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Best Small Dog Harnesses

January 10, 2021
Best Small Dog Harnesses

Firstly, we are quite used to dogs wearing collars. But a collar applies a lot of pressure on the dog’s neck when it pulls forward. Here we are going to provide the best small dog harnesses

And let’s be honest, almost every pup out there pulls quite a bit. Even if your pet usually doesn’t try to reach the desired spot as quickly as possible, you can rarely predict the moment when your puppy suddenly dashes forward.

Meanwhile, there are many situations when a collar can choke or harm your pup, especially when we’re talking about smaller breeds. But the most dangerous thing about collars is the pressure they apply.

Moreover, the neck of an animal is a very sensitive area where a lot of nerves are located. And when those nerves are irritated continuously by pressure, the dog develops a lot of health and behavioral issues.

Besides, that’s why it’s better to use harnesses that distribute the pressure evenly.

The Best Small Dog Harness 2020

Puppia Soft Dog Harness No Choke Over-The-Head Triple Layered...
  • Authentic Puppia Soft Dog Harness made out of 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle
  • Comfortable padded neck opening


  • Made of breathable polyester
  • Padded with soft cushions
  • Adjustable belly strap
  • Many colors
  • Many sizes


  • Only one strap is adjustable
  • Only one leash ring
  • Some dogs can escape this harness

First of all, Dog Harnesses Puppia is a classic harness for small dogs that comes in a wide variety of different colors. Therefore, you can choose the option that will fit your taste.

We consider Puppia to be the best dog harness simply because it checks all the boxes. For instance, it comes in many sizes, but we will focus on smaller ones.

The extra small size will be great for Chihuahuas, Brussels Griffons, and Pomeranians. Besides, the small size will fit Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers.

In addition, the strap that goes around the rib cage is adjustable, so you can make it a bit tighter or looser if you need it. However, don’t fasten it too tight because then it will be hard for your dog to breathe.

Further, Puppia is made of breathable polyester that is very lightweight and dries quickly. Also, you can wash this small dog harness in the washing machine, although the manufacturer advises hand washing and air drying.

Similarly, all the pieces except for the belly strap are padded with soft cushions to keep your pet comfortable. Likewise, the buckles are made of plastic, but they’re durable enough.

And the ring for the leash is resistant to moisture and quite durable. Unfortunately, there is no leash ring on the chest.

Small Dog Harnesses With a Handle:

Best Small Harness With a Handle: CuddlyPet

CUDDLY PET, Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness with 2 Metal...
  • 🐾【No Pull】 You can have a better control of your dog by...
  • 🐾【Choke Free】 Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the...
  • 🐾【Safety Design】 Our dog harness include nylon webbing with...


  • Padded with soft cushions
  • Two leash rings
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Hard to escape
  • Two adjustable straps


  • Not suitable for tiny breeds
  • Comes only in one small size
  • Not the best design in terms of safety

Firstly, CuddlyPet no-pull small harness in a small size will fit Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russes, Shi Tzus, and breeds of similar sizes. Secondly, CuddlyPet doesn’t apply pressure on the dog’s neck even if it pulls.

Therefore, your pup is safe from injuries if it dashes forward. Also, the handles will also assist you in teaching your dog some patience.

But remember not to use it for carrying your pet around because the harness might injure the animal. In other words, the handles are only suitable for situations when you need to lift the dog just for a second.

For example, to help it get out of the car safely. But mostly the handle should be used for training. Additionally, thanks to the chest leash ring, you can teach your puppy how to walk properly without pulling.

And then you can switch to the back ring. Moreover, this small harness is padded with soft cushions to make your dog feel comfortable. Also, it’s very easy to put on – slide it over the pup’s head and close the buckles.

By the way, the buckles are lockable to prevent your pet from escaping the harness. Besides, you can adjust CuddlyPet fastening the chest and belly straps for a better fit.

Harness with a handle for small dogs: My Busy Dog

My Busy Dog Harness Vest | No Pull, Easy On/Off, Front/Back Metal...
  • HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: Unlike other harnesses that can dig into your...
  • HASSLE-FREE HARNESS: Easily slip over your dog’s head and secure at...
  • EXTRA FRONT LEASH ATTACHMENT: In addition to the standard back...


