bag For Giving Out Treats

February 14, 2021
The Best Dog Training Treat Bag For Giving Out Treats

Are you looking for the best dog training treat bag? Well, you are not alone. Every dog owner looking to train their dog knows the importance of having treats on hand.

A treat bag can be a lifesaver, especially when you are training a puppy. Meaning, a treat bag is a bribe, and without the bag visible, your pup won’t listen.

Choosing a treat bag is a matter of personal preference. Do you want one that you wear around your waist or one that clips to your belt?

Lucky for you, we have compiled this ultimate buying guide with a list of some hassle-free bags that have been designed for this exact purpose.

5 Best Dog Training Treat Bag

5 Best Dog Training Treat Bag Reviews

Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

Our Rating

4.5 stars


Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch – Easily Carries Pet...
  • Easily stores kibble, toys & treats - The convenient drawstring...
  • Keeps you prepared - You’ll love the convenient built in dog poop...
  • 3 easy ways to wear - Choose to wear using the removable 48"...
Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch – Easily Carries Pet Toys, Kibble, Treats – Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser – 3 Ways to Wear – Grey

This is one of the most advanced dog treats bags available in the market that is both ergonomically designed and completely practical. It is a larger treat bag compared to others and uses a common drawstring closure. The treat bag comes with two zippered pouches – one on the back (vertically oriented) and one in the front (horizontally oriented).

The D rings with strap can be used around the waist or over the shoulder – can be worn in three different ways. This design adds versatility to the treat bag. 

The treat pouch has an integrated pick-up bag dispenser along with sturdy metal belt clips and two belt loops included. That makes it easy to carry. 

PetSafe Dog Training Treat Pouch 

Our Rating

4.5 stars


PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport- Durable, Convenient Dog Training Accessory,...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Water-resistant PVC-lined treat pocket makes cleaning a...
  • EXPERIENCE: PetSafe has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of...
  • TREATS ON DEMAND: Divided treat pocket stays open for treats at your...
PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport- Durable, Convenient Dog Training Accessory

The best features of this dog training treat bag are its water-resistant lining and generally reliable construction. This treat pouch from PetSafe is extremely durable that includes convenient storage pockets for easy storage of treats. Moreover, you can easily store our essentials such as phone, IDs, keys, including your dog’s toys if required.

The fabric is machine washable and comes in silver and blue, silver and red, and silver and black color variants. You can easily attach your keys or a clicker to this bag.

The large design easily accommodates a significant amount of dog treat along with essentials like IDs, smartphone, keys, etc. Along with dog treats, you can easily use it to carry personal items. 

Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag

Our Rating

4.5 stars


Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag(Small Large Pets) - Dual...
  • AMAZING dog training pouch: This treat bag is suitable for both large...
  • STORE YOUR STUFF: Both the needs of yourself and your dog can be...
  • NOT ONLY A BAG: This dog training bag comes with a bone printing poop...
Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag(Small Large Pets) - Dual Compartments Carry Toy Kibble,Treats - with Poop Bag,Collapsible Bowl - Build-in Waste Bag Dispenser Grey

If you are looking for a high-quality dog training treat bag that’s waterproof and caters to all your dog treat storing needs, then you should go with Hero Dog Treat Training Bag. It is composed of nylon fabric and can be wielded in three ways – waist, shoulder, and belt-clip. The adjustable belt can support 30-48 inches of waist.

The bag incorporates four storage compartments – the main compartment, a small pocket for extra storage, a zippered pocket, and a zippered poop bag dispenser.

The treat pouch is only available in a single color – bright orange interior can be disturbing to the eyes after some time. Multiple colors would be have been great. 

PERRAMA Dog Treat Bag Training Pouch

Our Rating

5 stars


PERRAMA Dog Treat Bag, Training Pouch for Small and Large Dogs with...
  • ✅OUR PETS, OUR FAMILY! – Not just our motto but the principle we...
  • ✅A TREAT POUCH CAN BE A LIFESAVER - Especially if you’re training...
  • ✅DOGS LOVE TO HAVE JOBS - Keep your dog active with a great training...
PERRAMA Dog Treat Bag, Training Pouch for Small and Large Dogs with Clicker and Collapsible Food Bowl BPA Free – Pet Treats Tote Bag with Waist and Shoulder Reflective Straps and Belt Clip (Black)

Here is a stylish yet feature-rich dog training treat bag that offers you plenty of space for carrying a variety of items when you are training your dog or making travel with them. It incorporates a zippered pocket that is useful for holding your keys and phone along with other extra items like IDs and more. 

