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Buying The Best Dog House For Hot Weather

March 2, 2021
Buying The Best Dog House For Hot Weather

Looking for the best dog house for hot weather to keep your furry friend cool?

We have got you covered with the list of five best products in the market, along with a detailed buying guide that will make it easier for you to choose the right one for your doggy.

Summers are hard for your pet, and with the mercury rising, they need something that does not just provide them shelter, but also keeps them comfortable. But, find that right doghouse out of all the option available in the market can be quite tough.

Don’t worry as we have brought this comprehensive guide that will make the choice a lot easy for you.

5 Best Dog House For Hot Weather

5 Best Dog House For Hot Weather Reviews

Petmate Indigo With Microban

Our Rating

4 stars


Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection Taupe/Black 3 sizes...
  • IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This heavy duty dog house for large dogs provides...
  • DIMENSIONS: 51.5" x 39.3" x 30" | Weight: 56.67 lb
  • EXTRA LARGE DOG HOUSE: The raised floors & side moats of the outdoor...
Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection Taupe/Black 3 sizes Available

Your canine companion will love living in this large superior outdoor dog house. It is one of the best dog houses that you can get for the hot weather.  It has been specially designed so that users can use it in harsh weather conditions. You can get them in two different sizes. It comes with an extended and offset doorway along with an integrated rooftop that will keep our pet comfortable and provide enough ventilation.

The all-plastic dog house comes with an anti-microbial chemical that will prevent bacteria from growing. The rounded design of the dog house will ensure that rainwater or snow rolls right off the house. Make sure you look at the size guide carefully before ordering the dog house.

Tangkula Outdoor Dog House

Our Rating

4 stars


Tangkula Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet...
  • Material: Fir wood +red asphalt+ Plastic feet
  • Raised floor promotes circulation to help keep floor warm/dry in the...
  • Weatherproof solid fir construction with draft resistant tongue and...
Tangkula Dog House, Wooden Pet Kennel, Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House, Natural Wooden Dog House Home with Reddish Brown Roof, Pet Dog House (Medium)

If you are looking for a dog house that is classic and hearty in its design, then Tangkula will make an ideal option. The best part about this dog house is that it is available in four different size options, so you will not have to worry about finding the right size.

The outdoor dog house is built using durable fir wood and red asphalt shingles. The plastic feet of the dog house will enable that it withstands weathering. The feet of the dog house is adjustable, so you can place it wherever it is convenient for you, not necessarily a flat surface.

The dog house is available in four different sizes, no more worrying about finding the right house for your pup. It remains dry even during the rainy season and comes with a spacious deck porch.

Suncast Outdoor Dog House 

Our Rating

4 stars


Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant and Attractive...
  • OUTDOOR DOG HOUSE: Attractive dog house for pets up to 70 pounds is...
  • DURABLE: Constructed from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor to...
  • CONVENIENT: Dog house snaps together with ease, so your pet can enjoy...
Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant Dog House for Small to Large Sized Dogs - Easy to Assemble - Perfect for Backyards

If you are looking for a dog house that offers you the best of the world features in a plastic dog house, then you should definitely try Suncast dog house. It is attractively styles and comes in various dimensions. The design features easy assembly, and it will provide your furry friend a place to call home instantly.

It will take you only a few minutes to assemble the dog house and provide it with a comfortable outdoor shelter. It comes with wide doors, which makes it the best option for hot and humid weather. The floor features a crowned design which provides extra support to the house and raises the dog a little bit off the ground. A number of vents are included to provide plenty of airflow.

The Suncast Outdoor dog house has received great reviews from customers all around the world. Even though it is an excellent dog house to buy, it might not be the best thing for your dogs in the winters as it needs extra insulation to keep the house warm.

ASL Solutions Dog Palace

Our Rating

4.5 stars


ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Med to Large Dogs - Gray
  • Insulated raised floor for a dry and warm bedding area
  • Pass-through, self-closing, insulated door
  • 2"-4" of real foam insulation in every panel
ASL Solutions Dog Palace for Med to Large Dogs - Gray

If you are looking for something royal and classy for your pooch, then ASL solutions might be the answer to your needs. The dog palace, as the name suggests, is quite spacious and provides an overall comfortable outdoor space. Your pooch will be able to enter and exit quickly through the doorway as it has a self-closing technique.

The insulated door is well-fitted, and it comes with a see-through window which is placed on the front. The see-through window will allow you to keep an eye on your furry friend. 

The floor of this dog house comes with a draining hole that will make the cleaning process easy. What is better than having a dog house that is great for hot as well as winter weather? It includes an electrical floor heater. 

SENYEPETS Plastic Dog House

Our Rating

4.5 stars


SENYEPETS Outdoor Indoor Plastic Dog Houses Carry Skylight Portable...
23 Reviews
SENYEPETS Outdoor Indoor Plastic Dog Houses Carry Skylight Portable...
  • Dog house size L35'' x W28'' x H29.7''. Entrance Size: 12'' x 18''
  • Easy assembly,edges are rounded and will not hurt pets. Dog house...
  • Shape is light, fashionable and beautiful. It is suitable for the...
SENYEPETS Outdoor Indoor Plastic Dog Houses Carry Skylight Portable Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Puppy Shelter (Green)

One of the most adorable and practical products that you can gift your dog is some personal dog zone. A place your pup can chill and sleep and stay for most of his day. Senyepets dog house is the best dog house for dogs who like to nest cosily and sleep all the time. It is one of the best options when it comes to getting a plastic dog house.