  • Suitable for large-chested dogs
  • Two leash rings
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Might be too large for small dogs
  • Comes only in one color
  • Only two sizes to choose from

First of all, this is a lightweight and breathable harness for small but wide-chested dogs. Secondly, it will fit larger breeds like Pugs, French Bulldogs – bulldog dog harness review, or Boston Terriers.

Meanwhile, you can adjust the straps if needed. Moreover, My Busy Dog comes with a handle that you can grab your pet to keep it in place. In addition, this handle is useful during the training or in some situations when you need your pup to be still.

However, don’t practice picking up your dog by this handle – this can injure your pet considering the joint and breath issues Pugs and other brachycephalic wide-chested breeds have.

Further, if your pup is pulling, you can use the chest leash ring to train it to walk correctly. And the back ring will be perfect for casual walks.

Small Handle Dog Harness: ICEFANG Tactical

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Patch Harness Vest,Hook and Loop Panel, No...
  • [EASY ON/OFF]:Quick Open/Close Plastic Buckle on the Neck and belly...
  • [SAFETY CONTROL]:Visible Leash Clip on the top and front chest,easy to...
  • [CUSTOM-FIT]:No Rub As well as Escape-proof; Harness Offer 4 Position...
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Highly adjustable
  • Two leash clips
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Loop and hoop panels
  • Suitable only for several small breeds
  • Too big for tiny dogs
  • Buckles are a bit bulky

First, if you want your small furry friend to feel like a real working dog, this tactical dog harness is a good option. Moreover, the sizing is a bit confusing.

However, following the measurements, we can say that Icefang in the Extra Small size will fit large-chested dogs like Frenchies, Pugs, or other similar breeds.

Meanwhile, it can also be suitable for Jack Russels and other breeds of the same size – you can adjust both rib cage and shoulder pieces to fit your dog.

In addition, the straps can be fastened on both the left and right sides. However, there is no smaller option for little dogs. Further, the Icefang features two leash clips – on the chest and the back.

So you can switch to the chest one when the pup begins pulling too hard. Also, there are hook and loop panels you can use to customize this small handle dog harness.

Small Leather dog Harnesses

Best Small Leather Harness: Beirui

Beirui Genuine Leather Dog Harness - No Escape Harnesses for Pet...
  • ▶Genuine Leather Dog Harness Vest, Brown Soft and Durable Handmade...
  • ▶Strong and Durable Dog Training Harness with 3 Adjustable Straps,...
  • ▶Easy on and off, Two Chormed Heavy duty D-Rings for Leash...
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Highly adjustable
  • Rather durable
  • Very good-looking
  • Perfect for small dogs
  • Comes only in one color
  • No chest leash ring
  • No quick snap buckles

First, the Beirui is a very attractive small harness made of soft genuine leather. Second, it doesn’t come in a wide variety of sizes, but it is very adjustable.

Meanwhile, the smaller size can be adjusted from 10 inches to 15.5 inches in the neck, and from 15.5 inches to 18 inches in the chest. Also, the neck strap is adjustable both on the right and left sides for a better result.

Likewise, it means that Beirui will fit Shih Tzus, Papillons, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, and breeds of similar sizes. Similarly, make sure to measure your pet properly since there is only one small option available.

However, there is no ring for the leash on the chest, but there are two rings on the back so that you can attach the lead quickly.

Since there are no quick snap buckles, it can be somewhat tricky to put on this small leather harness, especially if your dog is active and can’t standstill. But with more calm pups, it shouldn’t be an issue to close and open buckles.

Besides, if Beirui feels a bit too stiff once you get it, simply work the leather with your hands to soften it. Also, make sure you dry this small harness when it gets wet.

Small Leather Pet Harness: Beirui

Beirui Leather Dog Harness - No Escape Training Harness Chest...
  • Brown Handmade Soft Genuine Leather Harness for Small Dogs Walking
  • Strong and Durable Dog Training Harness with 3 Adjustable Straps,...
  • Easy on and off,Two Chormed Heavy duty D-Rings for Leash Attaching,...
  • Made of real leather
  • Highly adjustable
  • Doesn’t snag the fur
  • Great for long-coated dogs
  • Fits most small breeds
  • No chest leash ring
  • Comes only in one color
  • Can be tricky to put on

First of all, Beirui is another small leather pet harness. Secondly, it’s made of real leather that is very soft and durable.