This treat pouch allows you to keep things organized thanks to the two pockets; one large compartment and other a poop dispenser. It comes with a host of accessories that are hard to ignore. 

This dog training treat bag offers multi-wear functionalities. It features one metal belt clip and two adjustable straps allowing you to carry the bag on your waist, shoulder, or attached to your belt.

Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag 

Our Rating

4.5 stars


Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag with Belt (Black)
  • Professional Quality: Doggone Good is a small company well known to...
  • Roomy Main Compartment: Ergonomically shaped with gray interior lining...
  • Side and Front Pockets: Two small side pockets with a waste-bag...
Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag with Belt (Black)

When it comes to durability, no other dog training treat bag can match its built and composition. This is a magnetic closure pouch that shuts with a reassuring snap. It incorporates a ‘jackpot pocket’ that’s closed with a Velcro. You can store your essentials in this pocket. If you are using high-value treats, then you should go with this dog treat bag.

The treat bag features an easy open/close magnetic closure vouch for security and ease of access. This mechanism is much better than drawstring, keeping the treats and other essentials secure.


The main compartment of this dog treat bag is incredibly spacey allowing you to store a large quantity of treats for your dog (up to 3 cups). 

What Is A Dog Training Treat Bag Or Pouch?

If you are going to train your dog on the go, you will need a secure container like a bag or purse where you can store your dog’s treats. However, it seems impractical to carry a purse or a backpack, as it doesn’t fit in your hands rightly nor does it makes training simpler. Moreover, you don’t want your purse or bag all dog treat smelly. This is where dog training treat bags come into the play.

For dog owners who don’t have a lawn/backyard or live in an apartment space, training their dogs indoors isn’t very effective. That’s why they bring their pups over to the nearby park for their training sessions.

Dog training treat bags help store your training helpers. Treats are necessary when training a dog. Obviously, your dog isn’t going to learn the tricks and obey you without some motivation; hence, the treats.

Dog training treat bags are a practical approach towards your dog training. They are easy to carry – just wrap them around your waist or clip them on your belt, they keep the treats fresh, they are easy to use, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

So it is a great idea investing in the best dog training treat bag to make your pup’s training focused and hassle-free.

Why Do You Need To Use Treats To Train A Dog?

This question comes with many answers, but the best suitable answer in this scenario is – positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement, if defined, is a part of dog training where treats and praise are used to reward a dog for doing something that you want him/her to do. Because treats encourage the dog more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is considered the most powerful tool for changing and shaping your dog’s behavior.

Training your pup can be a daunting task. It requires you to have your wits about you, combined with knowledge and some useful tools in your arsenal. Treats and treat bags are the two most prominent tools for dog training.

As a dog owner, you need to understand that dogs aren’t naturally programmed to respond accurately and quickly to your commands. You need to grab their attention by putting in time and effort. Treats help you to teach them to WANT to respond to your calls.

Despite what people like to believe, dogs don’t actually do the things we ask just to make us happy. In reality, they do what works for and benefits themselves because making humans happy isn’t enough of a reward for most dogs.

Simply putting, if a pup performs a behavior that leads to a good thing, say treats, they are more likely to repeat it.

Food taps into an inherent desire and primal need. So treats are possibly the best reward to give your pup for a job well done.

Now, some dog owners are afraid of using treats during training considering a significant rise in today’s dog obesity population.

Thus, the treats must be used on a limited basis and intelligently.      

The following are the different training methods for training dogs using treats.

You are using treats as a reward to appreciate your dog for listening and responding to your command.

You are presenting treats first to entice your pup to perform something like respond when he is called. You are luring your puppy to come to you when he is called.

You are dangling the treat in front of your dog before commanding him to perform a specific task. If your dog responds to that, you are bribing him to deliver the same desired behavior whenever you command him to.  

Why You Might Need A Dog Training Treat Bag Or Pouch? 

