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Best Dog Hoodies in 2020 | DogPages

January 4, 2021
Best Dog Hoodies in 2020 | DogPages

First of all, hoodies for dogs are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Secondly, many people falsely assume that their pets do not need clothes because they are animals. Here we review all the best dog hoodies.

Regardless, it is a real misconception because dogs, like others, need additional coverage. Meanwhile, they are different. That is, while some pups are well-adjusted to hot weather, others feel better in the cold climate.

However, Dog hoodies are very practical. In other words, people rarely pick a pet because of the specific climate conditions or the weather. Thus, this mistake is often damaging: dogs become sick and require treatment.

In addition, medical help for dogs is much more expensive than a hoodie, so this step is also highly rational. Although we cannot choose a climate for our beloved members of a family.

However, we can help them adjust and live with us in a comfortable world, and sometimes, clothes are necessary. Also, dog hoodies also often correspond to the individuality of the owner, specific needs, and character features.

Likewise, these aspects also help us to distinguish our dog from others, even of a similar breed. Similarly, this dog hoodie review will show that they are essential for all.

Meanwhile, if you think that your dogs may be exposed to uncomfortable temperatures or if you want more chic in your everyday activities, a dog hoodie is for you.

Be careful – you should know the difference between a dog hoodie and dog sweaters!

More Information

Firstly, if your dog has short hair, the chances are that they need additional coverage are higher, especially if you do not keep the dogs at home all the time.

Meanwhile, Hoodies for small dogs are often a must-have because they are not adapted to severe temperatures. Still, for long-haired dogs, hoodies are also needed, especially if they live in a hot climate to reduce the sultriness.

However, small dogs are the first victims of cold and rain because they are not so adaptable to the sharp weather conditions. Similarly, the requirements for these breeds vary, but hoodies for small dogs should be warmer and thicker than for larger dogs.

At the same time, they should consider that smaller dogs are more active. Next, we will look through the best hoodies for the tiny pups. Thus, all you have to do is read and choose.

Nonetheless, we chose the best dog hoodies for 2020 to ensure that the new products could be included. Understandably, the number of products makes it complicated to navigate between the options.

Moreover, if you ask a friend, their dog is probably of a different breed, and their hoodie maybe not the best choice for yours.

Thus, we chose different dog hoodies and divided this review into sections that will be useful to understand for owners of various breeds.

Although we have included our favorite picks, this dog hoodie review features the specific items for small and large dogs as well.

Best Dog Hoodies 2020: Elie

Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Adventure Charcoal Grey Dog Hoodie with Hook &...
  • ✔️ ADJUSTABLE SIZING - We know that finding the right size...
  • ✔️ DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY - Our dog hoodies come equipped with a...
  • ✔️ HARNESS FRIENDLY & MACHINE WASHABLE - Contains a small opening...
  • Firstly, it is adjustable
  • Secondly, it is made of high-quality materials
  • Thirdly, this hoodie has a pocket and a hood
  • Lastly, Ellie Dog Wear dog hoodie is stylish
  • A bit pricey (check with your budget first)
  • The material is not specified
  • For some dogs, a pocket may be a distraction.

First of all, our best pick is Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Adventure Charcoal Grey Dog Hoodie. Secondly, Ellie Dog Wear made a great adjustable hoodie with a variety of sizes to choose from.

Moreover, it is available in all sizes from XXS to XXL, so every small and large dog will be comfortable. Meanwhile, even if your dog has gained a few pounds, it will still fit.

However, every stitch is put to protect it from destruction.  Similarly, the good feature is a pocket, so no more searching for a place to put the treats for your pup.

Finally, this top pick dog hoodie goes in maroon, navy, light grey, off-white, and charcoal colors.

Best Small Dog Hoodies:

Best Small Dog Hoodie: Zack&Zoey

  • Firstly, it comes with a hanger and a hashtag
  • Secondly, the Material is very soft (suitable for the pickiest and sensitive pups)
  • Thirdly, the design and material allow it to be machine washed
  • Lastly, it’s suitable for different occasions and personalities of your doggy
  • Firstly, the sizing is not universal and may be too tight for dogs with a wide chest
  • The pocket on the back may be uncomfortable
  • Requires additional adjustment with rolling it up before the walks

Firstly, Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs deserves its fair share of attention.

