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Picking The Best Dog Repellent For Cyclists

January 19, 2021
Picking The Best Dog Repellent For Cyclists

Enjoying a bike ride is certainly relaxing, but without the best dog repellent for cyclists, your ride can quickly become scary or downright dangerous if a strange dog comes barreling towards you off leash.

An impact can result in serious injury either from the fall or worse, a bite.

You don’t have to ride in fear or ride unprotected. There are several items available on the market to safely repel strange dogs at a distance.

We’ve examined today’s offerings and found the best dog repellent for cyclists available. These products give cyclists peace of mind to enjoy the ride without fear.

5 Best Dog Repellent for Cyclists

5 Best Dog Repellent for Cyclists Reviews

PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent

Our Rating

4 stars

PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent and Trainer + LED...
  • Emits a high-pitched sound pulse that's inaudible to the human ear but...
  • Effectively stops barking and threatening dogs from up to 50 feet...
  • Deter unwanted behavior such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping...
PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent and Trainer + LED Flashlight / Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent and Bark Stopper + Dog Trainer Device [UPGRADED VERSION]

The PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent was a solid performer, checking a lot of the positive boxes for us. It had a lot to love, namely that it deters dogs up to 50 feet away, securing a safe distance between you and the animal.

In these situations, every foot between you and the dog counts! This dog repellent uses a high-pitched sound that dogs cannot stand but undetectable by humans, causing no harm to you or the dog.

While this one in particular was a test favorite in performance, it did have some room for improvement with us including it needs to be pointed at the dog in question to be effective which can be hard while biking or in the dark.

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Our Rating

4 stars

No products found.

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent is another great choice for those looking for protection while cycling. It was another device that was multipurpose and performed it’s job without much fuss.

Its high points are that it uses a high frequency sound to deter dogs which cannot be heard by humans. It works at a distance of 20 feet, allowing you to maintain space between you and the dog. It needs to be aimed at the dog to work which is difficult while operating a bicycle.

While we were loving certain things about this option, it did have some noticeable shortcomings that we couldn’t ignore. From design to missing features, it lacked in several areas that cyclists required including that it is much larger than other options, cannot be comfortably stored in your pocket. While a 20 foot reach is decent, some other items on the market offer more distance

Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent

Our Rating

3.5 stars

No products found.

Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent and Trainer with Flashlight/Powerful Ultrasonic Bark Stopper and Dog Deterrent + Dog Trainer Device [Upgraded Version]

The Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent was another product we checked out in our research. Like most products, it wowed us in some regards and disappointed us in others. It performed well, fitting a number of features in a handheld device.

When it comes to features, this device stands out from the rest of the pack. It uses high-pitched sound as a deterrent that humans cannot hear and is completely harmless to use. The device has a range of up to 50 feet, putting plenty of space between you and the dog. You can also use it as a training tool in the home to correct bad behaviors.

While we found plenty of great features in our research, we did find some less than stellar points with this device, notably that despite the built in strap, the gripping material could be better, especially if you’re using it on a bicycle.

Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

Our Rating

3.5 stars

Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Trainer Device 3 in 1 Stop Barking Stop...
  • ULTRASOUND DESIGN: based on the theory that ultrasound, the dog...
  • EASY TO OPERATE: first open the battery cover and then put 1 piece 9V...
  • HANDHELD AND CONVENIENT: size of the device is approx. 12.5 x 4.5 x...
Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller & Trainer Device 3 in 1 Anti Barking Stop Bark Handheld Dog Training Device (Yellow)

Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller was another option we checked out that was a mixed bag of nuts for us. We liked a lot of things about it, but we also weren’t as wowed as other options. It certainly has potential with its offerings including the fact that it uses sounds undetectable to human ears to stop dogs in their path.

The device can be used for at-home training with your own dog to stop nuisance behavior. It has multiple levels to choose from including quick correct and a prolonged sound blast.

Overall this device did have some high points with us, but it also left a lot to be desired in our research including that it could offer some more space between you and the oncoming dog. 20 feet can go quickly when a dog is sprinting.

 Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

Our Rating

4 stars

Sound Defense K9 Warning Device
  • Handheld dog deterrent - dogs, coyotes, and wolves
  • Works from up to 25 feet away and has a wide effective field
  • Safe and easy to use, humane
Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device rounded out our list of products and we liked the option as an alternative to ultrasonic devices that may not work against all dogs. We liked a lot of what it had to offer including that it is very simple to use.

The device works great on stubborn dogs that typically ignore ultrasonic devices. It does not require you to point it directly at the dog to be effective, great for use on a bicycle.

While it was a nice change of pace from the ultrasonic devices in some respects and offered some good features, we did find a few areas that could use improvement when compared to other choices including that it emits a loud noise that is easily heard by humans, making it less discrete.


Why Do Dogs Chase Cyclists?

It’s easy to forget that our cuddly couch companions are actually predators, evolved from wild dogs that had to hunt to survive. All dogs still have a few wild instincts despite domestication and chasing is certainly one of them.

This instinct is stronger in some dogs than others, especially in sight hounds and herding breeds. In addition, the fast spinning of the wheels of a bicycle can be simply irresistible to some dogs, mimicking the whirl of some toys.

What to Do When Being Chased by a Dog While Cycling

Being chased by a strange dog can be a frightening experience, especially if the dog is large or acting aggressively. In such situations, it’s important that you keep your cool and respond correctly. One misstep could lead to injury to you or the dog which is certainly not ideal for either of you.

When being chased by a strange dog while cycling do the following:

What Not to Do When Being Chased by a Dog While Cycling

Here is what you should not do when you are being chased by a dog while cycling:

Why Do Cyclists Need a Dog Repellent?

A repellent offers cyclists the chance to deter a dog at a distance, allowing them to escape without injury. They do not harm the dog, providing a safe, humane deterrent. They are much more effective than shouting or kicking, as both may further egg the dog on and lead to more chasing and aggressive behavior.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Dog Repellent While Cycling?

When using a dog repellent while cycling, you need to remain calm. Do not project fear or shout at the dog. This will irritate the dog further and make the situation worse.

Most dog repellents work by emitting a sound that is unpleasant to a dog’s sensitive ears or a spray that temporarily bothers their sense of smell or taste. They do not harm you or the dog.

As you can see from this video above, you want to continue pedaling while you sound the repellent as soon as the dog takes interest in you. When steady, you then want to accelerate if you can.

Remember to have both hands on the handles to maintain control so you don’t fall.

What to Look for In the Best Dog Repellent for Cyclists?

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best dog repellent for cyclists. You want a dog and people friendly option that works for your cycling routine and skill level.

You also want a repellent that you’re comfortable handling, particularly while riding a bike. Bulky devices that have a lot of steps are not ideal for instance. When looking at repellents, consider the following while shopping:

Repellents can be chemical in nature, ultrasonic, or a loud horn. Each have their pros and cons. Loud horns or ultrasonic devices usually get the best results, as chemical agents require the user to actually aim and strike the dog with the spray, a difficult task when both you and the dog are moving.

You want a device with a bit of grip to it so you don’t drop it

Since you’re on a bike, the smaller the device is, the better

For chemical sprays, you want to make sure you’re choosing a product specifically made for dogs so you don’t injure or poison them. If you do, you may be subject to fines or punishment

You want to make sure the product you’re buying works at a reasonable distance. You want to repel the dog at the furthest distance possible to avoid injury to yourself.

For repellents, you should invest in a device with a decent battery life, especially if you cycle long distances. Batteries will likely be required, though a battery life indicator should be included.

For night use, a built-in LED light is invaluable.

You want a device that doesn’t require both hands to operate. The less steps the better, considering you’ll be riding a bike while operating

Deciding On the Best Dog Repellent for Cyclists

Narrowing the field was no easy task. Deciding on an item that stands between you and harm is never easy, especially when the market is full of options. While we liked a lot of the ultrasonic devices and even the audible one, our clear winner was the The PestZilla Handheld Dog Repellent.

It was the most cyclist-friendly option, as its small size and wide range allowed for easy carrying and maximum coverage. The item does not harm you or the dog and doesn’t have chemicals that need to be refilled or worried about. It’s perfect for nighttime use, allowing you to discretely fend off nuisance dogs with an inaudible sound and bright light. When cycling, remember to pack your best dog repellent for cyclists and enjoy the ride.