Likewise, just like any other leather item, you can work this small harness with your hands to soften it even more so that your dog feels comfortable.

Moreover, it is very adjustable – the neckpiece has two adjusting points, and you can fasten the belly strap as well. Similarly, the small size is suitable for dogs with a 13-18 inches neck and 13-20 inches chest.

Therefore, this leather pet harness will fit Mini Schnauzers, Bichons, Miniature Pinschers, and breeds of similar measurements.

Besides, this Beirui pet harness is excellent for long-coated breeds as it doesn’t snag the fur. Also, dogs don’t get overheated wearing this accessory since there are no heavy and wide parts.

And over time, this leather harness softens to fit your pup’s body perfectly.

Leather Dog Harness for Small Dogs: Dogs My Love

Genuine Leather Dog Harness Daisies for Toy and Small Breeds Padded...
1 Reviews
Genuine Leather Dog Harness Daisies for Toy and Small Breeds Padded...
  • Lighter weight dog harness made of high quality genuine leather
  • Beautiful daisy flowers decorated 1/2" wide soft leather padded...
  • Nickel-plated buckle and D-ring
  • Made of quality leather
  • Comes in different colors
  • Suitable for small breeds
  • Pretty and cheeky
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Only one strap is adjustable
  • No chest leash ring
  • Can be tricky to pick the right fit

Dogs My Love’s adorable leather dog harness is perfect for small and tiny dogs. The Extra Small size should fit Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and other breeds of similar measurements.

Meanwhile, the small size will be great for Bichons, Pomeranians, Malteses, and so on. Note that only the chest strap is adjustable.

So make sure you measure your dog correctly to get a suitable fit. Since this accessory is made of genuine leather, it will soften over time to hug your pet’s body comfortably.

Similarly, you can also work the material with your hands to quickly make it more tender. Likewise, this leather dog harness comes in four different colors for you to choose what you like more.

Dogs My Love is decorated with small leather flowers that fit the color palette you pick. However, there is only one leash ring on the back, but it will be difficult for your pup to pull because of the design of this harness.

Small Tactical Dog Harnesses

Best Small Tactical Harness: OneTigris

OneTigris EDC Horizontal MOLLE Pouch for Tool Treat Med (2 Pack,...
  • Sturdy Construct Nylon Bag: 500D Nylon of extra durability and...
  • Horizontal K9 Dog Treat Tote: Ideal for use as a waist training pouch...
  • Functional Compartment: Spacious main compartment for holding toy,...
  • Comes in several colors
  • MOLLE straps
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Doesn’t snag the fur
  • Only one size available
  • Only one leash ring
  • Hard to guess if it will fit

First, even little dogs want to be a part of our outdoor activities like hiking, for example. And even though they can get tired very quickly, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a cool tactical harness.

Meanwhile, OneTigris comes in one size that is suitable for Bichons, Jack Russels, and other breeds with similar measurements.

Also, due to the design, this small harness will fit large-chested breeds like French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, and Pugs. To make OneTigris suit your pup better, you can adjust all three straps – one on the shoulders and two on the belly.

Likewise, both belly straps come with buckles, so it is effortless to put on and take off this small tactical dog harness. Similarly, the front strap is padded with fleece so that it doesn’t snug the fur.

Additionally, there are MOLLE straps you can use to attach patches or equipment like bowls, bags, and bottles.  Of course, remember that your small dog can’t carry much weight.

Besides, there is a handle you can use to help your pup get in and out of the car, for instance. There is only one leash ring on the back, but due to the design, it will be hard for your puppy to pull.

Small Tactical Dog Vest

Tactical Service Dog Vest Harness Outdoor Training Handle...
  • 🐾Durable Material & Rubber Soft Padded: Made with our high quality...
  • 🐶4 Quick Release Buckles:easy adjustable dog harness for easy put...
  • 🐶Breathable Mesh & MOLLE System:Comfortable mesh make your dog skin...
  • Highly adjustable
  • Fits most small dogs
  • MOLLE panels
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable and comfy
  • No chest ring
  • Not many colors to pick from
  • Might be a bit bulky

Tactical Service Dog Vest is a long fit tactical dog vest that will be useful if you take your pup along for some outdoor activity. Moreover, it is waterproof, so if your pet gets wet, the harness will stay dry.