Secondly, the material is mixed: 65% polyester and 35% cotton, that’s why this dog hoodie is so comfortable.

Meanwhile, the sizes vary from XS to XXL, and your pet won’t be disappointed. However, the palette is even more diverse.

Moreover, Zack & Zoey offer the following ones: bluebird, grey, heather gray, jet black, nautical blue, parrot green, raspberry sorbet, tomato red, ultraviolet, and vibrant orange.

Cheap Small Dog Hoodie: Howstar

Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt, M
  • ♥ Soft, flexible, breathable, washable, 100% cotton material for...
  • ♥ More than 80 funny and cute styles to choose from! Mix & Match,...
  • ♥ Please refer to sizing chart as our sizing runs small. An XL will...
  • Firstly, Affordable price (you can buy a few for different days)
  • Secondly, The cute design is a wonderful bonus
  • Thirdly, the material and simplistic design makes it durable and comfortable
  • Finally, Howstar is always ready to meet the quality
  • The sizing is different from the traditional one (requires checking the measurements)
  • Also, the colors are not always similar to the ones on the screen.
  • Howstar puppy hoodie is not stretchy

First, our best budget picks dog hoodie suits all people who want to save their dogs from cold without spending a fortune.

However, Howstar Pet Clothes Puppy Hoodie is a choice for those who look for an affordable yet high-quality dog hoodie.

Moreover, it comes in six colors: blue, gray, green, pink, red, and white.

In addition, the cotton blend material is soft and warm. Finally, the dog hoodie sizes come from XS to L.

Small Breeds Dog Hoodie: EastCities

Didog Reflective Dog Winter Coats Sport Vest Jackets Snowsuit Apparel...
  • ★EXPIEENCED SIZE CHART--The size chart is confirmed by years of size...
  • ★STYLISH & SAFE DESIGN -- Designed with two light colors, looks...
  • Firstly, Warm material will protect the smaller breeds perfectly
  • Secondly, It is multi-purpose (fit your god during the walk and at home)
  • Lastly, The creative design suits the cuteness of your dog
  • EastCities hoodie may not be suitable for the medium size dogs (check the
    measurements carefully)
  • There are only two colors, so you don’t have many options here

First of all, our favorite is EastCities Pet Clothes Dog Hoodie. Secondly, created specifically for small breeds, this dog hoodie perfectly fits their needs.

Moreover, it comes in four sizes, from S to XL. Likewise, the main material for this Pet Clothes Dog Hoodie is cotton.

Besides, you may choose either red or green color for the pup here.

Extra Small Dog Hoodie: SELMAI Hoodie

SELMAI Fleece Dog Hoodie Winter Coat for Small Boy Dog Cat Puppy...
  • US size XS / Label size M :(Neck: 10",Back: 9.5",Chest: 14.5",for...
  • This clothes runs small,pls choose one size larger,specially designed...
  • Pls kindly take a measurement of your dog before the purchasing, may...
  • Firstly, This SELMAI dog hoodie is comfortable (the comfort is the priority here)
  • Secondly, Excellent style and design
  • Finally, Perfect for cold weather due to material thickness
  • SELMAI hoodie may have slight measurements errors (ask a seller about the appropriate size)
  • Sometimes, the delivery may need extra time

Firstly, SELMAI hoodie is one of the warmest options which is created especially for toy breeds.

Moreover, the item comes in sizes from S to XXL and offers three colors for your preferences: gray, blue, and black.

Meanwhile, the material of this dog hoodie is 90% cotton and 10% polyester, which provides additional convenience.

