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Dogpages.net is operated by PakRats Inc. PakRats Inc. is a professional Website Development firm located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. We have been designing Websites for our customers since 1995.  

In early 1998 we created dogpages.net. Dogpages.net is a National Directory for Breeders, and businesses relating to the dog industry.

Free Listing:

A free listing is simply a link from our Breeder Directory to your existing Website. You must have a Website to be listed in our directory.  Just complete our Free Listing Form.  For breeders, we will just list your Business name and state.  Don't have a site yet?  We can design you a site for as little as $29/yr. (see below).   

Brief Listing:

A full 1-page, 2-photo listing containing a 500 word description of your business. You get links to your present email address and/or existing website if you have one.  You will be listed near the top of the page in your dogpages.net category directory, and your type will be bold-faced in the directory.  This listing costs $19/yr, plus a one time $10 set up fee.  Extra photos can be added to this page for a one time fee of $5 per photo.  View an example of a brief listing. 

Your website address will be:

Standard Listing:

Ample room to show-off. You get a full 4-page Website that includes seven photographs. Your 4 pages include:

A "Home" Page – Here you get to show one photograph. You can also include the logo of your business if you have one. Any text you want on this page.

An "About Us" Page – Here is where you get to tell everyone about yourself, and what makes you special. You can discuss anything you want in this section. You write it, we’ll post it. You can also post 2 photographs on this page.

Either a "Breed Information" Page, or a "Puppy Information" Page, or a "We Offer" Page.    Here you can discuss any details on your business, as well as display 3 more photographs.

A "Contact Us" Page – Here is where you can list: name; address; phone numbers; etc. If you have e-mail, we will provide you with a link directly to your e-mail address. We will also show one more photo of your choice on this page.

We will also provide the following services for each individual Standard Listing:

  • A counter for your Website, to keep track of visitors,
  • Registration of your site with seven major Search Engines (these are like Internet Phone Books),
  • And free maintenance of your site. (One text update per month). 
  • Only $5 to scan & replace photographs after your site is set up.

The standard site costs only $49/yr., plus a one-time $30 set-up and design fee. You will be listed near the top of the page in your dogpages.net category, and your type will be bold-faced.  View a typical Standard Site.

Your site will be named:


  • Additional photographs (beyond the package amount) can be added to your site for an additional $5 each. 
  • If you wish to replace an existing photograph, the cost is $5 per photo.  
  • If you have a contract you wish to add to your site.  That costs an extra $10 to set-up (one time fee).
  • To add additional pages to your site costs $10 per page.  You can put up to 3 pictures on each additional page, plus text. 

Your site's name:

Your site will be named: www.dogpages.net/your-name.

We have only 2 rules regarding "your name" on dogpages.net. You can not use a name that is already being used. And secondly, breeders can not use the dog breed as their name (i.e.: www.dogpages.net/poodles). We need to keep names like this open for future growth. We will most likely be using that page for a list of sites on dogpages.net of all the breeders with that breed of dog.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Bill Gill

President – dogpages.net, a division of PakRats, Inc. 

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