This dog house is sturdy and will keep your dog dry while still providing ample ventilation. It comes with ventilation on both sides so you can manage the windows according to your preference. There are two color options for the roof- blue and green.

A dog house that is easy to carry is the best dog house. Senyepets is light in weight and can be carried easily. Assembling cannot go wrong when using Senyepets. The brand makes sure that you assemble the product in no time.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Dog House In Summer?

The best things that you can do is put the doghouse in a shady area during the summers, and limit his exposure to Sun when he is not in the house. The doghouse can be put below a tree to make sure it’s always shady and cool for your furry buddy.

Face the house in the direction of the wind to keep him cool. Raise the doghouse off the ground by at least 12” to let the air circulate freely all around it. Sprinkle a bit of water over the roof for added cooling effect in the doghouse.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dog House For Hot Weather? 

Location is an important consideration when setting up a doghouse. When you set up the house outside, it is crucial that you select one that is particularly made for the outdoors, and the insulated doghouses are perfect for that purpose. The interiors of these houses are adapted to all kinds of whether, including those rising hot summer temperatures.

When the weather conditions are as harsh as the summers, a regular dog house will just not make the cut. Radiation, conduction, and convection are all at work to make the temperatures rise inside the doghouse, and thus, having an insulated house is important.

What Is The Best Dog House Bedding For Hot Weather? 

Wood shavings and wheat straw are commonly used by many dog owners, but the problem with them is that these materials shift and your furry friend ultimately lands up on the floor. So, it is better to go for grass hay, which will hold its structure longer and create lesser dust than straw or wood shavings.

The grass hay that you need to choose for the warm season can be grasses like the Indian grass and Big Bluestem. These varieties make the nest of the dog really nice and allow him to nestle in comfort inside the house.

You can also buy special cooling beds for the dog during summer. You can put ice in through the zipped area, and keep the dog cool all through the summer months.

However, doormats placed indoors can easily retain moisture due to lack of exposure to the sun. It may start to produce an unpleasant odor in your house. So, you need to keep the doormat fresh and clean all the time, if you are using it indoors. You can dry it under the sun after its usage.

What Is The Best Way To Cool A Dog House During Summer?

Following are some of the tips that you need to take before using dog houses in summer:

The temperatures of the soil are extremely high during the summers and placing the doghouse directly above it will make it absorb heat.

The temperatures are anyway oppressive outside, and you cannot make it more difficult for your doggy by compromising with the space inside the dog house.

The ventilation need to be on the roof or at the edges. They will not be able to let in much air if they are placed near the floors of the doghouse.

The doghouse for the summers needs to be placed under the trees, or at least some similar shady area of the house like that.

What To Look For In The Best Dog House For Hot Weather?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking repellent spray for furniture:

Following are the kinds of materials you will find in dog houses:

  • Wood: Easy to adapt to the local weather conditions
  • Plastic: Cost-effective and can adapt to rain and heat
  • Fabric: It is neither durable nor adaptable to temperature
  • Metal: Need heavy insulation to minimize heat transfer
  • Fiberglass: A stylish and durable option that is adaptable to temperature changes

Measure your dog to ensure that they have plenty of room to move inside the doghouse. They should be able to lie down completely inside.

The flooring needs to be comfortable enough for the dog to lie down, without the heat radiating from it and making it difficult for the dog to stay. Choose a dog house with a raised floor from the ground. 

The dog house needs to let in air to keep the dog cool during the summers. Make sure that the ventilation in near the roof or the edges.

The bedding needs to be soft, comfortable, and definitely not absorb the heat. You can make the bedding using grass and straws, or buy the cooling beds from the market.

The insulation on the doghouse needs to be heavy enough to keep the interiors cool during the summers. It is an added benefit if it also keeps the house warm during the winters.

It is important to consider how the house will hold up over time. For instance, wood or fiberglass house will need more maintenance than plastic or metal.

Let Your Dog Relax In The Best Dog House For Hot Weather

If you have dogs in your house, then you might be thinking of getting a dog house for them. A dog house will ensure that they do not spend more time outside and are safe inside the house. When choosing a dog house, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. The most important thing is the size of the dog house; it should have a cosy enclosure. 

Summers are hard for your little bundle of joy, and you would not want him to suffer in the oppressive heat. Well, you no longer have to because you can get hold of any of these amazing and top-rated doghouses to keep him cool and comfy all through the summers. And you know what the best part is? These products are insulated enough to serve you well during the winters, as well. So, just a few tweaks of the placement here and there and that same doghouse will suit the winters too. How cool is that?

Hopefully, our list of best dog houses for hot weather along with other tips and ideas will make it easy for you to keep your pet happy during the summers. So, go ahead and invest in that perfect doghouse for your dog today, and have a happy summer ahead!