Dog Hoodie for Small Dogs: EastCities

BONDOGLAND Pet Clothes Dog Hoodies for Small Dogs Cat Sweater Onesie...
  • Material:cotton,super soft and breathable xs dog clothes,more...
  • Bright colors and lovely prints make your female dog clothes more...
  • Extra small dog clothes are perfect for every day puppy wear, sleep...
  • Firstly, Fantastic due to its tender and appealing design: the tiny pattern makes it more playful
  • Secondly, The seller readily helps with any questions and inquiries
  • Finally, The material is breathable
  • Not so much colors and designs
  • For some dogs, the sleeves of this small dogs hoodie may be too tight because not all small dogs of the same size are similar

First, EastCities Hoodie for Small Dogs is a comfy addition to your dog’s wardrobe.

Moreover, the cotton fabric is durable, so it’s also a long-term purchase.

In addition, it is available in four sizes from S to XL, it ideally suits small breeds.

Besides, this EastCities small Dog Hoodie item is green, but it also is available with some other bright prints.

Extra Small Fleece Dog Hoodie: Expawplorer

EXPAWLORER Fleece Dog Hoodies with Pocket, Cold Weather Spring Vest...
  • Multiple Selections: 6 sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL) and 6 colors...
  • Premium Quality: Our hoody is well made of 100% polyester polar fleece...
  • O-Ring/Hole Design: The O-ring attached on the back can be connected...
  • Finally, This small dog fleece hoodie is one of the best choices against cold
  • Secondly, Made of high-quality material
  • Thirdly, A diverse range of sizes and colors for all small dogs
  • Lastly, A small ring attached to this dog hoodie (you can easily attach it to a leash without a collar)
  • Not all sizes are available
  • Some items miss the ring for a leash (on the back)

First of all, this small dog fleece hoodie is made of 100% polyester, which the seller promises to be very useful in cold weather, and we couldn’t agree more.

Moreover, EXPAWLORER offers a diverse mix of colors to pick from: black, blue, grey, pink, purple, and red.

Besides, this same variety also comes in sizes. Finally, you can choose from XS to XXL.

Hoodie for Small Dogs: Anima

Anima Dog and Pet Hoodie Sweatshirt, Medium, Royal Blue
  • Size MEDIUM: Length 12-inch Chest 18-inch Neck 13-inch
  • For small and toy breed dogs only
  • Machine washable
  • Firstly, It has a pocket that will be useful on many occasions
  • Secondly, The specific use of material makes it warm and soft
  • Finally, The design is not too tight, so it is flexible
  • Some people express disappointment over the sizing
  • Only one color which does not always fit all situations

Firstly, Anima Dog Hoodie is only for small dogs, and its color, royal blue, is bright and appealing to look at.

Meanwhile, the sizes vary from XS to L. However, the combination of polyester and cotton is efficient for the protection of your dog.

Moreover, your dog won’t be uncomfortable wearing Anima Dog Hoodie.

In addition, the sleeves and bottom of the hoodie are loose, which makes them proper for play and movement.

Small Classic Dog Hoodie: SILD

SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket Cool Blue Denim Coat Small Medium...
  • There are size disparity existed between the every different style of...
  • It fits to dress on four seasons,you need not to worry about your...
  • Put on this kind of jeans will make your lovely pet protected and care...
  • Firstly, The retro style gives this dog hoodie a relaxed contemporary vibe
  • Secondly, The holes for legs are large, so it definitely won’t constrain their movements
  • Finally, The material will work perfectly well in the hot environment
  • Denim is a material that is not always suitable for cold weather
  • SILD Jean Jacket Classic Dog Hoodie maybe not stretchy enough for active dogs
  • No clear information about the sizing and measurements

First, SILD Jean Jacket Classic Dog Hoodie is a superb multi-purpose choice if your dog is a little informal.

Moreover, the Jean material of this SILD Classic Dog Hoodie looks stylish and unusual.

Likewise, it comes in six colors: black-white, blue, red, grey, plaid hat, red, and white.

Similarly, you can choose this Classic Dog Hoodie from XS to XXL sizes.

