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To find out what services we will provide for you, please visit the About Us section of our web site.

Free Listing:  Fill out our Free Listing Submission Form, and you will be added in just a few days. 

For a Brief Listing:   Send us two photos and your logo.  We will scan your photos for use on the web. They will be carefully handled, and mailed back to you. And provide us with the text for your one page site.  Please try to limit your text to 500 words or so.  Tell us where you want links (your email, & your Website (if you have one)).   List your mailing address?  Its up to you.  Additional photos can be added for $10/yr.  You can pay for your website with a check, VISA, MC, or American Express.

For a Standard 4-page Website:   Send us some photographs. Pick a total of 7 photos, and tell us what pages you want them posted on. Additional photos can be added at an additional $10 each per year. We will scan your photos for use on the web. They will be carefully handled, and mailed back to you.  If you have a logo, send us a copy of that too.

Send us a brochure if you have one.  Brochures you have created will help us immensely in the creation of your site. You will have put a great deal of time and effort into a brochure, and we will get a better feel for your business based on your brochure.

Prepare some descriptive text for your site. Sometimes brochures are written so well that we can generate descriptive content from your brochures. But other times you will have to write your own descriptive text. As in school, do not copy text directly from a book. Legal Copyrights protect the publisher and author. You can prepare your text by hand, e-mail us the descriptive text, or mail us a 3-1/2" floppy disk. Please save your text in either Microsoft Word format, or as a *.txt file. Call us, or e-mail us with any questions on this.

Recommended Descriptive text outlines:

Home Page – Whatever you wish to say on your first page.   Name of your business, maybe the address, and "What’s new". We can use this page to keep readers abreast of new developments if you wish.  ("We have kittens"). This should be kept brief. (less than 150 words).

About Us – Suggested descriptive text topics: history; what makes you special, etc. Feel free to discuss any topic you wish. This is your site. Please try to limit yourself to 500 words or less. White space is good.

"Breed Information" or "Litter Information" or "We Offer" – Tell the reader anything that you feel is important to know, and appropriate. You have free reign here too.

Contact Us – Names, phone numbers, address, email address, etc.

You can pay for your website with a check, VISA, MC, or American Express

Extras:   If you want a page to show your contract, that is a $10 annual fee.  Adding background music to your site is a $10 annual fee  If a page is to be added to your site other than a contract page, the annual fee for such pages is $25 per page.  Adding your site to a web ring adds $10 to the annual fee.  Adding a Pedigree Page, will add $10 to the annual fee.

Need to edit your existing site?  We will gladly assist you.  Just call us, e-mail us, Fax us, or write us ... and we help you A.S.A.P.

Please do not hesitate to call us or e-mail us with any questions or concerns you have.

... we can do that for you too.  Please call us or e-mail us for pricing information for setting you up with a domain name account.

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