Thus, it will keep your dog comfy and warm, preventing any possible diseases and skin irritations. However, the insides of Hanshengday are padded with soft, breathable mesh that will prevent overheating.

In addition, if you have a little breed, you should opt for the Extra Small size. Further, it will fit Yorkies, Pomeranians, Bichons, and even Jack Russels and breeds of similar measurements.

Likewise, all straps are adjustable, so you can fasten them to fit your pup even better. Additionally, there are Velcro panels you can use to attach bags, bowls, and bottles.

Besides, you can place informative or fun badges and patches on these hook and loop straps.

Small Dog Harness/Vest: Voopet

Service Dog Harness, No-Pull Emotional Support Pet Vest Harness,...
14,004 Reviews
Service Dog Harness, No-Pull Emotional Support Pet Vest Harness,...
  • NO PULL AND CHOKE FREE: Traction pressure is evenly distributed to the...
  • REFLECTIVE DESIGN: Reflective identification tough durable nylon cloth...
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Adjustable slide straps can create a custom fit for...
  • Suitable for service dogs
  • Fits most small breeds
  • Made of durable material
  • Padded with cushions
  • Removable patch
  • Might be a bit heavy
  • Can be tricky to fit properly
  • No chest leash ring

First of all, emotional support pups are also considered to be service dogs. So if your little furry friend is your emotional support dog, you can get it this small vest to let everyone know that this pooch is working right now.

Meanwhile, the extra small size will fit Pomeranians, Malteses, and Yorkies who are on the bigger side. And if you have a Jack Russel or a Fox Terrier, opt for the small size.

Similarly, you can adjust the length and width of this small dog harness to make it suit your pup even better. Also, Voopet is made of durable Oxford fabric and padded with soft cushions to make your pet feel comfortable.

Likewise, there is a handle that is useful if you need to keep your pup close. In addition, if you like the design of this small vest, but your pooch is not a service dog, you can simply take off the “Emotional support” velcro patch.

How to put a harness on a small dog

Buckle-on harnesses are very easy to put on. You need to slide the accessory over your pet’s head and then close the buckles. Maybe you will find it easier to hold your small dog in one hand and put the harness on with another – it’s up to you.

There is another type that’s called a step-in harness. It’s way trickier to put on, but we don’t have any of those on our list. We’ve picked out only the options that are easy to use.

Important Features To Consider


Soft cushions will make your dog feel more comfortable in the harness. They will keep your pup safe from injuries and reduce the pressure if your pet tends to pull a lot.

However, leather harnesses usually come without padding because the material is soft enough.


A handle can be useful during training in some situations. For example, when you need to help your dog to get out and in the car. But avoid carrying your pup around holding it by the handle. The pressure can cause injuries.

Complementing leash

Sometimes a harness comes with a short complementing lead. It is usually quite short and not suitable for everyday walks. You can use it for photos or other occasions where you need to keep your pet close to yourself.

Step-in vs. buckle-on

Step-in harnesses are a bit tricky to put on. The dog literally needs to step into the straps, and then you can close the vest on the pup’s back.

Buckle-on models are simpler to use. Just slide such harness over your dog’s head and close the buckles.


Make sure you measure your dog correctly to choose the right size. Measure the neck in the widest part that is closer to the shoulders. Also, measure the chest in the widest part.

Back clip harness vs. front clip. vs. Side Clip

The back leash clip is the best for casual walks. The front clip is useful when you want to train your dog not to pull the leash. And the side clip is great for teaching your pup to heel.

Why it’s better to buy a dog harness online?

It’s not easy to find a suitable harness for a small dog. Sizings are often very confusing, and not every land-based shop always has a wide choice of models.

However, on the internet, you have a virtually endless pool of options. You won’t be able to touch the material, but you can read customer testimonials.

Also, you have our reviews. And if you struggle to choose the correct option, simply contact the DogPages equipment expert that will help you to pick the suitable harness for your pet.