Best Winter Dog Hoodies:

Best Fleece Dog Hoodie: Gooby

Gooby Dog Hoodie Fleece Vest - Gray, Large - Pull Over Dog Jacket with...
  • KEEP YOUR SMALL DOG WARM ALL WINTER LONG - When the cold weather hits,...
  • EASY-ON. EASY-OFF. - Imagine this - Outside it’s snowing and...
  • STYLE MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - This isn’t your typical small dog...
  • Firstly, The design makes it easy for you to dress and undress your dog as fast as possible
  • Secondly, The material makes it easy to clean and even air dry
  • Thirdly, The holes for legs are wide enough
  • Fourthly, It has a ring and does not have any zips or buttons
  • Finally, The functionality connects with style at its best
  • Drooling Dog Hoodie it is not adjustable
  • The return policy may be a little complicated
  • This dog hoodie is larger than usual

First of all, the Fleece Vest Dog Hoodie from Gooby is an obvious selection for those who want a stylish and functional product.

Additionally, this dog hoodie offers an extensive set of colors: black, blue, gray, green, pink, plum, purple, and red.

Besides, it is made with 100% polyester, it is very functional. Finally, it is also available in sizes from XS to XL.

Fleece Dog Hoodie Extra Small Dogs: Didog

Didog Personalized Dog Hoodies, Custom Puppy Sweater Shirt with Pets...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN-PERSONALIZED: Soft warm pet hoodies with your baby...
  • FASHION & CLASSIC: Sportswear designs fun ideas with contemporary...
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: This Cute sweater shirt made of soft breathable...
  • Firstly, The customizable design with the name of your dog
  • Secondly, Sizing is exact
  • Lastly, Fleece is perfect for bad weather
  • The pull-string may be a problem if your dog likes playing with anything that is in one’s view

First, Didog’s unique approach caught our attention immediately. Secondly, this Fleece Dog Hoodie offers to print your pup’s name and any number on its back.

Meanwhile, you can choose from nine sizes. Although, they are not traditional letters to which we are used to.

However, it has specific measurements so that you could pick the most suitable one. Similarly, the size of this dog hoodie varies from 11.5” on the chest and 7” for the back length to 31.5” and 24”.

Besides, aside from the individual print, this Fleece hoodie offers three primary colors: black, grey, and pink.

Labrador Dog Hoodie: ZOOZ PETS

ZOOZ PETS Snoopy Dog Clothes Hoodie - Lightweight Sweatshirt for Dogs...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY DOG: The Zooz Pets Snoopy Peanuts hoodie sweatshirt is...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN: Available in 5 different colors with our...
  • BEST WARM FABRIC: Enjoy uninterrupted playtime with this premium...
  • Firstly, Made with a button that is easy to unbuckle
  • Secondly, the combination of two well-combined colors make the hoodie very stylish
  • Finally, the sleeves, and bottom are eased (the dog will not even notice it during the walk)
  • Currently,Zooz Pets Dog Hoodie is unavailable on Amazon,
  • A minimal set of sizes and only one color is not much to choose from

Firstly, Zooz Pets Dog Hoodie is 4-colored, which makes it a creative and non-monotonous pick.

Meanwhile, the base of this dog hoodie is black, and the hood is red. However, it has three sizes, from XS to M, and is made of cotton and polyester.

Additionally, the combination of the naturalness and functionality of Zooz Pets Dog Hoodie ensure your pup’s happiness and protect them from bad weather.

Best Large Dog Hoodies:

Best Large Dog Hoodie 2020

PAWZ Road Large Dog Plaid Shirt Coat Hoodie Pet Winter Clothes Warm...
  • Dimensions:XL Back Length 21.7" Chest 33.9" Neck 22" inches
  • Clothes Every Detail Has Been Reinforced and Stitching Really Well
  • Inner Layer Fabric Keep Pet Warm and Comfortable Protect Pets From The...
  • Firstly, a variety of sizes are presented
  • Secondly, the plaid dog hoodie styling makes it cute-looking
  • Thirdly, the extended bottom protects the dog from cold and rain
  • Finally, the hood is large enough to protect the dog’s ears too
  • Won’t protect your dog against the extreme temperatures
  • The pull-strings on this large dog hoodie may be dangerous if your dog is prone to playing with small details

First of all, our favorite hoodie for large dogs is offered by PAWZ Road.