The purpose of a dog training treat bag is to give you easy access to treats without the risk of your beloved backpack or purse becoming all treat smelly, treats trapped in tight pants, messy pockets, or running out of treats quickly.

Dog training treat bags can be simple little hinged, zipper, or drawstring bags. Moreover, some are attached to tug toys for added reinforcement and interaction. The treat bag’s presence will make your dog follow the commands you throw at them.

Now, for all those who say that they want their dog to perform without the assistance of treats, feeling that its presence is a bribe, your dog won’t listen to you unless you provide him/her with some sort of reward. It is not like that; a dog’s absolute reward is seeing his master happy. The dog will do whatever works for his benefit.

Meanwhile, other training methods like correctional training come in the form of popping or jerking on the leash among others. Such types of training methods are challenging to implement, especially for those who are first-time dog owners. So, if you own a dog, luring them with treats (limited) will help you train them properly.

You can carry the treat bag anywhere with your dog. It can be to a park, or someplace else where you need your dog to behave. Treat bags come in handy as they won’t bother you much when strapped around your waist or clipped on your belt.

How To Train A Dog To Be Obedient Using A Dog Training Treat Bag?

We recommend that you use treats in dog obedience training. However, you would not want them to use them every time as the scenario might end up with your dog training you. Using different sets of training methods is crucial because if you are only giving them treats, they will only perform the task when they are sure that they get the treat. Dogs are not dumb, and you need to use treats intelligently so that they understand your commands without the greed present.

This is where you would want to make an association between the commands and treats. So, give your dog treats every time he obeys your command.

A clicker is a great tool that will help embed the behavior into your dog’s mind while giving him another reason to obey the command. When your dog is performing what you asked, click the clicker and then reward him with treats. It will make your dog associate the clicking with the treat.

Instead of providing treats every time, you can try other rewarding methods such as a couple of good boy’s or petting your dog will make your dog feel special and remove the treats from the situation.

Once your dog has got a hold on to the commands, you can start offering different rewards whenever your dog obeys you. That is, you can give your dog treats the first time, but when he performs the task again, you should go with petting him. Always switch the rewards so that your dog doesn’t always respond to treats.

What To Look For In The Best Dog Training Treat Bag?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking a dog training treat bag or pouch:

The fabrication material used in a dog training treat bag is an essential factor to consider. In most cases, such bags are composed of durable polyester shells or rip stop nylon making them extremely durable. In some cases, you will find bags made out of silicone material as well. Choose accordingly.

The bag you choose needs to be durable enough to tolerate the wear and tear regarding your dog training. The zipper needs to be of high-quality, and the strap quality must not degrade over the years. 

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the capacity of the bag. A standard sized treat bag can contain 1-3 cups of treats. There are multiple sizes available and choose one according to your dog’s breed and size. Moreover, there are different compartments in the bag purposed for the dog owners. These compartments can be used to store phone, wallet, and keys among other essentials.

You need to consider the compartment closing mechanism as it is the most crucial aspect of security. Some bags come with a magnetic lock system while others use Velcro and zippers.

Depending upon how you would like to carry your bag, you can choose from shoulder belt, waist belt, and belt clip or loop.

The bag needs to be portable, and easy to clean and maintain so that you don’t feel irritated when carrying the bag when training your dog and when performing the clean.

Some dog training treat bags come with additional features such as a tug toy, dog poop bags, and a collapsible dog travel bowl.

The treat bag you purchase should be according to your preference. You are the one who will be carrying the bag, so it needs to be comfortable.

You need a bag that will last for years to come. Hence, you need to check the material of the bag to determine its quality.

Most dog treat bags come with weather protection. You need to ensure that your dog’s treats remain undamaged from bad weather like rain and heat. 

Now that you have understood the buying guide let’s jump right into the product reviews section.

Buying the Best Dog Training Treat Bag For Your Pup

These are the top five best dog training treat bags currently available. Out of the five, we announce Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag with Belt the winner due to its features and build quality. It is professional-grade dog training treat bag but on the expensive side.

However, the price is worth it because the product will last for years to come. The magnetic closure is its standout feature that assures security. On the other hand, its premium look will make you look like a professional dog trainer.

There are plenty of other models also available that we haven’t covered in this article. The products were selected after thorough research and testing. If you have other products in mind that are better and quality and in terms of use, or you have any queries, you can share it with us.