Similarly, this hoodie for large dogs is excellent for different sizes, from XS to XXXL.

Thus, red, blue, and grey colors present the basic palette for dogs with varying shades of hair.

Meanwhile, although the seller does not indicate the material of this dog hoodie, buyers mention that it is cotton.

Large Hoodie for Dogs: Idepet Adidog Dog Hoodie

No products found.

  • Firstly, the styling of this hoodie for large dogs is very sports-like
  • Secondly, the natural material is entirely healthy and harmless for the dog
  • Thirdly, the seller explains all the aspects that you should consider
  • Lastly, the returns policy is adequate and flexible
  • Communication with the seller is problematic
  • The Idepet hoodie may be too long for male dogs

Firstly, Idepet’s hoodie offers a product with a broad set of options, and this is one of the reasons which make it so popular among the customers.

Moreso, this dog hoodie is made of cotton and is extremely useful for cold temperatures. Similarly, black, red, grey, and yellow perfectly suit the design.

Besides, as this Big Dog Hoodie is made for large dogs specifically, its sizing starts from 3XL and ends with 9XL.

Casual Large Dog Hoodie

Casual Canine Camo Hoodie for Dogs, 17" Large, Green
  • Machine washable easy-care poly-cotton blend
  • Soft fleece interior
  • Kangaroo pocket, plus ribbed sleeves andtrim
  • Firstly, a durable combination of material
  • Secondly, this casual dog hoodie won’t be destroyed easily
  • Thirdly, the unique stylistic approach with different colors
  • Finally, Comparative examples of which breeds correspond to specific sizes
  • Additional measuring is a must
  • Short-legged breeds will be uncomfortable due to the length of the sleeves

First of all, the Casual Large Dog Hoodie dog hoodie is a bright addition to every day promenades with your pup.

However, the three colors indicated (blue, green, and pink) do not reflect the full palette.

Since, Casual Canine used a camouflage pattern on this product, which makes it not as monochromatic as many other variants.

Moreover, Casual Canine hoodie is made of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%).

Meanwhile, not all sizes are suitable for large dogs. However: the seller offers XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Important Features to Consider


Firstly, the sizing of a dog hoodie is extremely crucial because dog breeds significantly vary.

Thus, it is critical to see the measurements for a particular size before choosing. However, it is worth spending a few extra minutes to buy what you need.

Meanwhile, when selecting a specific size, ensure that it will be a little loose for your dog.

Besides, these hoodies are made for the pup’s convenience during the walks and play, so they shouldn’t be tight.

Quality of Materials

First, there are no strict rules for the materials that will be the best for a dog’s hoodie.

Meanwhile, use cotton and other natural materials if your dog will spend a lot of time outside.

However, for warmer temperatures and when the dog is often exposed to direct sunlight, natural options are better.

Moreover, for warmth, different combinations are possible.

Besides, polyester increases the durability of the material and is often useful for cold climates, though it is often combined with other ones for better comfort.

Safety Considerations

First of all, when picking the hoodie, it is vital to remember the functionality and cleaning options.

Secondly, the threads should not stick out as they would probably annoy your pup, and dogs often damage the hoodies.

Meanwhile, if your dog is active and tends to destroy one’s clothes, choose long-lasting materials.

However, as dogs often get dirty in cold weather, reduce your time, and select the items that are machine washable.

Besides, be careful to pick the hoodie which will not choke your dog and will be quick to take off.

Compatibility with Dog Equipment

Firstly, Hoodie should be compatible with the equipment that you already possess. Secondly, if you already have a collar, ensure that it does not force over the hood.

Thirdly, if your dog does not fancy wearing a collar or adding them to the clothes, you can choose the hoodies which have an o-ring to connect with a leash directly.

Finally, if you own an electric collar, do not worry: hoodies are compatible with them.